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  1. LOL!!! A man that never minces words!!
  2. Dumb question.....how the hell do I download a file???
  3. I picked up a case of the Atari Home Computer binders on one of my visits to Best when in San Jose for a Sharks game. Brad is very nice to talk to and has an incredible warehouse full of stuff. Not a good place to go with money in the wallet!!! I didn't know he had the Field Service binders. I'll have to get some of those too.
  4. Got mine today. Great packaging!!! A great addition to my collection. Thanks!!
  5. I hate spare time and being home sick. But, it is to your advantage!!! Attached is an English version of the "ATR Image Size Corrector" from Christian Wyk. I went through with a hex editor and relabeled everything in English. The results dialog window still shows the results in German but all other labels, tabs and options are in English. Enjoy. ATRImageCorrector.zip
  6. The Atari SM-147. I have 3 or 4 of these. They're the ones with the pyramid looking back, if I'm not mistaken.
  7. My first post from my new iPhone 4!!

  8. My first post from my new iPhone 4!!

  9. It is just a case, mock up. There are pictures out there that show the cart slot better and there is nothing there.
  10. I think it's true that in the US we saw the full XEGS. I do know the gun was sold separately to use on existing 8 bit hardware. In Europe and UK, I think these were what was available. It was all separate. ***Notice it is not called the XE Game System And.....Check this out!!! A 65XE based XE Game System. Looks to be Eur/UK also.
  11. Sorry, I meant distributors and retail. I don't think Atari ever used the acronym.
  12. No different than the Nintendo Entertainment System being commonly known as the NES. I think XEGS and XEGM became widely used because it was easier to advertise. By the way, XEGM (XE Game Machine) was for the unit that was sold without the keyboard and gun, for those who don't know. I do agree though, acronyms can sometimes be very annoying.
  13. Pictures I took at the show. Also check out all the pics I took at the show. My CGE2010 Photo gallery
  14. Get a floppy with the hard drive drivers on it and see if you can get it to show up that way. Run the driver software from the disk or boot with the disk in. It could just be the driver on the HDD is corrupt.
  15. I second the Simple Stereo and I/O boards!!!
  16. So, to be clear, we only have to do MOD-1??
  17. Make sure the cable is wired right. I had a monitor cable that was wired for composite luma (video off of pin 1) and, wired that way, will only get B&W. The video cable has to be wired to pin 4 for composite color. I also have a couple of cables that has 4 connections. One of them is made for the Atari 8 bit but the other is for a Commodore, and gives the same results you list.
  18. Atari ST USB Mouse Adapter Just bought one myself.
  19. Here is a gallery of pictures I took from CGE. There are a lot (160). Make sure to sort by date ascending so they are in order taken. CGE 2010 Picture Gallery I also took a couple of videos. One video is a walkthrough of a portion of the museum.
  20. I think the easy explanation is: 320XL: uses a chip capable of 512K total. Only a portion is used in the upgrade. Jumper On: Internal ram not used. All 320K (64K base and 256K extended) is mapped to the 320XL upgrade. Good for bypassing bad internal ram. Jumper Off: Internal ram used as base ram (16K for unmodded 600XL and 64K for 800XL or modded 600XL). 320XL used as extended ram only (using only 256K for extended). This should mean that on a 16K 600XL with the jumper removed, you will have a total of 272K (16K base and 256K ext). I think he is saying that this mode is only there for VBXE systems that need to have the base memory internally active to work. XRAM: XRAM tests extended ram only, so will always show 256K regardless of the jumper setting. Let me know if I'm off on this.
  21. I remember that, even with the AtariMax SIO2PC in 1050/ProSystem mode, you had to have a computer attached and powered on. You would think that the 1050 would power the SIO port. There has to be a mod that can draw the power from another source without having to connect the computer just to transfer disks.
  22. Here is a gallery of pictures I took from CGE. There are a lot. Make sure to sort by date ascending so they are in order taken. CGE 2010 Picture Gallery I also took a couple of videos that I will post on YouTube and share later. One video is a walkthrough of the museum. EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgsdIWqO8ZQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXRQd3E37Dk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLM9aOKF5G4
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