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  1. If you back earlier in this thread, The UK site used to have a playable version of Asteroids on their site. They changed it after getting caught. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/186151-ive-got-email-from-atari-today/page__view__findpost__p__2362648
  2. Don't think so - mine says "14." And I was told mine was second to last with a number 29.
  3. I used to love playing this game in the arcades. I remember how advanced it looked compare to everything else at the time. Count me in when it's done!!
  4. What were the differences between the 1400 and the 1450 mainboards?? I have pictures of each that I took at the CGE2K10 in Vegas and, with the exception of a couple components and the cutaway at the cartridge, they look identical. 1400 1450
  5. So your saying that the complete SIO2SD3 is 35eur or about $50 US Dollars??
  6. The Sobola schematic is very legible, but also, very wrong. It is a computerized version of the 1400XL schematic from Best, and as such, it contains ALL of the original Atari errors, plus several new ones and a lot of omissions. In my BOM, this is referenced as "Polish Schematic", I suppose I really should have said "Sobola Schematic. cheers, c I kinda figured that would be the case. Maybe I'll take those schematics and your BOM and make the corrections. See if we can come up with a good set of schematics with the right info.
  7. I had posted a picture in one of the threads of my livingroom setup. It has an 800XL with a Magnavox monitor with the dark brown bezel. Perfect match. Unfortunately, most of the Magnavox Color 40 and Color 80 monitors had a light brown bezel. The dark is more rare.
  8. PDF of the schematics earlier in the thread. 1200XL Schematics.pdf
  9. Here are a set of 1400XL schematics from the same site as the 1200XL schematics posted in the 1200 Service Manual thread. I converted them to a PDF. They are very clear. I didn't go through them with a fine tooth comb but they should make a good reference. 1400XL Schematics.pdf
  10. I will update again very soon to reflect some additional information that is in this thread but wasn't in the BOM when I posted (like the modem xformer P/N that worked well and why to never use W4) but there are no errors in the BOM already posted and only three or four items will have additional information added about them. cheers, c Cool. Thanks. I'm gonna put together my parts order and wanted to make sure I got everything. Again, Thanks for your amazing work on this!!!
  11. I've already posted the BOM in this thread. ALL other versions and schematics have errors, mine doesn't. cheers, c I've looked forward from the post where you said you would post it later and couldn't find it. Is it earlier in the thread?? EDIT....Found it earlier in the thread, but, is it the most up to date? It seemed there were other small changes after that was posted.
  12. The BOM on the Atari History Museum's 1450XLD page is the one with errors, correct?? Is there a corrected BOM yet?
  13. Damn!! And I'm flying into San Diego tomorrow to visit the parents!!!
  14. And, if you're going to do that, just get the AtariMax SIO2PC with APE as it does both disk creation from images to floppy or acts as a virtual drive to the Atari.
  15. Your best bet is to get the APE software and an SIO2PC interface. This allows you to load up disk images on a PC and use the PC as a virtual disk drive. I will also allow you to connect, preferably, the 1050 drive to the PC and write the disk images to actual floppies. You can then use the floppies with the drive connected to the Atari. Here is the links to the APE software and SIO2PC interface. Atarimax Universal SIO2PC/ProSystem interface Atari Peripheral Emulator (APE)
  16. I guess I'll come out as the one that got the second to last board. But, I will be building mine out if this project works. I love a challenge!!!! I also purchased the engineering sheets.
  17. Well, I just jumped on the bandwagon!! Just ordered the 1450XLT board and the tech docs. Even if the buildout doesn't work, I figure it is the closest I'll ever come to owning a 1450XLT!!! LOL
  18. If no one has followed the Flashback threads, this may be happening do to the recent pirated Flashback 2 systems that came out of China that were all over the US a few months ago. Atari may be trying to cover themselves, albeit in a half-assed way, from other possible fakes or infringements. Their legal team is probably very 'aware' right now and looking very closely at anything with the Atari name or logo being used on it. And they do own the right to the Atari name and logo. I do agree that the best bet is to do nothing unless there is another letter sent as this will just bring more attention to an already touchy issue with them. It will probably blow over.
  19. Other than the "SIDE" project meaning, is SIDE an acronym for something, like Sparta-IDE?? Also, how long are you accepting submissions??
  20. Count me in for 1, and with a case if available.
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