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  1. That's great... I think we have all been there for one reason or another. 🙂
  2. Yes, simply select your disk(s) from a drop down (IMO, it is actually easier than Classic 99.). Click "Launch" and you are there!
  3. Amateur radio was always big. Years ago, I remember one of group member's intense interest in genealogy. He searched for, bought, typed in everything he could find in the TI world. Since my interest was primarily in the computer itself, almost anything would make me happy! Things that I have little interest in, include most business applications (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) These things remind me of work, memories I choose to leave behind! 🙂
  4. My RPi MAME system relied on BASH script files until I started testing/using OoeyGUI. While scripts are not difficult to set up and use, understanding the machine setup(s) was at first a little daunting even though there were excellent examples provided in the MAME install. The current version of packaged version MAME was easy to install on my Pi. The main interface allows for running CARTs. IMO, batch/scripts takes it to another level.
  5. I don't know. Matt or Greg may have the answer's. You may want to get a load new 2.5 image on a test SD. Load Stuart's browser and test?
  6. Which software? Let me know and I'll try to test it. I tested mine with Stuart's browser and TI Artist and it seems to work fine. My setup is a TIPI/32k with Pi Zero W. My mouse is a cheap older Best Buy wireless. (and TIPI version 2.8). DG
  7. I am always interested in software that runs on my actual TI console (with appropriate peripherals)! jedimatt42's Force Command is my ABSOLUTE favorite piece of software! If you are not using Force Command and decide to try it you are in for a treat! It works with most if not all TI storage systems. I use it with my nanoPEB and my TIPI (I actually access both at the same time!). With that said, I believe that the "Weather" program in its original or modified form is one of my favorite pieces of "daily use" software! I use it because it provides very accurate CURRENT local weather information. Too many pieces of PC and phone-based software apps will give you outdated projections, throw lots of ads, and sometimes won't update easily, etc. This software provides "just the current NOAA facts". During the recent hurricane ("Sally") in my area, I was able to track the current wind conditions at our location. Knowing this information could be the difference in how to act in emergencies (… although I continue to use my weather radio as well!). With that said (and mentioned by Omega-TI in the above post), if anyone knows of other similar data sources that will utilize the TIPI's web interface, I know I would love to add it to my TI/TIPI and/or Force Command. I've searched for stock, news, horoscopes, tips and quotes of the day among others. So far, I've had no luck 😟. I believe that these types of data would be fun and useful information to add to "TI" formatted WEB, BBS's, or FTP sites (if it is not already available!). DG
  8. For all TI MAME users. This is very good addition to your TI emulations! I'm using the current beta version on my Raspberry PI 4. It is working well! (Although, I am looking forward to testing the upcoming release!) This software GUI makes it easy to configure your MAME install to be virtually any TI configuration. Best of all, you can save the configuration(s) and run them through a drop down menu or using your keyboard's function keys. With this, you can save simple game configurations or complex software development environments. Best of all, you don't have to write (and remember!) complex command lines to set up your various machines. Just point, click, and save! Kudos to SHIFT838 for developing this software! 🙂
  9. It looks like a slightly sawtooth line on my computer (40 column stock TI). I kind of like the look. 😉 In BASIC my TI has a distinct dash in the underline position. Compared to my PC's continuous line. What should I expect?
  10. Delete * works well. Will DELTREE be an external command? (In DOS, I believe it was.) Will we get a new subdirectory of externals? "FCDOS" or such? A modified Editor (like Edit40/Edit80) that will take arguments will be next! This is getting fun!
  11. Yep, I wuz fixin' to use the 2.5 image and start over (after backing up my TIPI directories) when the update said done!. I've tested the PI.PIO and its working fine. Thanks again for your efforts in creating this great new hardware and software for our TI's!
  12. It seems that was the main problem. It now recognizes my scripts. I play with it over the next few days to see if other problems show up. Fingers crossed. 😉 It's nice to not have to use the "CALL" before the script! Thanks jedimatt42 for your hard work!
  13. Referenced in the Force Command Thread... But comments on the TIPI 2.8 update. Force command is working better with this version update! Still working through understanding the changes in both TIPI and Force Command 1.0. BTW. I had already done the PI.PIO fix. However, my TIPI update was still spinning at >8 hours. I shut everything down and did another CALL TIPI and restarted the update. It completed in < 5 minutes. After rebooting the version is now 2.8. (It could have been my system configuration with the attached nanoPEB. I pulled it off the chain before the final upgrade.)
  14. I have both versions available on my fg99. If FC is going to reach its final finished form, I believe we need to help Jedimatt and run it through its paces.
  15. I guess it may be a bug (or I don't understand the new scripting)? In the past, I would call a script with: "CALL WEAT" WEAT is a DV80 files (contents): CLS CD TIPI.DEV XB WEATHER/TB (WEATHER IS A TidBit file). (All the above commands work when typed from the command line in the this version.) Since "CALL" is removed, typing "WEAT" at the $ prompt returns: "unknown command: WEAT" CALL WEAT returns "unknown command: CALL" Am I missing something? or scripting is off-line on this version? My configuration: (TIPI/32K - rPI zero w)
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