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  1. There was one I bought that has jumpers to set the rom size being used. I'll have to have a look at them again!! LOL
  2. I'm pretty sure I have some blank cart boards I got from B&C that can be used with two 2732 roms. I may try those.
  3. Atari made a ram upgrade board for the 400. I'm sure that's what is installed. I have one in one of my 400's. They are specifically for the 400.
  4. I see a LOT of memory upgrades in my future!!! 200PC "NEW" D41256C-10 256K x 1 100NS DRAM Seller accepted offer of $50!!!
  5. Here are a couple of photos of the front and back of the 1450XL board. The attached ZIP file has the full res shots. When I uploaded to the gallery, it reduced the resolution, although you can still see the details if you view the large version. Hopefully this will help when trying to diagnose a board with the parts in place. 1450XL Board Hi Res.zip
  6. Guitarman

    1450XL Build

    Photo Journal of my 1450XL board build.
  7. From the album: 1450XL Build

    HiRes picture of the 1450XL mainboard front.
  8. From the album: 1450XL Build

    HiRes picture of the 1450XL mainboard back.
  9. Not eBay but, finally sent for and received all my parts to build my 1450XL!!!
  10. No, don't have one of those either!!! Wouldn't mind finding 1 ea of the PCx, ABC and Transputer line. Wow!! Total thread derail!! Sorry....
  11. The ABC PC....still looking for one of those!!! Just about the only thing NOT in my sig. LOL
  12. I just ordered one of those Hd9800 doublers. I'll have to experiment a bit!!!
  13. It looks like in the menu, there is an option to select auto scan for the input. have you tried that. You would have to select it after changing to HiRes and the screen is rolling. It may sense the input signal and set it properly.
  14. Are you selecting the hi res setting on the ST without changing anything on the doubler?? The HD9800 should have a bypass mode so that it is just passing the signal through without modification. That is probably what you would need to use when switching to hi res so it's not trying to modify the signal. Then take it out of bypass mode when you want to switch back to low/med. Also, remember there is a switch on the Best cable that needs to be changed to use it for color or hi res, not that you didn't remember but just covering all bases.
  15. LOL. I meant MultiCart. I think something like the SIDE2 would be the best option since you can load it up on the PC. SIO2SD is great for disk images (I have the SDriveNuxx) but not cart roms. And, although I love my SIO2PC and APE, having to load up APE, connect the computer to the PC, load disk images, etc. can be to time consuming and location restrictive to sit down and have some fun playing a few games, as opposed to slapping in a SIDE2 cart and letting 'er rip!! Again, though, I would buy a handful of real game carts and see if you like the experience before dropping money on any mass storage option.
  16. Have you tried using the Best cable to the HD9800?? In theory, with the scan doubler on, you should get the low and mid color resolutions, and if the doubler has a bypass setting, the ST should sense the high res signal. There should be no reason that you can't get all three with the one cable. Again, this is in theory.
  17. Being a noob, here are the basics: Power Supply Monitor Cable Joystick Before getting all the new fancy stuff (SIO2PC, SDDrive, RamCarts, etc...) get a couple of game cartridges that you think you'll like and give it a shot. If so, You're best bet, if just wanting to game, is one of the RamCarts that are available. This allows you to store cartridge ROM images and play pretty much anything you want. Some of them will also play the disk images that are available. So, with one device, you have practically that whole Atari 8 bit library at your fingertips.
  18. Yes. The Ultimate1MB would be the choice to get a selection of OS's plus a plethora of other upgrades in one device.
  19. If you are looking at wanting the most compatible functionality with the computer you got, look at the 32in1 OS upgrade from AtariMax. It enables you to switch the OS of the computer to whatever you want, including the 800 OS for those games/programs that don't play well with the XL/XE OS. There are also other available upgrades/mods that give you multiple OS options for the XE. Any of them are a better option than having to use a translator disk plus you get other enhancements!! APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 Switchless Upgrade for XL/XE Computers
  20. This is the hardware I got. It is housed in an 850 shell. You will want to get the joystick port cables (get 4). The power passthrough comes with it. You use a 800 power supply (or equivalent) to power it. If you have this, you do not need the 1200XL test board as this one will test them all. Make sure you get this diag cart 600XL/800XL/400/800/1200XL/XE Super SALT Universal NTSC Diagnostic Cartridge FD100335 $30.00
  21. Will do. I will also be snapping pics throughout the build.
  22. In the 1450XL, there was one 2732 that was programmed with handler code (U6)( 4K*8 ) and isn't a normal masked rom. The parts list calls out a 27128 and a 2764 chip but these are the OS and Basic roms, which I have the Atari parts for.
  23. Well, got all my parts so ready to dig in. Still have to pull a handful of things from a 600XL and 1200XL board, but 98% of the parts are new from DigiKey, Mouser and Best. I got the modem, speech, SY6551 and GAL16V8 chips from eBay. I wrote the JED file for U11 (Pal-C) to a GAL and got the other two PALs from Best. I had some 2732 EPROMs so I erased one and wrote that one also. Getting excited!!!
  24. Last upgrade completed!! I burned TOS 2.06 to a set of 29C010's, installed and presto!! It is amazingly nice using 29C010's instead of 27C010's. They erase in my programmer in about 5 seconds!!! I burned 2 sets just in case my other MegaSTe is 2.05. I'll have to break out my normal STe's and see what's in them. Also got my UltraSatan connected and did a backup of the drive. I created 10 80mb partitions on a 2gb SD card. Each partition will be a backup from my various HDD's. Also ordered the keyboard mylar. That, I will just put away for if/when the current one flakes out again.
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