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    I played my first game system, an original pong units in the early 80s and got my parents 2600 4 switch 2600 when I was about 12. That sparked my interest in video games and I was an addicted youth. Systems I have owned over the years include: NES, SNES, Game boy Color, GBA, DS, 3DS, Virtuaboy, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, 32X, SegaCD, PlayStation 1&2, Atari Jaguar/CD, Commodore Vic 20 and 64 and various other ones.
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    Got a 2600 for Christmas '18 with Harmony cart and I'm enjoying the homebrew scene and the classics.
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    Looking to get maybe a 7800 in the near future.

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  1. Could we add tapatalk support back into the forums? I went to using the mobile version of the site but with the new layout I would love to try tapatalk again
  2. I don't usually do the high score challenge but I may try my hand at Tutankham today.

  3. I knew what it was just by reading the title. Love the original on psx and enjoyed soul reaver as well. Excellent games for sure.
  4. Background noise, enemy movement and animation is fantastic. Much closer to the arcade version than the 7800 version. Definitely a technological marvel on the 2600.
  5. Can't wait to play it on my harmony, my phones emulator doesn't do it justice.
  6. I so cannot wait to play this on my harmony cart. Galaga is one of my favorite games and I ended up playing the arcade version today to hold me over. Champ games are amazing and I look forward to playing this as well as Zoo Keeper when it gets close to release.
  7. With the new board things are very nice, don't seem so mushy. Previous pcb was ok but after a closer look most domes don't click, about flat. My damaged parts I mentioned earlier are the metal tabs that slide on to the pcb. One broke upon removal from old board and second trying to have it grip the new one tight. Guess whatever they're made of doesn't stand up well after 40 years.
  8. Since some of my connections are broke should I replace the whole cable, see if they make replacement connectors and replace or I even considered a drop of solder to hold the broken one in place. Any thoughts? BTW the micro switch board is pretty cool, has less throw than my gold pcb board and is very responsive.
  9. Last two times gmail sent it to my spam folder and I missed out, I got in the habit of checking his site routinely and just got lucky.
  10. You got a stash and holding out on us? I've got it rigged right now with tape holding the contacts in but if I dont get a new cable or replace the crimps I may have to find somewhat to attach them more permanently. What I have played with the new board is pretty nice, very responsive.
  11. Never mind, figured it out after a lot of trial seems error. Unfortunately two of my metal tabs that hold the wire to the board have a broken side and I may have to find a way to fix it.
  12. Got my micro switch pcb we have here on AA and went to hook it up but the colors appear to be all wrong compared to the colors listed on the new pcb. Did Atari ever use different colors for wires than the standard that I find in photos online. I know I have to find which one is ground and go one by one and find which one is each direction. Didn't know if there was someone else who had colored coded wires on wrong terminals inside and what did you see.
  13. I've got a slew of packages coming in this week, anyone know what state these come from? Trying to match a tracking number to the product.
  14. Wow caught those just in time, finally snagged one. I got a gold board and new plastic handle for one of my controllers and this will go in my other one. Look forward to testing it out, thanks.
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