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  1. https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/wiki/Connecting-to-a-BBS
  2. The website has been updated under ordering information....hopefully soon http://ltoflash.leftturnonly.info/
  3. I made a video I call Fujinet for Dummies that just shows some simple setup of the unit and some of what Fujinet can do for the people just getting their units, or those on the fence on if they want/need it. Hope it is helpful to some.
  4. I just got a intellivision and need a multicart. Hope these become available soon!
  5. Just updated my new Fujinet 1.0 unit to the new code with SAM disk swap sounds. Works Great. Thanx to the Fujinet Team!
  6. I got a package from Vintage Computer Center today! Thanx Gavin! Can finally retire my homemade Wroom board.
  7. Love it. I never know what disc I have rotated into slot 1.
  8. Somebody just started a Fujinet user group on facebook. 28 members so far https://m.facebook.com/groups/2822283394719985?group_view_referrer=profile_browser
  9. See this thread I had vertical bands on my fp2001 till I changed to the Hecules workshop cable linked in that thread.
  10. I just plugged it into my pc speakers and it sounds fine
  11. Need Kay to interview you for the Antic Podcast too.
  12. Found you mentioned in this where are they now article too. https://www.atarimagazines.com/bios.html
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