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  1. Anybody have a manual for Super 3D Plotter II?
  2. Looking foward to seeing your further progress!
  3. Guess these sf314's have gotten pretty rare. I cant find one anywhere.
  4. Looking for a Atari SF314 external double sided 3.5 drive for Atari ST. Just picked up a 520ST and it came with the SF354 single sided drive. Thanx Doug NJ
  5. Is there a beige filament that matches the XL computers? I have'nt had luck finding one.
  6. Yup, that worked! Thanx a lot guys! Doug NJ
  7. Anyone using real hardware with a UDS-10 to connect to Irata.Online using Platoterm that can help me out? I have a Stock 800XL, load Platoterm disk version with a 1050 drive, have also tried the 1.1lite platoterm Cart version. Atari 850 hooked up to the UDS-10 with a CX-87 cable. Then the UDS-10 hooked up to a Xfinity Cable modem/router Setup has been solid and works great on all the BBS' (thanx to the fine folks that helped me getting it setup from here!) Load Platoterm, get loud 2 sec beep loading 850 R: handler, than have the constant baud tone. Type AT in Platoterm, get return OK Type ATDTIrata.Online:8005 to connect...pause, then No Carrier. Here is my UDS-10 confiq I am using to try to connect to Irata *** basic parameters Hardware: Ethernet Autodetect IP addr -, no gateway set DHCP device name : UDS-10 *** Security SNMP is enabled SNMP Community Name: public Telnet Setup is enabled TFTP Download is enabled Port 77FEh is enabled Web Server is enabled ECHO is disabled Enhanced Password is disabled *** Channel 1 Baudrate 1200, I/F Mode 4C, Flow 00 Port 10001 Connect Mode : 56 Auto increment source port disabled Remote IP Adr: --- none ---, Port 00000 Disconn Mode : 81 Flush Mode : 00 *** Expert TCP Keepalive : 45s ARP cache timeout: 600s Monitor Mode @ bootup : enabled HTTP Port Number : 80 Any tips would be great, Thanx Doug NJ
  8. Thanx for posting that, gonna watch it over the weekend.
  9. Nope didn't know about control s and q. Thanx!
  10. I am having some trouble with pages auto scrolling or changing automatic where as i cant read or see everything as it goes by to fast. And its not every page, just some. I am using 40 column on a stock 800xl, 850, UDS-10, BobTerm 1.22. I dont see anywhere to change a setting for this. Any tips? Thanx Doug
  11. Never before. My Friend had a Atari 800 in the early 80's and showed me BBS' a couple of times. Thats is my only memory of BBS. I asked my parents for a Atari computer for Christmas 81, they got us a 2600.
  12. Thanx for putting this group together. As someone like me who just started BBS'ing this week, this has been very helpful!
  13. so no carrier does not mean a issue on my end then, it can mean lots of different stuff like BBS busy, wrong ip and more...good to know. Thank you much for all the help!
  14. hmmm, wierd. connected once, now back to "no carrier". Maybe something with my Xfinity router?
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