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  1. I'll chime on this one. Unless you are specifically wanting to run SAM's specific software then the SAM's is not needed. Hooking up and using the TIPI with a Raspberry Pi is fairly easy. See Jedimatt42's GitHub Wiki has everything you need to know: Home · jedimatt42/tipi Wiki · GitHub If cost is a consideration. The TIPI/32K (from Arcade Shopper) and a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W* is the best value. You will have to solder on a header, provide a suitable case, microSD card, and appropriate power 5volt power supplies(s). If you decide you need a SAMs then the SAMs sidecar combined with a TIPI sidecar and a Pi Zero W* is a superb higher priced solution. I own both, and they both work very well. The nice thing about the TIPI/32K is that it fully fits nicely in an old Speech Synth case (or, if needed, a custom 3D printed case). Again Arcade Shopper can provide a ready to use solution. * If you already own a Raspberry Pi 3B or 4 then you can certainly use it versus purchasing a new Pi Zero W. (see: Which PI · jedimatt42/tipi Wiki · GitHub ) DG
  2. Opps, my old brain inserted "8.3" for the old MSDOS filename system (8 character filename with period/dot and 3 character suffix). The only part of that concept that is accurate in todays PC world is the ".3" as in .TXT etc. 🙂
  3. Thanks, Matt! Tried the "copy" command! IT WORKS! Will play with the other changes later on! DG
  4. I've just been trying out the XB Game Developer's Package. (Downloaded the above package.) This is a fantastic collection of software! JEWEL works great with Classic99. I found what I believe is a problem with the JUWEL99 folder as initially unzipped. JEWEL99 has files that continue to point to 8.3 filenames in the Compiler. BTW, I am running it on my Console with SAMs and TIPI sidecars. I really want to try to use my real hardware as much as possible. I tried several "fixes" that made it work more or less: I loaded and modified the "COMPILER" in the original JUWEL99 directory. It was trying to run the RUNTIME'X'.TXT files and tacking on .TXT to the filenames among other things. The LOAD program would crash after saving the MERGE file when trying to reload itself. BUT WAIT!!! There is a file in the JEWEL99 directory: "JEWEL99ARC". I uncompressed it. The files in the archive work perfectly! Thanks, senior_falcon. I truly appreciate your work! David G
  5. Finally got around to trying this out. (Was waiting for all the hardware pieces to come together.). Your demo on this week's Zoom meeting and comments a while back made me jump on it. I completely missed the "FCMD.dsk" file when upgrading. Found the commands on your Github page: https://github.com/jedimatt42/fcmd/tree/master/example/gcc/fcmenu Thoughts? OK, you are a crazy, mad programmer! My TI-99/4A with the FCMENU just blows me away! A real Mouse driven menu system! Easy to set up nested menu files. What more can I say! Thanks jedimatt.
  6. Thanks for the update on the keystroke. I encountered the same thing during testing. This is actually a very good version (at least in my testing so far.) I would like (maybe I'll put this together) a pdf with full game instructions, a full board map as my memory is a bit sketchy, and game play tracking sheets for properties, etc. This game would be great for a small gaming party!
  7. It looks like I was missing ASHOE in my version. I remember seeing it in the original .zip. Most likely a user error during/after capitalizing the filenames and cleaning the extra files. Your copy did the trick! 😀 Looks good! DGrissom
  8. Reference AMSTIOPOLY (SAMS TI Monopoly). (Don't know if this is the best thread for this?) As others have stated, this works fine with Classic 99. (Reading my TIPI as drive T). Not so well on my real "iron".🙁 I just received my first SAMs sidecar (Thanks Greg!). So far, most SAMs programs work fine. (Realms of Antiquity, TEXCASTER, RXB, etc.) However, no luck getting this one to work with my SAMs/TIPI sidecar setup. I've renamed all the files in the directory to UPPERCASE. Deleted extraneous files. I am running ABOOT using E/A 5. Mapped my TIPI.SAMS.AMSTIOPOLY folder to DSK1. I get an "I/O Error code 7". Is this a TIPI file incompatibility? (It wasn't specifically listed on jedimatt's GitHub.) BTW. This is a cool looking version of Monopoly! David G
  9. I think this will work: Using Rich's example. Use: IF yr / 4 = INT(yr / 4 ) THEN leap$ = "Y" etc.
  10. Enjoyed the meeting today. Had to drop off a little early. Matt's Mouse driven Force Command menu example blew me away!
  11. In the "for what its worth" category. I use parallel printers with my nanoPEB with a RS232 to Parallel converter (SXP-320). For me, this has worked well. I had/used Kodak Diconix 180si. This was a was a really good printer that I owned for many years. It died recently. 😢 Also, I've successfully used my nanoPEB/converter with a Deskjet 310 (Parallel). I found the converter on eBay (for a fairly low price). Good "serial" printers at the time were fairly expensive. DG
  12. Matthew, I saw this post pop up on my phone in the middle of the night. I thought I was dreaming it! 🙂 Thanks for keeping at it. I hope you are doing well. DG
  13. Good suggestion! All my desktop PC's are on UPS's. (A cross backed on a NAS). The UPS's are in part for surge protection. However, scheduled services (backup's, defrag, update checks, etc.) could be running on Windows at any time time. When I worked IT, all of our Windows servers and mission critical PC's were running on UPS's to avoid potential data loss even though all were running RAID. Over the years, when I worked the help desk, I fielded a number of user's with lost data over the years, due to electrical outages. Most of this was OS repair with HD replacements as user's files were always on the servers. Good suggestions Omega-TI. I may look into a solution for my TIPI (although, my TIPI/32K unit can't use a HAT). Some of the cell phone backup batteries can charge while in use. DG
  14. Cause '[email protected]' Happens (Actually, it is well documented.) Linux may have service routines running in the background that can bust it. My last corrupted TIPI SD card was due to storm power outages. My TIPI was off. Power came on and then went out again (TIPI booted and died mid boot - This is speculation as I was not near my system but remembered the outages.). TIPI would boot but not work properly. I had to reimage and restore. I have a shutdown button on my RPi to help safely power it down. That won't protect it in the above circumstances. Moral of the story. Unplug when not in use (or use switch). Even though I have a switch on the power supply, I still forget to do this. (I guess I am prone to living dangerously...) DG
  15. Most of the time when there is an SD card corruption, it seems to be due to a power failure. This can occur naturally or if we simply pull the power while the Pi is actively running. Whether we boot from SD, SSD, or HD, all can be corrupted in this manner. However, in my experience, SD cards seem to be more corruptible. BTW, you can use SSH to view your drive's contents and easily mount additional external volumes. With this you can do a backups or access data. These drives can be shared and show up on PC's and other devices similar to the TIPI folders. I am using an SSD (120GB) on my main windows 10 machine. My son bought it at Micro Center for $10. (This size SDD have been routinely available for under $20 from New Egg and other locations.). I say this in that mechanical drives can suffer from shock if dropped and generally require more power to run. BTW, I used it with my RPi 4 as a boot device for several months (kind of a waste for me). I protect my TIPI installation by periodically doing an SD card image backup with Win32DiskMgr as well as making simple data copies from my TIPI directory. The latter is more reliable and can be automated with Windows Scheduler. The downside of large drives is it is harder to image them if the drive gets corrupted. I like 32GB or less if possible. If my SD card becomes corrupted, and as a result my TIPI image is corrupted, I have downloaded (and keep on my HD) the latest TIPI image from Jedimatt's site. It is fairly easy to reimage an SD card and copy my latest TIPI files back to the new SD card. I keep an TIPI imaged backup card available as well. This makes sense as my primary TIPI is the TIPI/32k with Raspberry PI Zero W. The RPi Zero is too slow for me to want to have a Window's style GUI on it. Based on my readings of past threads, it can be difficult set this up. While I am by no means an expert, I do have a stable of operating Raspberry Pi products (yes, this is a hobby as well): 3 - RPi Zero W - 1 is TIPI, 1 is PiTPDD (TRS-80 Model 100 data drive), 1 is spare (@ $10 each, I can afford them) 1 - RPi 4 - Inside my TI case with Teensy based keyboard interface. (With emulation of TI, DOS, Amiga, and AtariST) 1 - RPi 400 - Linux development tool and real world interfacing. (Christmas present. Cool concept -- I don't like the keyboard.) 1 - RPi 3B+ - Semi-retired (my son has it) 2 - RPi Pico (cool cards) - Learning Python/Micro Python and real world interfacing. (@ $4 each lots of fun, why not!) The point is, that at the current prices, for me, the Pi products can/should be dedicated devices/appliances. David
  16. Sure. Examples are shown. Note: SNEK works, but it shows errors on Score Screens. myti99.com works fine. (Pretty good score on scorch GM!) (hope it isn't my TIPI?) DG
  17. Are the links that were described in the above post still working properly? (I can still see the group chat on myti99.com (as well as Chess). ) SNEK seemed to work? CHESS had character display problems. CHATTI seemed to throw errors. Are these links now obsolete?
  18. I hope that I am not muddying the waters with my comments? If I am just ignore them.... Lately, I've had problems with Windows losing my shares (My Tipi share has been the exception so far.) However, other Raspberry Pi shares will simply stop working (being recognized by Windows). BTW, I don't really know if it is Windows 10 or my router that is at fault. Since I swapped my NETGEAR router with an older Asus router I've noticed I've had fewer problems. Also, turning on SMP 1.0 Client helps. While it is a known security risk you still have to get through my firewall and know my passwords etc. 🙂 . With that said, I agree with GDMike that the best workaround is to map the Tipi share with its IP address. (ie. \\192.168.X.X\Tipi ). The web interface "tipi:9900" has always worked, but IMO it is somewhat slower and more cumbersome to use. Related to COMCAST. Did they fail to provide you with administrator router credentials? If not, and if it is a standard off the shelf router, you may be able to hard reset it and use the factory default passwords to set it up as you like? However, I am not a COMCAST customer and really don't know how they set up systems. If they restricted my network setup as you described. I would never use them as a my provider. DG
  19. Thanks, jedimatt42! My brain failed to realized what the Fctn+2 actually was doing. Works perfectly!
  20. Don't know if it "by design" or ? "ED" is GREAT... (but) the "FCTN+ Left Arrow" acts as a Backspace with Delete. I am just starting to use this command. As designed I don't know the best way to correct a script's line in the middle without deleting most of the line. BTW, this is still way better than running an external editor! DG
  21. Never mind, Found that it actually uses "AID" (Fctn+7). Darn, didn't check the HELP ED first!? DG
  22. Whaaat? "ED"!!! Best day ever! Finally, easy to write/edit scripts within FC! Any other special keys? Ctrl+S = Save/Save As. Ctrl+Q = Quit/Exit? Thanks! jedimatt42 DG
  23. Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi version links are working. Windows link seems to be hosed. 🤨 BTW. RPi version works well.!
  24. Omega-TI I've not used the 80 column version. (Alas, another Christmas with no video upgrade. 🙂 ) Check the link below for most of the listings. I didn't specifically see a 80 column in the list. I have used the 40 column (T40XB) a number of times. Commands · jedimatt42/fcmd Wiki · GitHub DavidG
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