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  1. Side note..... Went to high school with Mike Keneally, who played with Zappa, Vai, and now on tour with Satriani. Just got to see and chat with him in Reno after about 25+ years, after the Reno NV Satriani show. We were remembering how we use to jam near the parking lot at the school during lunch and piss off all the security because there would be half the school out there watching. LOL Good old days.
  2. I think the point that MG is trying to get across is that the the terms 'socialist' and 'liberal' are not terms that are exclusively 'political', and shouldn't be taken as such, even though society has attached a primarily 'political' meaning to the terms. No different than the term 'gay' meaning 'to be happy' when society, any more, will immediately associate the term with a sexual preference. If you take the politics out of the terms, you have something that means something completely different. Just my $.02 Carry on.............
  3. This looks like it could be the way to tell. I looked at my fake and it too has the bolder, slightly miss-shaped Atari logo. The "R" is the giveaway. The diagonal leg of the R goes farther out beyond the loop of the R compared to the 'ATARI' logo on the box, and the loop in the 'R' is a bit flatter. Also, if you look at the Fuji in the logo, the center leg of the original doesn't flare until near the bottom. The fake flares much higher. I guess we will have to make sure that anyone selling a Flashback online has a good picture of the seal, if intact.
  4. Here is a photo gallery of the fake Flashback. You should be able to see all detail in the board and case. Notice the grid with the connections for adding a cartridge slot, but there are no numbers on the pads on the reverse side.
  5. Here is a PDF of the 3 variations of 320K 130XE upgrades that Ken has posted above, in case you want something you can download. 130XE 320K Memory Upgrades.pdf
  6. Ken, Can you use this same diagram to use a 30 pin SIM in the first bank?? Would you just leave A8 open??
  7. I have call 3 of the Smith stores in the general area here in Carson and all 3 stated they had the Flashbacks. 2 of them are sold out and the third has 2 or 3 left. They have set one aside that I'll be picking up tonight. I did find out that Smith's is a Kroger store, so it goes in line with what BroJamFootball said, that they are probably all being sold out of the Kroger family of stores.
  8. I have 2 systems that I put the Wizztronics upgrade in and they have worked great. They were actually 2 800XL's that had Rambo's installed. I pulled the Rambo's since they can be configed for my 1200XL's and replaced them with the Wizz. The ones I installed were the prebuilt ones though, before Best sold them out. I still have 3 unassembled Wizz kits to use. The good thing is, if you have the board built correctly, you can pretty much use the Rambo installation instruction to install it.
  9. There's a stack of them at a Smith's store here in Carson City NV.
  10. 3 Happy (1 with controller board) 1 SA2 /w Bit Writer Many US Doubler May have others but need to crack them all open to see.
  11. From the Atari Forum Wiki.... TOS 1.4 Most common version of TOS; last version to run on pre-STe machines; most compatible with games. More bug fixes (e.g. archive attribute works); improved hard-disk handling and performance. Faster disk copy; file move function; copy preserves date/time stamps; folder renaming; auto-run of GEM apps at startup; larger screen support; file "fastload" flag for faster startup; improved file selector; DOS-compatible disk format; keyboard reset. AKA "Rainbow TOS" because of animated colour Atari "Fuji" logo in desktop "About" dialog box.
  12. Also, a note on the voting numbers. I, for one, have quite a few 1200XL's and will probably want to get more than 1. So, the vote total may not be representative of how many are actually wanted.
  13. Got mine today!!! Looks great and very professional. Now I have to block off an Atari weekend to do all my new upgrades!!
  14. I posted this in another thread but I'll put it here. This is the one I made for my Skunk case.
  15. It was the battery. I had thought that the battery being bad just made it not keep time. I didn't realize it kept it from being recognized. Sigh of relief!!
  16. LOL!!! Old post but, I am still looking myself.
  17. I have a ICD R-Time 8 that seems to have quit working. The RT8 is not recognized by the system at all. I use it with my SDX cart which usually recognizes it automatically. Battery is good and in a low profile battery clip, which I replaced about 2 years ago. Plus, if it was the battery, it would still be recognized, just with the wrong time. Does anyone have any idea what would cause it to just stop working?? Any help appreciated!!
  18. Make one yourself. I used this to make my own. Works great on a LCD flat panel.
  19. From what I've read here, out of the 100,000 or so that were made, That only about 119 or so 1200XL computers survived to this day, That's a bit sad and so that makes our computers some rare stuff indeed. I think Bob has the other 99,881!!! LOL
  20. Hey!! Who said that??? I don't see anyone here!! Have my Babelfish in ear and pocket fluff in hand!!
  21. No, it's actually the fix for the iPhone4's "Your Hand Shorts The Antenna and Kills Your Phonecall Because You Hold The Phone Like A Normal Person" issue.
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