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  1. I received the portable device for Christmas and tried to insert an SD card into the slot. When I put it in, there's no 'stop' when I insert it like a laptop and no catch/lock like a camera has. In fact, I was able to insert it all the way to the point where it was impossible to get it back out without a small screwdriver to apply some gentle pressure. Is this normal? Is the unit defective? I formatted the card and created a Games folder with bin files from a zip linked here. Regardless of where I insert the card, it isn't recognized. The card is a HC one 4GB which I think might not work. I can order a new older 4GB, non-HD, but they are $20 and seems like a waste if my unit is defective. Any thoughts? Is the insertion process normal for these? Should I just get a non-HC card and I'll likely be fine? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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