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  1. They should have more options like they used to have with the Analogue Nt. I would not mind paying $500 or more for a Blue anodized version of the Nt Mini. I don't think I'd care much for a re-release that's just plastic. Thought about going to an anodizer for my Black Nt Mini to make it a Blue one. Never did because I figured it might decrease in value and how the quality would be of the anodizing. I'm also hoping for a special edition of the Mega Sg, perhaps a Blue one since there's already White. Also, I could see 8bitdo doing M30 in different colors. M30 seemed well received as a controller.
  2. I gave this a shot today when I got my Retrobit Clear Blue controller and a DIY kit I had for months. Didn't work that bad. Thank you for posting this. I ended up using a nail file to the sides and painters tape on the top of the sides in case I stabbed the controller. The only problem is just that loss of the Menu Button and turbo functionality that you get with the M30 controller. I have a Japanese and American official 6 button controllers. So this is nice because those controllers I had were beat up.
  3. EEPROM type games also has save states disabled as well.
  4. I already played the SRAM version on my X7 and put the file over to my Mega Sg. Kind of want to just replay it again with EEPROM support if I could make that happen.
  5. Have you tried looking at the Rom status for the rom you're using? Does it use EEPROM and have the serial code 24C01 for it on the X7?
  6. Has anybody tried saving with Rockman Mega World and Mega Man The Wily Wars on JB FW? The EEPROM save type versions don't seem to save. While Greatest Heavyweights seemed to save fine on the latest JB FW. Also, Rockman Mega World is also labeled wrong with the unpatched versions on certain rom sets. It's using the SRAM patched version. The "Alt 1" labeled one on the set should have EEPROM serial 24C01. Just wondering if the game was a problem unpatched. I also want to say how awesome it is that you could just simply rename an srm from the Mega EverDrive X7 to a .sav and it works so far from what I tried. EEPROM games are a different story. Also will love to see how CopyGens could work with my actual Rockman Mega World if a feature like that happened.
  7. This only ever happened to me with my Mega CD Model 1 attached that needs repair due to bad capacitors. I was also using Sega's power brick with it which I don't recommend. If you use a Sega/Mega CD, use the PSU from Retro Game Cave. Besides that my Mega Sg and Super Nt are plugged into this: https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Outlet-Surge-Protector-Built/dp/B01MSDBYEE?ref_=bl_dp_s_web_2530171011 I'm sure the USB adapter that comes with it is more recommended.
  8. That was what I was referring to. His stream was when the Mega Sg released which was before 4.3 and the jb released. I still think the audio is going to be tweaked either way for the next firmware. Revamp or not. I'm glad I mentioned about Greatest Heavyheights if that one was a problem with the audio. It's only with that one part of the music too. The rest of the game doesn't have any other BGM that's like that.
  9. I might have mistook the information regarding this current firmware having a overhaul. Not really sure. I thought some place or somebody said something about it and maybe I mistook it for this current firmware. Sorry. The game I mentioned was the only one I saw as a problem though of it not sounding like it does originally.
  10. I haven't had any problems with the sound so far on the current firmware besides Greatest Heavyweights on the Genesis. There's an instrument on the Title theme that feels nonexistent compared to what it would sound like on a real Genesis. You can hear it a little bit if you play around with the audio settings, but it's just not like it is on the real thing. Excited for the audio revamp in the next firmware because I think this will be fixed.
  11. Thank you guys for the explanation. It finally sunk in and I feel slightly stupid now. The Nt Mini is so perfect to me still and it's just preferable than the Mega Sg. Even with Master System games the way I use the 720p modes. Maybe it's the memory of the Nt Mini and how great it was when it came out. I've been thinking about making the jump to 4K and just afraid of having all my older stuff looking bad until a true 4K scaler and the DAC happens. Guess I'm going to have to give the FBX stuff a shot now.
  12. Then why does my other display fill the entire screen and not on this TV for 720p without any interpolation? These are the settings I use on 720p. There is no shimmering and interpolation is not enabled. My other display fills the screen but my other TV does not. The Nt Mini doesn't have this issue along with it's cores. I want to use 720p because I want to see everything without interpolation. Maybe somebody else can explain or tell me if they're having issues like I'm having.
  13. I did. The last post I made when I posted my scaler settings. Wasn't my post talking about 720p mode obvious to begin with? Also I posted about the Super Nt having this issue last December. But even then you still posted the same FBX overscan interpolation nonsense I didn't want to use and didn't apply to my problem. I wasn't asking for FBX's scaler settings :\ This seems like an issue to me with the Super Nt and Mega Sg that could be tweaked for 720p mode with certain displays. The Nt Mini seems fine with the display I was trying to use. I refuse to believe my TV is a problem. If you do any slight adjustments to the TV to fill up the screen size, it's no longer pixels squared. I can see the energy bar peg by peg and see that it's inconsistent. I'm trying to post about the issue I'm having so that maybe I could play in 720p mode on this display without black boarders like the Nt Mini.
  14. You're missing the point. I don't want to use interpolation, and I don't want my screen cropped. I wish to see everything and have a perfect integer scale. My scaler settings are not the problem here. 720p for Super Nt and Mega Sg should fill the screen. The TV is not that old. 720p seems to work fine on another display I've tried. The Nt Mini worked fine like this too.
  15. Okay. I feel like there is definitely something wrong with the way Mega Sg outputs on certain TVs now. Because on my 2015 1080p Vizio HDTV E43-C2, it refuses to fill the whole picture both in 720p and 1080p modes. The Super Nt is the same way with just 720p mode. 1080p is also filling the entire screen fine on a Super Nt. I must also mention that the Nt Mini never had an issue like this when I tried 720p and 1080p resolutions. Update: Nevermind about the 1080p mode. Forgot to switch the height to 1200, only then it'll fill the entire screen on a Mega Sg. Going to make a video to demonstrate my problem. https://youtu.be/GAf_q9odY8Y The height is 720 for 720p mode on the Super Nt and the Mega Sg.
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