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  1. Karl, I noticed in the spreadsheet, one of mine is in red. What does that mean? Just curious. Also, I am listed at 12. I think I have 13. I will verify my numbers.
  2. LOL!!! I can't believe it has been almost 13 years since I posted the last update on this!! On my last move I mentioned (2010), a lot of my Atari collection never made it out of their boxes. What did make it out of boxes got reboxed when I moved back down to San Diego in 2017. None of my collection got unboxed there as there was no room to. In March of 2020, I moved to Austin TX area. Now that I'm fully settled in a new house, I can start unboxing and organizing the collection properly. The Falcon will be one of the first things on my bench....when I find it!! LOL. I am having a workshop built on the property that will be fully shelved with a workbench on one end. Let the (Atari) games begin!!!
  3. LOL!! Yes. Some of those will be part of the fire sale coming soon. I think I have 10 unopened. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. LOL!!! If I'm not mistaken, that box is my Portfolio box or my Lynx box.....maybe LOL
  5. ...This is 10 years later. And yes, 80% of the U-Haul boxes are Atari.
  6. Impossible for me to choose just one I have too many of!!! These pics were 2010!!
  7. OK. Here's a "one off" before my more "organized" sales.
  8. OK. One more "one off" before my more "organized" sales. Also listing in the ST forum.
  9. Atari SLM804 laser printer for the ST line of computers. For the person that buys it, I will include the SLMC804 interface once I find it, but it will, most likely, not be sent with the printer. There have been 2 of these sold on eBay in the past 4 months. One for $400 and the other for $850. I am going to price this at the lower of the two. Since it is very heavy, it would be better if it went to someone that could pick it up somewhere near the Austin area. I will consider shipping but it will not be cheap. I will make sure to power it up and make sure it sounds healthy. Since I currently have nothing set up to test, it will have to be 'as-is'. Luckily, most of my sales moving forward will all be tested as working since I am in the process of setting up a testing desk for all my hardware. $400
  10. Yes. It is a fabric cover.
  11. ATR 8000 Interface for the Atari 8 bit line of computers. I also have one or two Percom drives to go with this, but I haven’t found them yet. Whoever buys this will get first shot at the Percom drives when I find them. I have never fully used this device, but the last time I hooked it up, it worked fine. So it will have to go as is. $100 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. To get a better look at some of the stuff that will be coming, here are a few pictures when I actually had a portion of the collection shelved and somewhat organized, about 6-7 years ago. There is a lot more now but this gives a better look at what we're talking about.
  13. I did just the other night!!!! LOL LOL. I have at least one of every Flashback that has come out. BUT... I will be selling some Flashback 2 consoles, boxed and new, that I bought a bunch of when they were available, about 10 of them! We can talk when I get to them. I do have 2 boxed XEGS and probably 2 or 3 loose. My 1200XL count currently stands at 13. (ouch) Actually have 2 working JagCD's!! How rare is that?? I will probably be selling the boxed set in the picture at some point during all of this. I have 2 bins full of power supplies. So......yes. LOL Lots of parts and pieces throughout all the boxes and bins. I ended up buying out all the hardware from an old Atari Service Center a few years ago, so I also have all the testing hardware to test and repair most 8-bit and ST hardware. Plus tons of extra parts. I have 1 or 2 bins full of various joystick. I know I have 2 or 3 boxed trackballs and a few loose. Probably sticking to US but may consider others if it's not much trouble Moved to Lago Vista, hill country. Love it!!! There are a few 850's interfaces throughout this mess!! LOL I know I have a couple of SALT carts. Matter of finding them. I can let you know when I do.
  14. Read the following post. Many ST items will be included.
  15. Hello everyone. It has been a while since I've been on the board so I have some catching up to do. In the past 3 years I have moved from Reno NV area back to San Diego, and now just planted myself near Austin TX. After 2 moves relocating my Atari collection (more like a mini warehouse), it is time to start thinning the herd a bit. Most of you that have been around for a while that have followed the many lucky Atari collections I have been able to find, save, acquire, etc, know exactly what I mean by 'mini warehouse' when it comes to the amount. I need to figure out how to stage and post what is available. It will be small quantities at a time. My plan is to do it in a way that makes sure it goes into the Atari community. I'm not about trying to drain every dollar out of this stuff so I am trying to keep it off of eBay and make sure it gets into the hands of real Atari lovers. One of the collections I acquired came with a promise that it be dealt with in that way, and that's how I feel about all of what I will be making available. If anyone has any suggestions as to a good way to post the items for sale (here, 3rd party marketplace, etc), Let me know. I'm open to suggestions. Just to give you an example of what I am talking about, for those that don't know, see the pics below. FYI, over 70% of the boxes that don't say "Atari" on them, are filled with "Atari". Let the fun begin!!!
  16. Guitarman


  17. Hey AtariGeezer I am actually living back in the area, Lakeside. Moved back from Nevada last year.
  18. Count me in!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I have been out of the loop for a few months. I was, just the other day, amazed at what standard 800XLs are selling for on eBay!! Considering the amount of hardware I have shelved in the garage, I must be sitting on a goldmine!! My favorite being the 1200XL, I have collected a few of those. At those prices, I may have to think about thinning the herd.
  20. Sent you a PM. Add me for 1 board with loose case. This will be amazing!!
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