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  1. I actually cancelled my mine after learning this today. I also read that the PS4 version has the same issues, but to a lesser degree. Has framerate drops, freezing, glitching, and other issues. Is this true?
  2. I was one. I doubt it's enough. Halo Infinite does not look appealing. They keep doing the same song and dance with every new Halo and they get progressively worse. Unless they get get rid of the new story with Cortana being evil/esports focused multiplayer...same with Gears of War. They need to get rid of the Kait story line and JD. They killed off Anya who was one of the better(if not best) female characters. Kait is just annoying. I have no plans on buying an Anaconda. Even with backwards compatibility....I have to have the desire to keep my former library. Other than Ori/Halo Wars 2 there really aren't any games I'd miss or just keep the One S for. My 360 library is massive compared to the One's and I'd rather play that on it. This is just me though. I'm just been burned by Microsoft too many times now to believe anything they say. There is still a chance developers will stay with Sony if the customer base moves to the 5. Backwards compatibility will mean all those exclusives carry over making the PS5's library massive to start with. Xbox is in the same boat it's in now. Better hardware with a small library of inferior games. The only way I see Xbox making it is by leveraging all their studios and coming out of the gate HARD with better exclusives and more of them. But, like the One, they've already made a bad decision with this dual release nonsense. Again though, take it with a grain of salt as I'm a burned former xbox user.
  3. I'm not seeing "has a disc drive" unless I missed it. Also, it stated there will be "tiers". Scarlet is just the project name. They are releasing 2 models at 2 different price points according to the bottom of the article just like with the X and S. After getting a One S and dealing with Microsoft's lies about the hardware and anti-consumer policies, I can't support another xbox. The games have been bad and the next Halo doesn't look any better. Gears 5 looks just as bad as 4 was. They haven't learned anything and are repeating the same path as the One. Why take the one character that was the worst, most annoying part of that game and give her a game about "finding herself". I'd trade mine in, but I'm using it as a media player to save the PS4. I will be buying a PS5. PSVR is fun. There are plenty of games and as long as Sony stays consumer friendly I'm ok.
  4. Nice. I spent about 2 months trying to track my copy down. Overpriced, scratches, bundled with something else or just too late
  5. It is. I actually own two of them. The are rack mountable power switchers. I purchased them back in 2015 on Amazon. They've worked great. I had them pretty much full up when I had an entire game room setup. I didn't want all the consoles eating up power by being plugged in all day. They didn't work too well with Sega bricks, but you can alternate them with normals to work.
  6. I use a very similar setup for my consoles that aren't component or HDMI. I'm converting to the SG, NT, and AVS soon. I really only run Saturn, Dreamcast, and N64 on it now. It has it's pros and cons. The biggest con is you have to have a TV with pixel adjustment. I have it on a 2008 or 2009 Sony Bravia with Full Pixel. This converter automatically puts all output to 16:9, so I have to use settings on the TV to put it back to 4:3 and/or Full Pixel(can't quite remember). It, to me, looks horrid in 16:9 and near unplayable. Once I tweaked the settings, I could even get those pesky Saturn, PsOne and N64 games fixed without needing to run them through a capture card to adjust brightness. I can take some photos of the games if you'd like.
  7. Sorry, I was going for option 1 or 3 of what I gave. Should have been clear on that. I didn't think of Chronicles. i could see that as a possibility as it already has a port to the PS1.
  8. Rondo, NES 2, or Bloodlines? I can see 1 and 3 being put in to increase sales. I have some issues with them choosing DS titles. Not everyone was/is a handheld fan so the base is smaller than Bloodlines and NES 2. Bloodlines is pretty popular and I can see people going for it.
  9. I didn't even enter an age. I just hit submit. CSVA only has NES 1,3 with GB 2 and SNES 4. Then it just has "coming soon" and "digital only". If it was physical and contained ALL the games(or ones that will work without a touch screen) then I'd go for it. As a person that owns most of them already...I don't really have a need. But, I'm probably not the intended audience for it.
  10. Gotcha. It's basically what I said up above. A good example is Rick and Morty VR. Game works fine until an "update" killed the game at a certain point. Uninstalled, killed psn/updates, reinstalled and played. Worked like a charm after that so the game works fine without the publisher being around anymore. I really hope that, if it is backwards compatible, it isn't a cloud based system. Such as, the disc is just a cd-key for the game they made a cloud version of that works on the PS5. I don't actually view that as "backwards compatibility" as it is really just a digital version of the game.
  11. I don't mind the function of downloading games to the HDD. Modern games are very large, complex, and the hard drive helps load data faster. The big con with that is digital games and updates are gone if the drive dies. I research games and almost never buy them new. I look for complete on disc games. The conflict is a conflict between business practices and ownership. It's far easier/cheaper for them to simply have the games on a server you download then have a physical they have to manufacture. Those servers can be re-purposed fairly easily while the maybe not so great selling game discs can't be. I really wish Gamestop would have started to push publishing/exclusivity of newer games and Indies. If there is no digital version of their games....
  12. It's where the world is going. Most people really don't think into the future beyond a few years. I won't buy digital until they've actually dealt with digital management of content/ownership. If I can't own something, I don't buy it. And yes, I understand I don't own the data on the games. But, I own the item itself which contains the game that will last years. It's not dependent on servers being online and HDDs not crashing. I always make sure the games I buy play/operate without updates. And yes, I know modern systems are basically computers and the next generations will be backwards compatible(more than likely). That's not the point as I'd just use my PC for digital. When consoles go digital, I'm out. I have no plans on buying an X or next Xbox. I won't support gamepass or forced digital. As for why Sony is still doing great with physical media....that's a good question if true. After owning all the consoles this generation(Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, Switch), I would say the PS4 feels the most like a gaming console. Most games play pretty quickly compared to the dumpster fire Xbox that takes hours to download a game. The OS feels like a game console and the store isn't that pushy unlike the Microsoft store. With the Xbox, if it dies I'll probably trade in the games and replace them with PS4 versions. I don't mind the graphics will take a slight hit, that's not the point of owning a console. It's ease of use and great games. Nintendo is Nintendo.
  13. Found this today randomly. I was surprised to see it and snatched it up immediately.
  14. I changed them to all "buy it nows" shortly before him after an item run up with a no payment/contact buyer. I also changed shipping when I got hit by that "shipping fee" they introduced. I just upped my prices a bit and made shipping free. I still have some of the cards as I refused to sell anything anymore on there.
  15. As a buyer, I've had to return 2 "no return" items within a month. Both times it seemed the sellers were trying to scam. This latest return had the seller hide damage within photos and incorrectly label condition. I immediately took pictures of the damaged area and did a return. I even put within the return claim how it was misleading, incorrect, and arrived damaged that wasn't caused by shipping. Both claims went right through. I wish I didn't have to use ebay, but local stores don't carry the games I'm looking for anymore. As a seller, I feel your pain. I use to sell some TCG stuff when I played. It was a constant headache with no payment buyers or extreme low balls emailed(since auto reject was on). I just got sick of it and stopped selling. I even had one buyer win the auction and email me "I don't want it anymore".
  16. I like the Red Dawn poster's location and you don't double stack carts(or if you do I can't tell). That AVP poster would drive me nuts partially behind the TV lol.
  17. Most likely answer....probably didn't read the post fully and didn't know it wasn't loaded with ROMs or realize it was going to be too much work to find ROMs now. Then probably decided he didn't want it and wanted his money back. So many retro items like these come fully loaded it's half expected now. I've had to return a few things. Most of my returns have been PS2 games where the seller lied about the condition. The latest one had dings all over the edges(causing disc rot) and scratches on the disc itself(seller claimed none/perfect discs). Another was a seller used a terrible resurfacer(again, no scratches) and the case was broken(hidden in photos). I had another tell me "it was returned open from the post office" after a mystery refund. This was weird as the post office never "Arrival" scanned it and I got it for pretty cheap. I've had far, far worst experiences on FB and Craigslist lol.
  18. I may have turned it back on when it as RMA'd all those months ago and forgot. I hardly use it, if at all, for TV. I want to say it stared around 2nd Runner's release maybe? I had auto updates off entirely for awhile since Rick and Mortey was broken via an update.
  19. They probably just want to show anything fake they get or broken for the views while ranting how bad they are. There are reports of broken consoles and repro/fake games/non-functioning games. This is the risk you take when you buy sight unseen as you said. There is one youtuber that takes consoles apart and does the same thing I guess as a warning of what you can get? I stopped shopping at gamestop years ago. 3 non-functioning games and a demo made me lose interest in them. Online they were fine the few times I used them. But if I did, I would buy similar to what the OP did. Games I have no worry about being repro'd or fake. I've seen some good news so I've been considering a test purchase in the future.
  20. I don't know about you VR people, but I'm waiting for Ace Combat. Does anyone else have flicker issue with theirs? I had a problem with mine after I got it where I would lose all video. I sent it back to Sony and it came back fine....for awhile. Now, after about 10 minutes I get a flicker/video loss if I have the VR hooked up. It only happens once then it's ok the rest of the time it's on.
  21. I consider the cut off to be HDMI for modern vs retro. My reasoning is simple. This transition occurred in the 360/Ps3 era when TVs for most people began to go from CRT to flat panel. Most TVs, today, can still run these consoles without any issues. If you try to run prior generations on modern TVs as is, you may have issues. My 2016 hates RCA and component signals....so much so the former doesn't even work. The 360 and Ps3 started that transition in console gaming. I also think a big issue is the term "modern" needs to be separated into modern *technology* and modern *game design*. Modern game design really started in the PS1/N64/Saturn era. If you ask most people what the first "open world" game was...they'd probably tell you Mario 64. Most modern game ideas they'd name titles from this era. While the generations prior relied on their own devices for game play. A lot of the most popular games are turn based RPG, 2d fighters, and platformers. While these have continued on, these type of game play mechanics were far more prevalent in these generations. RPGs began to turn into combat systems around PS2, fighters began to use 3d next generation, and platformers have had some interesting takes. I also think this is the problem. Many of us grew up when the PS1 and PS2 were brand new. My generation saw this systems in our formative years which really wasn't that long ago. People have to be able to disconnect their attachment and look at it from a perspective they wouldn't normally have towards it. The 2600, NES, and SNES were slightly before my formative years. So it has had time to be formally judge and that generation's impact on games recognized. I consider those "classic" because of my perception towards them, but I can't see PS1 or PS2 as classics. Retro, of course, as most are only found in retro game stores. There are plenty of cars, comics, cards, figurines out there that are old, but not classics because we have judged them not to be. Might be wrong, but that's my idea of it.
  22. Got some stuff in. So close to be just about done. Typical eBay.... Omega Boost has the wrong case but was complete.
  23. This game made my brother and myself furious. We owned this game as kids. We were stuck for YEARS on the part where you had to ask the guy like 30 times about a ticket. We just keep thinking we missed something and gave up. For me it was all about: Rampage Aztec Adventure R Type Rambo 3 Outrun Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars I also had the game were you turn into a wolf and hated it. Altered Beast maybe?
  24. I remember seeing these new in stores around 2011 still. Frys Electronics always had a few stocked in a corner. I picked up a Slim a few years ago. The Ps2 had all the great Armored Core, Jrpgs, Ace Combats. I even went out and found the flight sticks for for Ace Combats. It also had some weird games like RAD on it and the good Gundam titles. But, I can see the games starting to go up on it with it being near 20 years old. My local stores started drying up of good Ps2 and Ps1 games about a year ago. I haven't seen good common titles like Xenosaga or KH(1 or 2) in months.
  25. I was playing Astrobots/BeatSaber until my wife kicked me off for that Senran Kagura Beach Splash game. I have a Pro. I don't really hear a loud fan all that often or not that I can remember. My 360's fan is far louder.
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