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About Me

I've owned a number of vintage TI's, Atari's, Mac's, TRS-80's and a boatload of PC's.


Was at one time a Product Representative for TI's during their prime sales in the early 80's.  I demo'ed the 99/4a's in department stores, etc.  (I field repaired/upgraded a lot of power supplies when TI found they had problems with them.)


I co-founded the TIBUG (Birmingham Alabama TI user group in the early 80's.).


Now that I am retired, I have returned to my roots and have taken my old systems out of storage and rekindled my joy in using them.


I miss my Atari ST's and Sinclair's (I can't afford to replace them.  I live with emulators.).


Staying healthy and enjoying life and family are my priorities! 


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