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  1. Thanks gents. There's an interesting 8-bit game called Atom Smasher (not like the 2600), concept is cool. I haven't seen a 2600 version of it. Now that I think about it, I might be able to take asteroids as a base and start gutting it. But even then, it's going to be massive.
  2. Been reading up the Atari 8-bit a little. I see a lot of games have been ported up to the 8-bit, just curious if its possible to port 8-bit games to the 2600. Looking at things, my gut says maybe but extremely difficult (almost like a rewrite). But curious for the expert opinions here.
  3. Version 20 update. Fixed some routines based on the suggestion above. Fixed the smart bomb use. v20.bin
  4. My apologies. So you basically, you attached the bin files with a fix. So, I used distella to extract and diff against my code to see where you made the changes. Those were the lines that distella output for sections that you changed. My label names have no all been cleaned up for sure. As I have added a removed lots of code, I haven't rampantly changed the labels to match up with the actual addresses yet. I was going to clean this up when I finally stopped coding. I think I get what is going on here vs what distella output, and only the absolute store to PF2 I think I confused something else you recommended earlier as well. So I maintained my loss of cycle here. Yes, the trails of objects are gone in the city, but I am still seeing the humans migrate around their locations corresponding to a building. On a side note, I did fix the smart bombs as well.
  5. I've got nothing to hide in the source. This is kind of a group effort at this point. Here's the code. I am working on the smartbomb routine now, so bombs may not be 100% in this. bank0.asm bank1.asm
  6. For the smart bomb fix, I think I can use a pseudo fire button debounce from the value setup in 0xAC. When the bomb goes off, it sets up a countdown in this value. As long as this is non-zero, I should be able to use it to block another bomb from firing.
  7. I get what you're saying. Essentially in your routine you have edited lines LF402 to LF407 for kicking off the City Kernel. And it loads the current city position into index X before jumping into the kernel. And the city kernel is updated. I can say, every time I add in this code, the people on the group start having trails. So, either there's another piece I'm missing or this doesn't work in my source. I'm going to jump over to the smart bomb problem in the meantime. v19_hmove fix attempt.bin
  8. I'm going to be honest, disassembling this, I do not understand the line in your routine that is: BEQ LFFE9 where LFFE9 is LFFE9 = $FFE9 But FFE9 looks like its in between instructions.....
  9. v19 release candidate. Adjusted some sounds (enemy shots and person abduction). Made some adjustments we talked about above. Things look better. v19.bin
  10. Yeah it looks like it. That ay be a victim of an unlocked computer + kids 😕 thanks. Back to final testing.
  11. Well pretty quick I've found another radar bug when a lander picks up a person it starts messing up. So will have to sort that now the fun never stops!
  12. The last version of the game (I guess is v18). Testing now but thing this may be close to being the last spin. v18.bin
  13. I think I was off by a cycle somehow (too short) before the branch and throwing off the rest of the loop while decrementing Y.
  14. Well, I am almost done. I decided to keep with the simple city. I had to scale back what I Was doing on the radar to maintain the scanline behavior. But now I have another Y index glitch in the city kernel (my code with your change from 7/23). Seems that making the radar work on the proper scanlines has screwed up the solution you came up with for the Index Y checks. Now I either crash when planet is destroyed or have trails on the people waiting to be abducted.
  15. So I've been doing some comparisons. Radar: Stargate: Scanline 61 to 77 Defender Arcade: 61 to 77 Your build: 61 to 79 Your build of my defender city: 60 to 78 (though I know the problem here on why it starts too early) My port without your radar code: 61 to 79 My port with you radar code include: 61 to 79 So, I think somewhere, I am 2 scanlines too long, so I'm trying to figure that out now. Also, do you know which part of the code launches the baiters when the wave takes too long?
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