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  1. Boa Noite Por Favor, coloca o esquema eletrônico. Estou tentando criar o mesmo circuito, para testar a essa rom, tendo algumas duvidas!!! Com esquema eletrônico vai ajudar muito Obrigado
  2. Atari 2600 friends I tried to draw this cartridge. I'm making the files (Eagle - Geber - Bin) available to anyone interested in improving or testing. I haven't tested it yet, I don't know if it works !!!! If someone assembles this board and tests it, please let me know if it worked, I'll be grateful. Thanks. PKB.zip
  3. Attempts to connect Pin 2 of Eprom 27C128, connect the 1K resistor and at the other end connect GND There is a solder on the track connecting the pin 2 of the eprom 27c128, together with the 74ls173 Pin 4 removes this solder, preventing the VCC from connecting pin 2 of the eprom. 8K banK exchange can happen
  4. Good evening. The drawing is getting very good, congratulations. Please send the schematic files, I want to help with this project. I found something strange. CI 74ls00 pin 14, I believe it must be connected to the VCC. The strangest thing is the eprom 27c128 Pin 26 is connected to the VCC, so the Bank 8K hangs Then Pin 12 should change the Bank of 8K, Montezumba or Popeye Please send the Top drawing and the Button of your plate.
  5. Where are the: 1 - Capacitors 2 - Resistors 3 - Diodes You have to put these components, the card only works with them.
  6. Congratulations, I liked the images and files of this cartridge. Please What is the value of the Capacitors, take a picture with the clear values. I'll give some tips 1- Connect the orange wire together with a 1K resistor and the other end on the GND or VCC. 2- Change the CIS 74ls173 and 74ls00, it may be damaged. 3- Clean the terminals with rubber. I'll try to reverse engineer and create a copy to test your Bin file
  7. Boa noite, por favor, tou tentando montar uma placa dessa, vc pode ajudar? vc pode mostrar seu desenho ?
  8. Hello everyone of the forum I, Wagner, Brazil I'm asking for help, I'm setting up my Multicard, the menu gets stuck, I can not change the games, any option is greyed back to the menu again. I have the following doubts: 1- It has a lock, it only gets activated at high level does not change, is that right? 2- How to connect A11, 3- To make a Multicard of 15 games, I need to change what in the XXXXX.asm file. Thank you very much
  9. This PCB needs IC 74ls00 between pin 19 74ls688 and 74ls74, no 74ls74 change pin 6 by 5
  10. Good afternoon, please you have the rom that copied from eprom, you can send it to me, thank you, thank you.
  11. Good afternoon, please you have the rom that copied from eprom, you can send it to me, thank you, thank you.
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