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  1. It looks like there were 2 versions of the pill. One with a switch and one without. I have 2. One is in a cart case and has a switch and label and the other is a bare board without a switch. Both are from CSS
  2. I also have a 520STfm that has a single side drive, so they are out there. You should be able the take the drive model and search the internet for it's specs. That will tell you if it is a single or double sided drive. The reason for the boot delay is that the computer is looking for a bootable disk before releasing the system to the TOS desktop. If I'm not mistaken, in later TOS versions (1.4 Rainbow), this transition is faster. Also, TOS 1.0 or 1.2 were less IBM disk friendly when trying to format a compatable disk on the Atari. TOS 1.4 fixed that. I'm pretty sure the 520STfm was still TOS 1.0 stock.
  3. Here is a picture of my SIO2SD3 with the supplied display. The display doesn't look like it would fit in the enclosure. It's much longer than the others I've seen posted here that fit nicely over the board.
  4. Got mine today. I was going to order the case but it looks like the display for mine is longer than the ones in the posted pictures. So I doubt the case would fit.
  5. Was wondering if the box was available for this yet??
  6. I got mine while I was in San Diego. Opened it when I got back Wednesday night. Now I need to get a CF card formatted and set it up. Woohoo!!
  7. Do you need some proms erased?? I am going to be in San Diego this weekend. If you need some erased, I can bring my eraser down.
  8. Hey Albert. I recently noticed that in the forums, threads that I have posted to in the past, do not have any sort of icon showing a past posting to that thread, like it has in the past. Is that a bug or a feature that is no longer available?? Thanks!! EDIT!!!!!!! Never mind. LOL I found your other post.
  9. If the game is ported accurately, once you hit around the 15K mark it will be nearly impossible to control the ship properly to even have a chance at breaking 20K. I actually worked at Cinematronics during the Star Castles and RipOff production era. What a fun place to work at that time!! I'd love to see a Star Castles port. I'd be the first on the list to get that one!! ....back on track!!
  10. May be the PSU. Try a different one, if available, and see if you get the same results. If you have the following PSU (Ingot), it could be bad. They are notorious for frying the computer. Any of these others are usually good.
  11. Without the SIDE plugged in, go to the 32in1 menu and change it to either the 1200XL OS or one of the standard XL OS selections. Then try it.
  12. Also, is the APE Warp+ OS you have a stand alone OS chip or is it in the 32in1 upgrade??
  13. Hmmm... I not touching THIS thread!!! LOL
  14. I'm not talking about the Happy upgrade. It was the optional Happy controller that you could install that has a speed control switch and a write protect selector switch with an activity light. Here is the drive I have with the controller board in it.
  15. There are many "Happy" upgrade clones around. It would be nice if someone could rebuild the Happy controller board. It is a great addition to the Happy upgrade, but I have rarely seen them. I was lucky to get a Happy 1050 with the controller board in one of the collections I got. It is now my primary drive for imaging disks.
  16. The site has been remapped since the original post. Here is the new link to the memory upgrades page http://atari.a8maestro.com/info/8ball/ballhc.htm
  17. I didn't even realize they had removed this. I rarely used the feature, but sucks that they removed things like this. I'll have to see if anyone has complained about this on Invision's forum, and if there's a possible solution (will probably require a third-party mod to bring this back). ..Al Yeah!!!!!! They're back now. LOL. Thank you!!
  18. Hey Al, sorry if this has been asked. In the old forum title list, there used to be a paperclip that would show all that thread's attachements. Is that coming back??
  19. What about talking to Atarimania and having them placed as an image along with it's entry on their site?? Would seem logical to keep it all together.
  20. Oki, NEC and KM numbered dram were good as well. I have used them in many upgrades with no issues.
  21. Dkerfoot, I don't see any reason why a 1200XL shouldn't be upgraded with at least the 600XL/800XL OS and built-in Basic C. It really is the best way to go IMHO and gives you all the ability of the 800XL with the killer case and keyboard. Putting in a 32in1 is a nice extra but not completely nessesary. I have a one 1200XL I did with just the XL OS and Basic mod and another that I did the 32in1 and Basic. Both work great with the SDriveNuxx or SIO2PC. Only other mod to do after that is a PBI and, if he still has some, MetalGuy66 made a great PBI mod that plugs into the cartridge slot.
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