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  1. So, the release of "Adventure at lake Santeetlah" got me thinking about various adventures for the TI-99. As far as I can remember, Azgard Software released a variety of adventures for the TI, some of which (maybe all of them?) used the classic TI-99 Adventure module. I've looked everywhere online to find digital copies of these games. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  2. It's very cool. Have you considered uploading it to the IF archive once any egregious bugs are squashed? I also think the folks over at the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (www.solutionarchive.com) would be interested in playing it, and they may even add it to their database of over 100 classic adventure games.
  3. You could always use ScottCom, which is available for Windows and Unix. It's the Text-Comp Adventure Editor of the 21st century, and it outputs directly to TI-99 tape images. The only downside is that it can't output trs-80 format datafiles (which can be played by ScottFree).
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