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  1. So I've been investigating my options. Really, just to make this run, I could swap rollers (one is much better than the other) or try the O-Ring solution. But I think I'll try making my own first. Ordered some rubber solid core rope / cordage from McMaster-Carr. We shall see.
  2. I discoverd the rollers are fairly easily removed... so I'll hit the hardware store first, but that one website looks useful too, thanks!
  3. I'm working on restoring an old 410 cassette player. It's in great shape and I've successfully replaced the belts. But, when I had it apart, I also noticed the rubber rollers that drive the forward / reverse operations have flat spots on them - especially the forward roller. So I need to source replacement rollers - then figure out how to replace them. I've been googling and really haven't found anything, apart from sources for cassette pinch rollers. Is there anything that addresses this?
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