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  1. Nice video on castlevania, it is Halloween, I’m still excited about the Omni. I have a question when is the proper announcement of Omni? As well as SGM2?
  2. I’m still excited for OMNI, and I’m also curious about this SGM2 Thing.
  3. Ok Opcode so SGM2 first and then OMNI. waiting for the reveal of the OMNI
  4. Hi opcode i have a question, any progress on the OMNI, i understand that SGM 2 releasing it first, and then in 2020 a full-fledged OMNI console. So when is the reveal of the OMNI?
  5. Anyway I’m interested with the OMNI.

    1. jd_1138


      Don't forget the Plymouth Horizon -- same car.  

  6. 👋 opcode, I’m excited for OMNI, but it’s been months since you promised us a presentation in April, opcode was in radio silence since your last post on Facebook in April that shows a controller that will also be in SGM 2. Hope it reveals it early. ;)

  7. Hey Opcode, I have a question what happened to the OMNI?, when is the presentation again?
  8. Opcode The excitement level of the OMNI and/or SGM 2 reveal goes full ignition for that. I have a question regarding the dev kits for OMNI, when will the dev kits be releases?
  9. Presentation coming early?! the answers has questioned, it's coming, but i think it will be the demo of SGM2/OMNI thing, not a fully fledged console.
  10. Hi eduardo i have a question concerning the OMNI, Although I'm bummed that no december presentation for that upcoming console and instead you chose it to around april but i'm okay with that. Anyway i saw the screenshots of 3 games, it's looks like an arcade and indie-inspired version of these games. I like it, i wish the presentation would be around earlier.
  11. Hi eduardo i gotta say i'm interested on that new OMNI system, but while i'm bummed that the december presentation is not there, i just hope that the presentation/reveal will likely come earlier than sooner, so anyway i could still wish that it would released directly to consumers but you decided that it aim squarely at the Atari 2600 enthusiast gamer, which is a good because you don't want to complete with nintendo, playstation, and xbox, and i'm glad you're doing the right thing for this console. So i have a question about the OMNI, look at what tommy tallarico is doing with the Intellivision Amico it is a retro consumer console and the goal for this is first a remade of classic Intellivision, Atari, Imagic, and arcade titles as well, there also doing the right thing with the Amico, just like you're doing this too with the OMNI. Hope you have a new year in that case is were the reveal/presentation is due earlier than later okay. Good luck eduardo.
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