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  1. It is just a very simple case design, and you will have to adjust the buttons depending on the height of Tact switches you used, I moved the LED's to the case lid, But I added light pipes to the design so you can also use it with the LEDs mounted on the board. Here are all the STL files. FujinetTHcase.zip
  2. Wow Vitoco, "The Children" is amazing! Great Job. Looking forward to trying all the other Atari entries in the morning
  3. hmmm, just tested on both my carts with 2.0.17 and they saved both Pal and Pal60 after multiple cold boots.
  4. Yup, that fixed it, thanx Just waiting on a couple parts and I will be able to test it. Working on a 3D printed case for it
  5. I have odd problem that only happens on my 2600 jr. When I hit a rabbit, the QR code for the guide come up on its own, and I have to hit select to get back to gameplay.
  6. I am trying to compile and flash a Wrover 8MB Devkit to use in the throughole Fujinet kit and my build is failing for #include "esp_netif.h" so I guess I nee to add a folder with the SSID info like in the old days of the wroom boards?
  7. That material your carts are printed in is very stiff and brittle, has no give. I got a them together ok, but it was a pain.
  8. Yeah, that is the ones I used for your plusstore cases. It is the smallest of the different size pins. Tight fit but snaps together fine.
  9. My Tracking is showing I will get mine on Tues, which works out good. Wed. is my day off!
  10. I saw on Facebook someone playing Circus Convoy on a PlusCart, so I guess it works fine. I only ordered the standard version of the game, so no Rom for me to try.
  11. updated mine using the Bin. Working fine
  12. I don't notice any signal differences between my PlusCart and PlusCartSD carts. I'll run some signal tests when I get a chance.
  13. Nice, looks like the Black "Vader" edition
  14. Sold Out! Thanx! Kung Fu Flash Cartridges for sale for Commodore 64. Complete, Flashed and tested with 3D printed case. NTSC V1.2 most current firmware. Just add a micro SD card with your C64 files and your are ready to enjoy this awesome Flash cart. USA only $28 + $5 shipping They are boxed up and ready to ship as soon as payment is recieved. Thanx Doug NJ
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