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  1. Pluscart Duo 2.1.0 Flashed Fine, plays from SD card no issues All Pluscart and Plusrom functions work fine No issues to report, and I ran it through lots of stuff tonight.
  2. I didn't have time to try it today, but I will try to do it on Thurs for sure
  3. on my 48k 800 Shamus(broken) gives a blank screen Shamus(Works) works fine
  4. Played 8 games on new code between 2 different Pluscarts and all scores recorded! Thats a good start
  5. A user setting to disable exit function would be great. When I was playing Alfred Challenge for the 2600 game by game Podcast last week, the game would exit to the PlusCart menu when I pressed reset(not holding the joystick to right). Also someone I gave a UnoCart(PlusCart hardware) to has complained about various games that exit on him.
  6. I played six games on Solar Fox and only one recorded a score. Is it just me?
  7. Does it on my NTSC 2600jr. Very annoying. I have to play the game on my 4 switch
  8. Picked up this Epson MX-80 at a Goodwill for $13. It is super clean and has a Dots-Perfect rom upgrade from Dresselhaus Computer Products(1987). Anyone have a manual for the Dots-Perfect upgrade installation? I have had no luck on web searches and I need the dip switch settings for the upgrade, since they are different than a stock MX-80
  9. Bottom of the menu screen. "R Edwards v17" is newest.
  10. 😃. I did that the other day trying to flash a board myself
  11. It is tapped into the sio ports and hooked up with a sio cable. The bundle of wires out the back go to the remote box(buttons, leds, sd card).
  12. Got the Fujinet inside a Atari 1030 modem done today I used the original 1030 PCB, just desoldered some stuff so I could use the traces to hook up the Throughhole Fujinet. So both SIO ports work, power/wifi light and power switch and power plug(for external USB 5V). The wiring for the remote box comes out the back where the phone jack was. No holes were made in the case. Really happy how it came out, and glad to have a 1030 in my setup. Made a quick video of it in action.
  13. Is this gonna make its way to Youtube? For some reason even the VOD on twitch just freezes on my fire tv.
  14. This is the remote box for my Fujinet through-hole 1030 modem that will mount on top of my monitor so: A) I do not have to make any holes in the Atari 1030, the remote wiring will exit out the square hole in the back where the phone jack was. B) I will have easy access to buttons, Micro SD card and activity LED's. The (2) LED's on the Atari 1030 will work as Power, and WIFI. And the Switch on the 1030 will turn Fujinet on and Off(will be using external USB power) More to come as I slowly make progress on my version of the Atari 1030FN
  15. Very nice, thanx! I love my 192in1 cart, nice to have the screenshots on the game list
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