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  1. thank you all. will have a look onto the pcbs @ataribits
  2. Sounds great - if it works 🙂 Is there actually also audio software on the 8-bit system that supports MIDI? I really have no idea ... Perhaps it could even be integrated into the Falcon as a MIDI device? And what is also important, how expensive it is per piece ... And yes, I am very interested in it. There were already various MIDI variants for the XL, but somehow none of them convinced me. I'm just looking for a variant that could even be built in internally, where no MIDI sockets are soldered on, so that the circuit board can be installed in one place and the sockets in another place (above all, I would rather use the mini-midi sockets, already in terms of space consumption). And no, an external solution is not something I would be interested in, because i don't like to have so much "stuff" floating around on the table.
  3. ??? I hope (for my working PADs) that you do NOT want me to sacrifice a working JAG-PAD for my joystick ...
  4. Hello dear forum users. I would like to build my own joystick for the Jaguar. 2 sticks (digital) and 8 buttons. Do I need anything else besides the 4.7kOhm resistors and the 74HC244? I would implement the number field "below" with 12 buttons, then 2 joysticks, 8 buttons (6 for A, B, C, X, Y, Z "PAUSE" and "OPTION"). I build the whole thing into a kind of console, the output will be an HDMI port, along with an adapter where the DSUB15 plug (for connection to the Jaguar console) and an HDMI socket are installed. This means that I can easily swap the cable ... My question is now, if I look at the ATARI-Jaguar-F.A.Q.-Page "https://gamesx.com/controldata/ejp_faq.htm?fbclid=IwAR0d0-9Au89nVMOvWCa3CORDPSB8p_yC9xr0ltGPOZcsbgxRD1krV0gLTfU" i just look at what is said about 4,74kOHk and a resistance of 4,74kOHk24. Is that enough or do you really have to plan for diodes (1N4148) somewhere? Does any of you have a circuit diagram where you don't get "killed" directly?
  5. looks great. Are other colours possible? to change the SIO-Sockets in the XE-Series to "XE-Grey" ? Ahhh, price?
  6. I bought the cartridge mentioned above, but no information about it. I am looking for A) a BOX scan and B) the manual. Can somebody help me with it?
  7. I have already read through it, I have already ordered the part. But I would still like to use the joysticks from the FlashBack, furthermore I think that someone has probably already connected the parts of the FB7 to the 2k6 and 7k8.
  8. I connected my 7800s to my TV and am currently playing (like probably many others here) with a 3m extension, which is a bit annoying. Now there are these wireless controllers with the Flashback 7, which transmit via infrared, right? Is there (I didn't find anything) a way to use this on the 7800 via, I call it "adapter board"? Would it even work on the Darth-Vader and other D-SUB consoles ...
  9. Nice 🙂 Thank You, i will take a look on the "Atari 1010 Key Repair Part.stl", because i wanna use the origin_ones... 🙂
  10. In the ABBUC-Forum (Inside a Posting) Thank You CharlieChaplin 🙂
  11. Hmmm. i can't find BiBo-DOS 6.4 XF. The image from a A***C-Forum-Link to 6.4xf results to... look the attachment : So, where could i find a BiBo-DOS 6.4 XF or any other BiBo-DOS which could handle double_sided-Disks (in this case : my SF551) ?!?
  12. Ah superb. BiBo-DOS would functionizing? Perfect for the first. MyDOS also works, I've tested that, but only at normal speed. SpartaDOS loads, but I have to read the instructions with the parameters, how to set the format and I don't have SpartaDOS X. The question is also whether I now have to write a new copy program (not text-based) which offers me the options to simply copy entire floppy disks such as the "HSS from BiBo". And then again I have the problem that he can no longer copy the diskette in one go I will also ask the colleagues from the C = forum how they solved this problem, other "boxes" but also 8-BIT
  13. CorelDraw and the three fonts which ATARI used before. i will have a look, where on my backup they are and post it, if allowed...
  14. To fit in the PCB wasn't the problem. The problem is more likely to be found in the drive as such because the PCB is a little too big. However, if you unsolder the power connector and the data connector (header strips) and directly solder the cable, it currently fits 3 different housings with 3 different drives. I wanted to install the days temporarily for fun in another case with the drive, as it is also in a 1040STE, to see if it was also "easy". But since i want to install the whole thing in the XEGS afterwards, i'll see if I can still wait with the XEGS until DropCheck has finished the internal version for the XE. The hole in the back wasn't really a problem. Simply drill to the corners and then file into the center with a round file, then file out the longitudinal surfaces and then deburr.
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