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  1. No need for feature creep. <some of the comments below are for other nano cf7 users> A simple non-persistent command will work fine as the DSK1 (nano - DISK 1) will act as a root directory to mount volumes on the fly (to branch to other volumes). I would be lucky to work with 10-30 disks (if that many) accessed routinely. <as you stated> IMO, persistence would be an undesirable feature. A script with: <cmd> to mount(3,20) call DSK3.MENU (or AUTOCMD on that volume) would work: DSK3.MENU would do some stuff and return with a call DSK1.(call "branching menu") or a reboot back to Force Command DSK1.AUTOCMD. A main directory may be nice, but it isn't necessary as the existing tool can be loaded from fg99 or ea5.
  2. There must be a write location as mounted disks using the original CALL M OUNT(X, Y) and F.Kaal's cf2k mounts are persistent even after powering off the console and nano. It really would not matter on Force Command as I would use unmounted 1-3 for menus and base utilities. Hopefully, all other disks (1000+) would act like psuedo folders? I can only dream 🙂 .
  3. I used to pray a lot when I would write code as well! Possible BUG report (or User Error): I am loading EDIT40 from AUTOCMD. (That works the editor starts). However, when I try to "load" a file from it I get an "ERROR 0007". It worked for a while however I added some features to my AUTOCMD it. I've looked for this error in my few TI books and can't locate it. (Maybe I am channeling James Bond?). I've removed most of the extra code and the problem persists. I've tried branching to separate script that just calls the Editor with the same result. Maybe, I've run out of RAM?... address conflict?... too much or too little coffee? By the way I have the call link mount assembly routines code is on: https://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/ti99_e.htm I would have provided this yesterday. However, you appeared to be beyond this in that you were trying to access the disk catalog?
  4. Don't sell yourself short. What you did with the current board is mindboggling! With TIPI, I can see SAMS boards being a major player down the road. Of course with all this new technology, all I will probably want to do is play Parsec?!
  5. Great ideas, Maybe you could add a heating element to keep my coffee warm? Don't make want to cancel my pending order for the current model! 🙂
  6. OK, here is my first attempt. I am early in my understanding of the Force Command scripting/batch commands. My menu's contents selector is not in alphabetical order as I am still playing with this (and don't know how to cut and paste) in EDIT40. See the imbedded notes for some explanations of why I used the command that I did. jedimatt's notes describe the commands that I used. I plan on initially copying this AUTOCMD to each drive for directory and customize if for program launching suitable for the loaded drive. Nano DSK #1 may be used to catalog and mount and launch other disks. The Nano is a great device. However, It is difficult to keep an current catalog of the cf card. (I miss "thumbing through" those wonderful 5 1/4 diskettes in the old days with their tiny labels with disk contents! ) 🙂 There is a screenshot of this script's output on the Force Command post/pages. Contents: AUTOCMD ----------- cls width 40 ver tipibeeps echo Menu echo ========================== echo E -- Load Edit40 echo X -- TI Extended BASIC echo D -- Directory DSK1-3 echo H -- HELP! echo M -- Cf2k - NanoPEB echo R -- Restart FORCECMD echo Q -- Quit echo ========================== INPUT: readkey K echo /n You selected: echo $(K) if $(K) == E then goto Edit40 if $(K) == D then goto RDDRV if $(K) == H then help if $(K) == X then goto fg99 TIXB_G if $(K) == M then goto fg99 CF2K2 if $(K) == Q then goto END if $(K) == E then goto EXIT goto INPUT EDIT40: CALL EDIT END: CLS WIDTH 40 (end of listing) Notes: The current version of FC (v0.G) scrambled my display using CLS on my TI computer (no F18 mod -- still waiting to get one ;-). Following the "CLS" with a "width 40" restored the display. Launching the EDIT40 program within the AUTOCMD script would just return to the menu. However CALL'ing a separate script EDIT worked on this version. Changing the finalgrom99 cartridge is really neat. Be aware that the cartridge call in case-sensitive. I plan on using my root directory on my finalgrom99 to hold my most used languages and utilities. (same as Invisible). Contents: EDIT ----------- LOAD EDIT40 EXIT (end of listing) Notes: EXIT may not be the best way to end. I may want to see if this returns to AUTOCMD or do a CALL AUTOCMD in the future? Contents: RDDRV ----------- echo Show ALL Drives echo ====================== echo - DIR DSK1. echo Press Any Key: READKEY K DIR DSK2. echo Press Any Key: READKEY K DIR DSK3. echo Press Any Key: READKEY K EXIT (end of listing) Notes: I am using a NanoPEB. I wanted to get a listing of what is on the current mounted drives. I execute the CF2K2 (finalgrom99) to mount different drives.
  7. My vote, go back to your old name.
  8. That's the way I used to work. I'd test my revisions, throw the installer on to the update server and wait for the telephone calls and emails. I consider myself a beta tester on this software. Any comments I make hopefully will avoid feature creep and improve the reliability of the software. Again, my thanks!
  9. I use mine all of the time and still can't find the power switch! Maybe that's why to load function isn't working? By the way, if I use a "call" to a small batch/script with a "load" in it the program works (Fred K's Edit40 ver. 3.0). Go figure? All nano based directory functions seem to work (directly or from a script/batch file). Also, I deleted a file from one of the drives -- from the command prompt. With kludges (work arounds), all commands are working as shown in the menu below. Regarding the "call mount), Fred K. has it built in to his CF2K program. I used the fg99 to call the CF2K and make the mount changes.
  10. Sorry, Didn't mean to cause problems.😟 Not a newbie. Just getting a bit senile! I will introduce myself: Past president of TIBUG (Bham AL TI user group) in early 80's. Have owned Geneve and 2 Peripheral Expansion Boxes. (sold them in the 90's). Actually worked for TI as a Product Rep in the early 80's (Helped sell TI 99's). (Can't find my badge.) Have completely built a Raspberry PI based in a 99/4a shell with a Teensy powered homebuilt TI keyboard/joystick interface. I will upload the project later. Was software developer for a Fortune 500 company in 10 years ago (VC#,VB). Currently own 2 real iron TI's as well as the above described Franken99. FinalGrom99, nanoPEB, and a few good carts. I am a Professional lurker. Also, I am retired, trying to stay healthy, and am trying to avoid confrontations. Finally, I am totally amazed a what folks have done with this venerable computer! I have yet to contribute a smidgen to the TI community as Omega has and appreciate everyone's effort in making my retirement hobby enjoyable! Thanks and appreciation to all of you! David (Yes, I ruined a perfectly good but worthless Disk Manager cart as by SD card holder. -- Still have the board if anyone wants it! -- I think?!)
  11. Thanks for looking into this. I am overcoming some of the issues by with experiment and correcting my mistakes. The load "prg" issue within the script file is one I can't seem to find the key to. It works fine from the prompt. I've tried "load DSK1.EDIT40" with and without the "DSK1." (And in different cases.) Got the fg99 to work based on your instructions. If I had a simple ea5 "call mount" command for the nano I could go crazy with this. (Not a feature request 🙂 !)
  12. Thanks I found a work around on the AUTOCMD for the screen error in the batch/script CLS WIDTH 40 (follow it immediately) .... (rest of script) fg99 problem was case sensitive error on my part. ECHO (without additional text - trying to get a blank line shows a little screen garbage. Obvious work around "Don't do that..." From the command line I can load/execute files on my nanoPEB mapped to DSK1. load DSK1.EDIT40 I kind of expect some issues until hardware is upgraded. I got a lot a learnin' to do!
  13. Already ordered on on Saturday Waiting with much anticipation....
  14. I've enjoyed testing this amazing piece of software! I have a stock TI with a FinalGrom (and nanoPEB). Currently, I am waiting for both a F18 and TIPI when they become available. I have encountered a few issues in the latest version (v0.F). They may not be bugs -- but by design. CLS scrambles the screen (vertical bars). I can clear it with a width 40 command. Is there a workaround for this (CLS with a parameter?). BTW. I see this software as a fix for my notorious bad memory. I can click a few menu selections and things will start working for me. Windows and Linux has ruined me! I know that INVISIBLE has opened a new topic on this. However, I am curious on actual batch file examples to do the fg99 commands. So far, all I am able to do is throw my FinalGrom error light on 🙂 . Again, I am blown away by this software and want to participate in its development in a positive way.
  15. This topic is the story of my life! Cool looking monitor!
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