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  1. Guitarman


  2. Hey AtariGeezer I am actually living back in the area, Lakeside. Moved back from Nevada last year.
  3. Count me in!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have been out of the loop for a few months. I was, just the other day, amazed at what standard 800XLs are selling for on eBay!! Considering the amount of hardware I have shelved in the garage, I must be sitting on a goldmine!! My favorite being the 1200XL, I have collected a few of those. At those prices, I may have to think about thinning the herd.
  5. Sent you a PM. Add me for 1 board with loose case. This will be amazing!!
  6. Got mine today and will be giving it a run this weekend. Thanks for a great piece of work!!
  7. .......and paid!! Order Number: 922 Date: June 16, 2016 Payment Method: PayPal
  8. PM sent for 1 RAM320XE/576 card in enclosure /w Covox audio option. Just need email to send payment.
  9. Man, I'm sooooo sorry you have/had to part with that increadible collection. If I would have looked earlier, it would have had an equally loving home. I was in town through the 14th. We could have easily made some sort of deal that would allow you to reaquire some of it if you wanted to when things got better. I think I'm gonna be sick now!!
  10. I think I'm all over one of those!! LOL
  11. Parts list ---------- Description Amount ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - 4 pin (or more) screened cable 2 metres (or any desired length) 7mm diameter - 13 pin DIN (male) connector 1 - 15 pin HD D-sub (female) connector 1 (HD=high density) - 47 Ohm resistors (small) 3 (for black/white display) or... 100 Ohm trimmer resistors (miniature) 3 (for colour adjustable display) (as small as you can get. They will have to fit inside the 15 pin connector!)
  12. On the first graphic (with the resistors) it states you can use 100ohm trimmers. I've been tempted to make an adapter box, in a small project case using side mounted connectors and the circuit inside. Then you can incorporate the trimmers, drill 3 small holes on the side of the box and mount the trimmers at the holes. It would be a much more sturdy solution than wiring up a converter cable like I first did. The cable has worked great but I fear it's demise every time I use it!!! LOL
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