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  1. That's the way I'd go about it for general use. Then, if I had a preferred 800XL, I'd add the ribbon to that one. Best of both worlds!! So far, I too have only used my IDE Plus 2.0 on a 130XE, but since I am going to create one SD card or partition for hardware testing purposes, I'll be using the cartridge pluggable option.
  2. Also, you may just try reading the disk on the PC. If you can see the contents, try just copying it to a folder since the disk probably isn't a startup disk and just support and driver files. Then you can just ZIP the files together and post.
  3. I haven't received it yet but will check when it gets here. That would be a nice extra, if so. I have one mint boxed 400 that I installed the Atari 48k upgrade in.
  4. Yes, that's it. Here is a link to FloImg. You can use it to create disk images from ST disks and vice versa. http://atari.8bitchip.info/floimgd.php
  5. For reference, here is the Magnavox Color Monitor 80 in the lighter color.
  6. Just got this on eBay, $25+shipping. Looks a little ratty but I got it mainly for the keyboard. If it cleans up nice, great. If not, I have a few nice condition 400s to put the keyboard on!!
  7. I have 5 in the garage. I'll have to find which box they're in. If you need ROM versions, I can try and find them and copy the ROMs for you.
  8. Another good match is this one by Magnavox, the Color Monitor 40. Most had a light tan trim but there were some that had an XL matching dark brown trim.
  9. The ribbon on the 600XL can usually be brought back to life with some alcohol and an eraser. Use the eraser to clean the contact ends on the ribbon and then wipe with alcohol to get rid of any residue. This has worked well for me with the 600XL/800XL keyboard ribbons.
  10. On the preorder page, it seems the only difference in the XL version and XE/XEGS version is an adapter board. The VBXE 2.1 is the same for both, correct?? If so, is there an option to buy 1 board with both adapters??
  11. Not fake, just less available and more desirable to have than other Atari drives. The XF551 was the last of the Atari drives released for the 8bit so the production run was much less than the 1050 or the 810. Plus it is the only DS/DD drive Atari made for the 8bit. If possible, I'd try to find one on that side of the pond since, between the going price and shipping from the U.S., it will be fairly pricey. Oh, just accepted your friend request on Facebook!
  12. When I was there in 2009, Brad was nice enough to show me around. It is actually well organized inside the warehouses. He has other warehouses nearby that house the rest of the inventory. He also showed me some arcade machines he was restoring. He was very nice and accommodating during my visit. Outside of my purchase, we spent about an hour talking and looking through things.
  13. Here are panoramics of both building, stitched from multiple shots, when I drove through in Oct. 2009. Corner shot 1196 Corner shot 1285 1196 from 1285 1285 from 1196 The corner sign for 1196 1196 Lobby 1285 Lobby
  14. LOL!! My old neck of the woods. I never went to that store but there was another Atari dealer about 2 miles from that one called Warners Computers. It's where I got my first used 1200XL in the box for cheap back in about '85, amongst tons of other Atari hardware and software. I still have most the hardware I bought there. Pretty cool how something originally from San Diego has made it to Germany!!
  15. I stopped and met Bob a couple years back when I was in SJ for a Sharks game. He and his wife were very nice. I, too, got a tour of the 'man-cave' and was blown away with history of hardware and software he has there. I was only able to stay about an hour but would surely like to visit again the next time I'm there. Truly a legend in Atari but also a truly nice and fun person to 'hang' with.
  16. I may be interested if it isn't claimed. I have to look at which ones I need but I think I do need BearJam.
  17. I remember there being a way to use the Marstek hand scanner with the ST line but I don't recall any use on an 8bit.
  18. It originally came with the Atari Artist cartridge. If I recall though, RAMbrandt was the top preferred of Atari 8bit graphics apps. Blazing Paddles and The Print Shop also used the tablet. I always preferred the Atari Tablet over the KoalaPad.
  19. Damn!!!!! An Atari party sorta close to me (Carson City NV) that I could make it to and my band plays that night. Just my luck!!
  20. I'm not sure. I may have!! LOL I just realized that the hardware I bought back in '09 (MagicSac, Spectre GCR) had the manual to the Translator One in the lot (but not the device)!!! Now I have both. LOL
  21. I have access to a wide range. He does have a lot of the early 800K Macs and disks. Some of the Macs he has are the ones that were fabricated with the signatures on the inside of the case. I, myself, have a fully functional Lisa 2 with ProFile drives. One of the jewels in my collection.
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