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  1. A great idea with excellent implementation! This really puts a new coat of paint on some of the classics. I’d love to see Missile Command and Berzerk get this treatment. Thanks! (The earliest menu I am aware of on the 2600 was Commie Mutants)
  2. When did "joy" sticks become "fighting" sticks? 

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    2. Austin


      @GoldLeader - The Dreamcast fighting sticks don't "only" work with fighting games. They work with anything that uses the d-pad, which is a wide variety of games. Blame developers for not incorporating d-pad support into all of their games.

    3. Flojomojo


      I thought "joystick" was a fighter pilot word, co-opted by video games in the Atari era. "Fighting Stick" seems more appropriate for an 8-way digital controller, while "joystick" seems like it should be reserved for a big handheld analog controller. 


      Guess at first usage: HORI Fighting Stick. What did I win?

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      When did UFOs become AATs? Advanced Aerospace Threats? I never once had a UFO drop a cow on me or shoot laser beams at my ass.

  3. My local Dollar General Market grocery. 180 River Place Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101 Ron
  4. Mine did NOT come with an hdmi cable. I bought a second unit a week after the first. (already marked down) After reading your post I opened it and my second unit has the same info sticker as yours and the sd option functions. Here is the sd card I am using. (Gamestop) I formatted it to fat32 using my windows 7 x64 machine. I have had better luck with the older (smaller capacity) cards, 8 gb and smaller.
  5. I saw one this past week at a reasonable price. (40usd) However I only picked up last years model about two weeks ago. Would be interested to know if the specs have changed or is it just a larger screen and cosmetics.
  6. I can confirm the paddles DO work. Tried my vintage paddles as well as the paddles from my FB7. I did have to plug the joystick into the right port to navigate the menu.
  7. The sd card option worked straight out of the box on my unit. I took the card out of last years model, plugged it in and was good to go. (Much to my surprise!)
  8. Here are a few pics of the inside of the FBX and of the outside for size comparison. I love the smaller footprint. The update installed without a problem. Everything that ran on the FB9 appears to run on the FBX. (Plus paddle games!) Wish List for next year: Power indicator light (Hey, the 2600jr had one) Color/BW switch (So it is possible to turn the shields OFF in Phaser Patrol) A newer version of Stella Ron
  9. Flashback update. My grocery marked the FBX and the new Legends down, so I picked up another of each. Also my local Walmart marked down last years models to $21. Great deals!
  10. My first 64 lasted one week. The warranty replacement lasted 3 days. My 3rd 64 ran for the next 25 years (and may still be running, as I traded it in the late 90s). This was common BITD. A local electronics dealer simply stopped carrying C64s altogether.
  11. The "Y" button brings up a virtual keypad. The "B" button selects.
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