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  1. I have had ESP8266 that worked fine in ESPlorer, but would not work in the Pluscart, very annoying. Hope this one works for you!
  2. Great job on the 800xl. Really enjoyed watching the series so far!
  3. To update the list of Atari APX Manuals that have not been scanned, These are the manuals still missing as of 9/2021 Lemonade Reversi Character Set Editor BlackJack Casino Presidents of the United States Isopleth Map-Making Package Rabbotz Utility Diskette II Polycalc Data Base/Report System Word Search Generator Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis Diskmenu Diggerbonk(have educational Software version, not APX) Home Loan Analysis Dragon's Quest or a Twist in the Tail
  4. That looks amazing, so excited about this project!
  5. Awesome, glad that worked! There seems to be a lot of bad 8266 modules floating around.
  6. Blackjack casino manual and tape is on ebay now. Seems this manual still has not been scanned https://www.ebay.com/itm/334004149910
  7. I have had a couple ESP modules that flash fine, and work in ESPlorer fine, then would not connect when attached to the pluscart.
  8. If you have a SMD heatgun, heat pins on the top of the ESP module and you can remove the ESP module easy. Then desolder the pins from the new ESP and solder them to the pins left on the pluscart from the old ESP. I have had to this a few times and works well.
  9. I haven't printed this version of the shell yet, but some hot glue should hold that logo in just fine I would think. Don't let people get to you, your shell designs are amazing.
  10. I have had at least 5 of the little 8266 modules bad from new. Those things are a pain in my a&$.
  11. Very nice. That's a big print, what size print bed do you have? Can't wait to see it all come together!
  12. That is correct, WiFi update will update the cart to latest version of regular PlusCart(No SD support). Manual Flash only. Current Newest Firmware is in post #174 within this thread
  13. do you think the original cart conflicted with a bunch of software? Anyone have a original cart?
  14. Ok, I have made some progress on making a reproduction Magic Dump II cart Using a Pixles Past 8/16k Eprom cart pcb and burning a 8k rom of Magic Dump II to a 2764A eprom It does work. Control-ESC to save screen, space bar to bring up Magic Dump II menu. I can save a screen and print it to a real printer, can print a screen to a Fujinet emulated printer to PDF and I can save a screenshot to a file on a floppy and load it back up But.....the cart conflicts with a lot of software. For example: Loading Jumpman comes up with "Remove all Cartridges", and Printshop and some other software comes up with garbled graphics. I assume it is something in the cartridge pinout that is different on the Right carts? Any input or suggestions would be great The Magic Dump rom I am using is from this thread, post #3
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