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  1. Noticed this one today https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/7082975 Munchman, Adventure and Miner 2049. Auction starts at $29.99 but 1 cent shipping. There are 3 4/A's up there as well. 2 with IOB and the beige one doesn't look like it was dragged down a dirt road.
  2. https://www.livingcomputers.org/ Is in Seattle and has a 4A console that can be played with. Its been several years since I was there last, so who knows what is there now. https://opac.libraryworld.com/opac/home.php is a search engine. '99/4A' gets 45 hits, 'Texas Instruments' gets lots of hits. I especially like this one: How to build your own working 16-bit microcomputer / (Book) Library of Congress Call No : TK9969 .T7 1979 Main Entry-Personal Name : Tracton, Ken Title Statement : How to build your own working 16-bit microcomputer / Ken Tracton , 1979. Publication Distribution Data : Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. : Tab Books, Inc. , 1979. Physical Description : 95 p.: ill ; 8.25 in. Summary Note : Manual for using the Texas Instruments 9900 CPU single-chip processor to build a "super powerful" microcomputer. Subject-Topical Term : Microcomputers Subject-Topical Term : Modems Index Term-Genre/Form : Books 844 : Documentation
  3. I'm running Win10 pro x64.... renamed k2.dsk to !k2.dsk, copied it my NAS and TIDIR opened it with no problem.
  4. I've never tried to do this on my QNAP NAS...... So I did, I copied a .dsk file to a folder and TIDIR version 6.4a opened it without a squawk. I have an old WDCLOUD and 3 other desktops on my network TIDIR opened a .dsk file on them as well. NOW, I have my NAS setup as JBOD..... cuz I was too lazy to decide what RAID level I wanted to install. AND I do not have remote access turned on either. Have you tried mapping a network drive to that folder? That's about all I know about a NAS....
  5. ya mean like this one..... http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/usb/usb.html
  6. I've never heard of what you are talking about, a USB bridge of sorts.... You might be thinking of this company that is long gone: Cecure Electronics Inc. c/o Don Walden, P.O. Box 132, Muskego, WI 53150, for orders/sales write to P.O. Box 2, Muskego, WI 53150-0002, 1-800-959-9640 (ORDERS ONLY 9AM - 5PM M-F), (414) 422-1010, BBS (414) 422-9669, TECH Line (414) 422-994A, FAX (414) 422-9889 (Texas Instruments TI99, CC40 and Myarc Authorized Repair Centers, sales of MBP, MBPII Clock and ADC cards as well as SNUG products from Germany including HSGPL, HSGPLII, EVPC 80 column card and SGCPU cards...)
  7. Guess I can't delete a message
  8. M=meg m=milli either way we know what he was driving at....
  9. Now this would compliment your 4A collection.... Colorado Springs, CO local pickup only.... https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/66510905
  10. For all of you hoarders er collectors.... https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/65649524 A FULL 4A with what appears a FULL? PEB (can't see the front so who knows if it has a floppy drive or two), a few carts and a mystery item.... 49 lbs shipped. located in Tucson, AZ.
  11. I have an Antec 700W and it states it has 4 +12V 30A rails, 1 +5V 18A and 1 -12V rail. I looked at a Thermaltake 1500W and it has 1 +12V rail at 150A. Guess it all depends on what brand and wattage you have and how much you need in the PEB.
  12. On shopgoodwill today are 3 basic black and silver 4/A's with extras (no PEB) of carts and a joystick and a Speak & Math, a Speak & Spell, and a Speak & Read. And about 100 calculators of various models. Shipping is usually cheaper than Fleabay. just sayin'
  13. http://www.ti99-geek.nl/ Fred Kaal's site has a 64a version: v6.4a Added: viewer.cpp: Shift-f3 for opening a DIS/FIX 128 file in the viewer containing FORTH screens/blocks. When F3 is used and it is a DIS/FIX 128 file and the first three blocks of 1024 bytes are all printable characters and it contains at least one : ; combination it is assumed to be a FORTH screens/blocks file. (maybe a bit to simple like this) Lots of good stuff to peruse on his site....
  14. The only problem with The Orphan Chronicles is it was written in 1985. I'm sure there is a lot of history past that year. I've used https://www.worldcat.org/for genealogy over the years as it provides a worldwide location service for various types of physical media. I've used it mostly for books. So, I plugged in The Orphan Chronicles and I got a hit at Held formats Distance 1. Queensborough Community College Library Bayside, NY 11364 United States Book 2100 miles Map It Library info Add to favorites When I scrolled down the screen I saw this Related Subjects:(2) TI 99/4A (Computer) Texas Instruments Incorporated. Clicking on the first link brought up a list of 132 items. Scrolling through the list I saw several titles I had never heard of. All of them were in the 1979-1985 time frame so they may not be very useful for a TI History. If you have a local library card and the library participates in the lending program. The OCLC number is used to move items between library's. FWIW it was an interesting read.
  15. Good Luck on finding a balun locally..... As far as the input setting on the TV it probably says Antenna, Cable, or TV, etc. On the Modulator set that to modulator and the channel to 3 or 4. You'll also have to set the TV to channel to 3 or 4. If you already knew this... just thought I'd cover it anyway.
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