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  1. I think the original voicebox only works on a 800, and the voicebox II works on the XL.
  2. I did a quick print of the 800/400 and XL cases on my Ender 3, and mocked them up. It is a great case design, everything fits together perfect and the SIO plug and socket are real nice. They will look awesome printed in the correct colors and with a finer print(I just used a quick draft setting). Star Raiders 8-bit cart for size compare.
  3. My Epson FX print emulation test from a WROOM Handmade fujinet unit on a stock Atari 800, using PrintShop. Works good, little issue with that first(top) line for whatever reason
  4. I thought I was all good, but no. My Fujinets do not save the network connect, asks to pick network and enter password every time I reboot? Added the ssid.h as always Any pointers?
  5. I would like to play with the infill patterns too, just been lazy!
  6. Yes, that method works very well, I use it all the time.
  7. The three holes are LED lights Three buttons are Reset, Disk Rotate and the new third button(are we using that one yet?)
  8. That looks really good Mozzwald! Is that the filament that Mr.Robot posted in the thread the other day? I have a test print running now, I dont have any cool retro computer color filament yet though.
  9. Not sure what I had wrong, I started from scratch and now it works One would think I would be getting better with PlatformIO by now....geez Thanx guys. Excited to play around with Epson printer emulation.
  10. I havent been able to update my Fujinet last few days or so. Is it just me? It does not build correctly. Doing things the same way I have always updated it in the past. Thanx Doug
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