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  1. 3. Which languages do you program in (click all that apply) None
  2. http://ftp.whtech.com/user groups/Lehigh/ if that is the group you're looking for
  3. Various sizes of floppy disks are on there, some reasonable and 1 not so. Also a 4/A and some carts in a flip top case. Search for Texas Instrument w/o the S.
  4. she's right..... Darrly David Dhein is 83 and probably still alive. Don't know about his health. He opened the store in 1974 per an article in the local newspaper. Dec 2013 there are 2 ads for Corn Belt Auctions for the entire store. The TI stuff looked to be a drop in a bucket in the listing. And 'A Ace Computer' is/was also a Dhein business in Waterloo.
  5. http://ftp.whtech.com/emulators/pc99/pc99 dsk collection/TISoftwareLibrary/BBS Software/Scott Darling/ has some assembly code for TE2 checking, but limited to changing screen color only. You will also find CARDET code in there as well. Since pin 8 of modems was DCD output and the TI RS232 pin 8 was output. He used TI RS232 pin19 wired to Pin 8 of the modem..... it worked as I ran that software back then.
  6. Well.... here's an old photo.... Circa 1985 thereabouts....
  7. Back in 1990 I was a Business Telco installer. I had an order at a local "Alternative" school and had to goto the basement. I passed by several class rooms and glanced at one and did a double take. In that room were 20 or so CDC 4A's with PEB's. On the way out I stopped and talked to the teacher. His only complaint was the students were not gentle on the floppys and of course he couldn't make copies. I couldn't help as I no longer had a 4A. Several years later I stopped by and asked about the 4A's and of course they did not know what happened to them. Probably made it to a landfill.....
  8. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/280178-rich-polivka/ do you know where he lives?
  9. http://www.frontx.com/ is a company that makes various types of ports for internal and external configurations. The USB ports are mounted on a small piece of plastic and using the internal connector you might be able to use them.
  10. Noticed this one today https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/7082975 Munchman, Adventure and Miner 2049. Auction starts at $29.99 but 1 cent shipping. There are 3 4/A's up there as well. 2 with IOB and the beige one doesn't look like it was dragged down a dirt road.
  11. https://www.livingcomputers.org/ Is in Seattle and has a 4A console that can be played with. Its been several years since I was there last, so who knows what is there now. https://opac.libraryworld.com/opac/home.php is a search engine. '99/4A' gets 45 hits, 'Texas Instruments' gets lots of hits. I especially like this one: How to build your own working 16-bit microcomputer / (Book) Library of Congress Call No : TK9969 .T7 1979 Main Entry-Personal Name : Tracton, Ken Title Statement : How to build your own working 16-bit microcomputer / Ken Tracton , 1979. Publication Distribution Data : Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. : Tab Books, Inc. , 1979. Physical Description : 95 p.: ill ; 8.25 in. Summary Note : Manual for using the Texas Instruments 9900 CPU single-chip processor to build a "super powerful" microcomputer. Subject-Topical Term : Microcomputers Subject-Topical Term : Modems Index Term-Genre/Form : Books 844 : Documentation
  12. I'm running Win10 pro x64.... renamed k2.dsk to !k2.dsk, copied it my NAS and TIDIR opened it with no problem.
  13. I've never tried to do this on my QNAP NAS...... So I did, I copied a .dsk file to a folder and TIDIR version 6.4a opened it without a squawk. I have an old WDCLOUD and 3 other desktops on my network TIDIR opened a .dsk file on them as well. NOW, I have my NAS setup as JBOD..... cuz I was too lazy to decide what RAID level I wanted to install. AND I do not have remote access turned on either. Have you tried mapping a network drive to that folder? That's about all I know about a NAS....
  14. ya mean like this one..... http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/usb/usb.html
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