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  1. I respect your opinion but see, the leapster is pretty fascinating to me.
  2. This is an image of the original model of the Leapster (no, this isn't the model I own at the time this was written, I currently have a 2 Leapster 2s for now). An edutainment console that debuted in 2003. You can get this thing for dirt cheap on ebay. It's well known for its game Sonic X. You might be asking something like; "What's to talk about a edutainment console from the early 2000's?" Well, firstly, for an edutainment console with a library of only about 40 games, it was way ahead of it's time. Some could say "A LEAP ahead of it's time". Being more capable than the leading non-edutainment handheld in 2003, the Game Boy Advance. Such as having a touch screen, running adobe flash, and other stuff. Secondly, I see a lot of potential in this when it comes to homebrew development. like how I said earlier, this thing is able to run Flash. Well all the titles were based on Adobe Flash. Well mostly, some games used 4bpp format bitmap graphics but still used flash, but let's go back to homebrewing. You see, I think homebrewing would be great for the Leapster because like I said before, the games are based on Adobe Flash. Flash is an familiar platform that you can easily make games for and can easily find on he magical thing that is the internet. All we need to do is find out how Leapster games are programmed (maybe contact team europe to make new rom download links because some of the Leapster roms on other sites are corrupt or just find a rom that's not corrupt), have someone invent a Leapster flash cart, and then the homebrewing will commence! And hey, (say it with me) CAN IT RUN DOOM?
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