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  1. Perfect Images. Thank You so much 🙂 I found my fault before i am soldering all (before i am going to soldering, i put the things "naked" on the pcb every time). Hmmm. now i am waiting for three or four pieces and then i could build my new drive. 🙂
  2. Hello, maybe someone of you has a completely assembled (soldered with all components) board (the one from Dropcheck SF551) and can copy a detail photo from here. Just for comparison?
  3. Just in ...::: ACTIVE_UPGRADE-Mode :::...

  4. Ty Power :-( I never want to fool anybody. I just wanted to get an info, if it's looking good or dumb - not more - not less. it's very easy to see all negative - sorry. < is out. 30pms here from persons, who wanna rule me, that... f00k... bye.
  5. Apparently, the last adjustment, which is only a demo image, was not OK. Apparently it is here on AA not desired to ask for the opinion of others, because otherwise I wonder why I here within 10 minutes more than 20x was reprimanded via PM, which one does not do something like ATARIaner (meant that one Module labels can not imitate / create themselves), funny funny ...: - / Got it then and sorry that I had understood that wrong. Will not happen again. Thank you. @mod : could you please close this post - ty.
  6. Hi ATARIans, with your help, i founded the scans of the cardridges (XL) but now i've the next prob. The scans here on "AA" contains front and back from the boxes, but nor the sides, could anybody scan in hires the boxes from all sides (one example is enough) of "brown" box and "xe" box? 'coz i wan't to rebuild all of my boxes too. if the "collection" is finished, i would bring it here as pdf for all. and yepp, a local print-shop would print it on a din-a3-300gramms paperpiece and cut it all out for less then 1 eur! as an example. And yepp, i would take 'em for my doubles, and origins. And if this "Project" is ready, i want to rebuild all my Cassette-Game-Boxes and my Floppy-Disk-Boxes too. :-) ah. the first 2 pics of cardridge-labels are done to 90%. if they is completed, i would to paste it in here, ok? CU dash
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