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  1. Karl, I noticed in the spreadsheet, one of mine is in red. What does that mean? Just curious. Also, I am listed at 12. I think I have 13. I will verify my numbers.
  2. LOL!!! I can't believe it has been almost 13 years since I posted the last update on this!! On my last move I mentioned (2010), a lot of my Atari collection never made it out of their boxes. What did make it out of boxes got reboxed when I moved back down to San Diego in 2017. None of my collection got unboxed there as there was no room to. In March of 2020, I moved to Austin TX area. Now that I'm fully settled in a new house, I can start unboxing and organizing the collection properly. The Falcon will be one of the first things on my bench....when I find it!! LOL. I am having a workshop built on the property that will be fully shelved with a workbench on one end. Let the (Atari) games begin!!!
  3. LOL!! Yes. Some of those will be part of the fire sale coming soon. I think I have 10 unopened. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. LOL!!! If I'm not mistaken, that box is my Portfolio box or my Lynx box.....maybe LOL
  5. ...This is 10 years later. And yes, 80% of the U-Haul boxes are Atari.
  6. Impossible for me to choose just one I have too many of!!! These pics were 2010!!
  7. OK. Here's a "one off" before my more "organized" sales.
  8. OK. One more "one off" before my more "organized" sales. Also listing in the ST forum.
  9. Atari SLM804 laser printer for the ST line of computers. For the person that buys it, I will include the SLMC804 interface once I find it, but it will, most likely, not be sent with the printer. There have been 2 of these sold on eBay in the past 4 months. One for $400 and the other for $850. I am going to price this at the lower of the two. Since it is very heavy, it would be better if it went to someone that could pick it up somewhere near the Austin area. I will consider shipping but it will not be cheap. I will make sure to power it up and make sure it sounds healthy. Since I currently have nothing set up to test, it will have to be 'as-is'. Luckily, most of my sales moving forward will all be tested as working since I am in the process of setting up a testing desk for all my hardware. $400
  10. Yes. It is a fabric cover.
  11. ATR 8000 Interface for the Atari 8 bit line of computers. I also have one or two Percom drives to go with this, but I haven’t found them yet. Whoever buys this will get first shot at the Percom drives when I find them. I have never fully used this device, but the last time I hooked it up, it worked fine. So it will have to go as is. $100 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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