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  1. Interesting. Maybe once I get my electronics bench outfitted and pickup an untested console for modification. Otherwise I want to keep my console as original as possible.
  2. No, I didn't. And, yes, the caps lock was on. HAHA.
  3. Have a joystick adapter and two modern Atari joysticks from a Flashback. Powered up my TI today and the up direction does not work, tried both sticks on both ports. Any tips on testing the adapter and the console? Any common cap or resistor failure that I can check for? Thanks.
  4. How does complex programs and games requiring swapping floppy disks play with systems like NanoPEB or the TiPi?
  5. Can a .bin file of the Extended BASIC cartridge run from the FlashROM99? If so, where is the XB .bin file to download? Thanks!
  6. Anyone have a link to where to buy the correct power adapter for the nanoPEB? So happy I got one when they briefly appeared on Ebay last week, now need to power it up! :-) I checked the manual PDF: ----------- nanoPEB-SIO is designed to plug into the console’s expansion port but requires an external power supply of 5 volts. The connector is 2.1mm and center pole is positive. The power supply MUST be regulated. ----------- But not listing the AMP rating, I want to be sure I get the correct power supply.
  7. Too bad you did not work at TI in the 80's. In some parallel universe this was the box that kept TI computers alive. I soooo want one!!!!
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