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  1. I did a quick and dirty version for our local weather. Here is it's output! Sorry, I don't have an F18 to test it's built in 80 column mode! 🙃
  2. Thanks for the "heads up". I found the zip file in the forums.. It currently is for version 9.3 (unless I missed an a newer link/update). However, not much difference between 9.3 and 9.4. 🙂 For me, the EA5 version doesn't play well with my attached nanoPEB. EA5 INT1 does work - I ended up with file corruption. The EA3 version started fine with the TI E/A bin. The FG99 9.4 .bin seems to work well. Thanks...
  3. His current 9.4 disk image seems to have only EA Option 3 file called INTERNET. How do you directly execute it with FC? When I tried a "load TIPI.BROWSER.INTERNET" the program failed to load?
  4. I don't know if this is pertinent? I remembered that to run the browser you have to have the BROWSER.bin on the FG99 and files setup in the TIPI. See the instructions from Stuart's site: http://www.stuartconner.me.uk/ti/ti.htm#internet_web_browser from his site: TIPI Version The program is on a TiDisk format image which can be downloaded here. Extract the TiDisk file from the zip file, then upload it to the root directory of the TIPI using the TIPI web interface. The TIPI will automatically extract the files into a directory named "BROWSER". To run the program, boot with the Editor/Assembler cartridge, select E/A option 3 and type the filename TIPI.BROWSER.INTERNET (or DSK.BROWSER.INTERNET). The program will automatically start after loading. The program is available as a FinalGROM99 image here. The program needs some of the files on the TiDisk image above in order to run, so you still need to download that TiDisk format image and upload it to the TIPI. If using a mouse (connected to the Raspberry Pi) to control the browser, try using the oldest USB mouse you have available and move the mouse slowly. A newer mouse with a high resolution can make the browser pointer hard to control.
  5. A little google goes a long way... I use "Win32DiskImager" to copy / backup my current image. (It can both read and write the images).
  6. If someone can make their image available (sans most personal TIPI files and WIFI stuff, I'll be glad to test it? I have a 16gb sd available? I can share my image as well? It seems to be working correctly on my system. My setup is Raspberry PI zero W on TIPI/32K. Stock chrome silver console.
  7. Are you still experiencing it, or did the rpi settle down and the issue went away? (or the 2.4 upgrade fixed it?) I haven't experience it. Lord (and JEDIMATT) knows I had my own set of problems with the upgrade! Ain't smug, just puzzled as usually I am the one who has the problems. I might have been there during one or two of the connection tests. The BBS responded just fine but no login activity. I was able to telnet in myself so I attributed it to a bot scan or some other internet tomfoolery. I can TELNET (it was probably me that triggered the clicking. I did not log on 🙂 ) I haven't detected the CRU change. I only see it during a CALL TIPI and while running Force Command. It is always >1000 (>1100 on my nanoPEB.)
  8. This may or may not be useful? For the record. I am powering my PI Zero on a separate power supply. I usually leave it on to maintain TIPI folders and files and let my poor old console cool down. If my machine is going to freak out, it is usually just after TIPI/PI startup. Sequence: Start nanoPEB, RPi, Wait 30 sec. , start console for TIPI. Anytime the nano is hooked into the system, I run it's 32k and I switch off the TIPI's 32K. Is this issue related to the CRUBASE firmware changes?
  9. It works. DELETE will not accept wildcards (at this time - maybe tomorrow or the next day!). 😝
  10. Let me know if I can help! (although Arcadeshopper is usually faster!) I've been heavily beating on Force Command for several weeks. I am just a user! Trial and error and with Jedimatt and Arcadeshopper's help, I am becoming proficient. The scripts/batch files are the Force Command's forte! (Officially is it a script?, batch?, command file?; I never know what to call them? 😬 ) Besides AUTOCMD, a simple "call TIPI.XXX" script file and neat things happen. IMO, the "Zoom TI-99ers Pandemic 4A Club" is a great place to get feedback on this stuff. Matt's demo of the 'XB' jump-started me in using it!
  11. Create a text file named AUTOCMD with your favorite editor. You can create one with Notepad and remove the .txt. (Not my favorite way, but it works.) I use EDIT40 by adding it to my TIPI and type "load EDIT40" (it is also a bin that you can add to your FG99). type in FC command. echo something cfmount ... see the wiki for an example: and topic: Force Command - User's Sample Scripts/Menus/Support Programs on copy command: Use a single * as a wildcard. COPY TIPI.BAT.* TIPI.FOO COPY TEST* TIPI.FOO will copy all files with TEST. You may have to preface with CRU: "1000.TIPI.BAT" When you return to TIPI. It always runs AUTOCMD if it is present. Here is my current AUTOCMD: cls width 40 ver echo Type 'help' for commands.' echo 'call <BAT>' to run Batch/Scripts.' echo ================================== echo Current Batch/Scripts: echo ---------------------- echo BAT=BATCH Directory echo ED=Starts EDIT40 echo SSAV=Extended BASIC Screen Saver echo NET=Show NET apps Menu' echo ================================== echo Directory: echo ---------- XBMOD=SXBG XBADDR=25458 dir /w tipibeeps END:
  12. Omega-TI, That was me on 22. I read that in the wiki after the fact. Yep, It wuz jest a usur errer! 🙃 For me, it works fine when I follow the wiki instructions! -- I had already expanded the sd image. Although (and off tipi topic), I still prefer ssh from my pc as it is faster and in full color!
  13. So it only stinks a little? Works fine if you use SSH Terminal (Putty or Tera Term work.) on your PC? If using Telnet from FC my keyboard doesn't respond as well. I get a connected. a response: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH..... Jedimatt: Is telnet hosed? --It could be me as I don't use it very much yet?
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