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  1. UnoCart built with PlusCart SD hardware(minus the ESP8266 since it is not needed)
  2. What are you on revision 22? 😃
  3. Got Another Pluscart with SD built.
  4. All working well so far on 2.0.14 on Pluscart and PluscartSD. Was able to connect to WiFi with keyboard entry, downloaded offline roms no problem.
  5. Very cool. Will most definitely building one of these up. Thanks for the link
  6. Because I can, and I have plenty of spare parts.
  7. I used wps. Will try the other connections tonight.
  8. New Video PlusCart with SD card, Testing Firmware Win a PlusCart on Atariage from Andrew Davie Win a PlusCart on a upcoming episode of the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast from Me.
  9. STL files for a remix of Andrew's Pluscart/Unocart cartridge shell. It is a Pluscart shell with UnoCart badging as seen in my video below UNOPlusCart.zip
  10. It is all Andrew and al_nafuur. All I did is build one up with their awesome hardware and firmware.
  11. I just meant if I could get original UnoCart firmware to work on, which al_nafuur confirmed will work, and I will try it tonight.
  12. Is there a UNOCart 2600 file that can be flashed to this STM32 board to check if we got the GPIO pins right for unocart?
  13. The New Pluscart(SD) boards that Andrew made are a success and fully working, I ran it through lots of tests tonight using the PlusCart Duo.elf that Al_Nafuur posted in post #100 All seems to be working 100%
  14. I guess the last thing to test is if the unocart firmware will run on the cart. Is there a unocart elf file that will flash to this STM32 board?
  15. That one has the lip on the sides, its the shell file you posted in post #51
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