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  1. I don't think it clicks when I plug it in or turn the system on, but I can't be sure since I am not currently at my dad's house (where the Atari is), I will check when i get back to his house on Thursday though. It does definitely spark. I sort of doubt it to be the switch box since I bought both that and the power adapter on eBay and both were said to be working perfectly. I think the problem is the console, it has scratches all over it and the controllers are disintegrating and covered in dirt. the whole thing must have been in a shed for a long time. Do you know where I can get the little switch box IC? It might be worth trying out if it's cheap enough.
  2. Ok, I got the chip in the mail today, eagerly took it out of its package, put it in the Atari, and..... nothing. I tried every mode, every channel, everything to get this think to work. I am stumped, I dont know whats next. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. This thing might just end up in my closet forever if I cant fix it
  3. I tried it on both modes and unfortunately no luck still.
  4. Doesn't it expect channel 2 or 3? I have been alternating between channels and the setting on the back of the console and it makes no difference. But then again, I've had way too much eggnog as well
  5. Will do, Thanks so much for your help!
  6. just snow, absolutely no response to the console being turned on and off or being plugged in on both of my TVs
  7. It sounds like I'm gonna need a walkthrough of exactly where to measure the voltages. I only understood like half of what you said and I'm very afraid of breaking something. I'm not well versed in electronics as you can probably tell haha.
  8. UPDATE: I was just absentmindedly pushing the power button and the red LED came on!! I must have pressed the button at least 100 times before it finally came on. unfortunately no video or audio still but at least I know power is getting to the button.
  9. I tried that and unfortunately had no luck. I am pretty sure the power supply and switch box function fine since they were both advertised on ebay as fully functional. The 5200 is really scratched and seems to have had a hard life so the actual console is my main concern right now.
  10. I do have a multimeter, I can definitely check those components, i just don't know where they are
  11. how would I check if any of these components are functioning?, sorry for the stupid question but I'm not very electrically skilled
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I am a long time Atari collector and have always wanted to join this forum. anyways, I have an issue on my hands in the form of a beat up 4-port 5200 I just picked up. I got this thing for 5$, it came with the controllers and console, that's it. I don't have any more 5200s so I had to buy a switch box and a power supply. I just got all that in today and tested it, and I'm getting nothing, no sound, and no video. I already measured the supply and it looks good and the switch box seems to be outputting the correct voltage and has a reassuring spark. I heard something about different 5200s using different power supplies, I bought one that says 9.3 VDC (I hope that's ok.) I just don't know what to test next or where to go, the red led doesn't even light up when I turn it on. the switch is really gummy but I don't know which points to jump to bypass it. please help with my 5200, thanks!
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