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  1. Looking for a loose copy of the game. Close to a complete 7800 connection and this is one of the carts I need. TIA..
  2. I follow his ebay on Vintage Computing. He is about 45-50 miles from me. Some of his solds...
  3. atariauctions


  4. I have a good chunk of these going to shoot you a PM
  5. I got it sealed. I also have the Kids Controller (2 of them) never opened
  6. Thanks for coming out. Was nice to meet a fellow Atari Ager . I am sure we will be holding another one
  7. Thanks Nateo, looking forward to meeting everyone.
  8. Reminder this is next Sunday the 15th. We have about 50 confirmed people coming and I am sure they will bring a few with them. Guessing around 60-70 so far.
  9. I think we are going to have a couple NES systems setup maybe for some quick tournaments. But thanks for the offer. I am bringing some rare NES titles to sell. MegaMan 3 boxed, Battletoads/Double Dragon, Cheetaman II boxed, Dragon Warrrior III and IV, Alfred Chicken boxed. I would of brought my Atari 2800 but I just sold it.
  10. Thank you Here is the link to our Facebook Event page https://www.facebook.com/events/422001967919186/
  11. I am going to be hosting the first game buy/swap meetup for my area. We will be holding this on Sept. 15th from Noon-5PM. The venure will be at Scooters in Olean, NY. 313 Main st. There will be vendors setup and will be good beer and food for purchase . Hope to see some of you there
  12. Huh..I have not posted on this since 2011. Well I moved from collecting to reselling. My son and I chase the games together (he is 14). We travel all over NY and PA looking for games

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