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  1. Flashback update. My grocery marked the FBX and the new Legends down, so I picked up another of each. Also my local Walmart marked down last years models to $21. Great deals!
  2. My first 64 lasted one week. The warranty replacement lasted 3 days. My 3rd 64 ran for the next 25 years (and may still be running, as I traded it in the late 90s). This was common BITD. A local electronics dealer simply stopped carrying C64s altogether.
  3. The "Y" button brings up a virtual keypad. The "B" button selects.
  4. I haven’t had adequate time to fully explore either of the new flashbacks, but here are some observations. FBX This thing is darn cute! Vintage paddles work (as well as my FB7 paddles) Here is a pic of the menu. Hold game select and game reset down when booting up. Press game select and game reset to start the paddle test. FB_Legends Great game lineup! SD card option for adding games straight out of the box! Ron
  5. This is a quick video of the new Legends FB. Great game selection! Legends_Flashback.MPG
  6. Sorry for the fuzzy pics. Here are the game lists. Original paddles do work on the FBX although you need a joystick plugged into the right player jack to choose games. If you press game select and game reset when powering up you get a "test" menu. Ron
  7. OK, I couldn't wait. I picked up both tonight. My wife and daughter have already taken over the Legends FB and are playing Super Starwars. I put my sd card in from last years model and EVERYTHING works. The FBX is a cute little beast. NO sd card slot NO usb slot. The switches feel solid. Rear 9 pin controller inputs in the correct orientation. I have not turned it on yet. Ron
  8. My wife just showed me a pic of the new Flashback X and the new Legends Flashback. They were just put out today at out local Houchins IGA grocery. I'm tempted to pick up both tomorrow. Does anyone have any info? Ron
  9. It doesn’t seem to matter how many games I place in the GAME folder. I keep going back to my favorites, which can involve a LOT of scrolling. (As others have mentioned) After playing around with several numbering/naming schemes, this appears to be the simplest solution. (For me anyway) Anything with a number in front can be sorted to the front of the list with drivesort. If a number (such as 1_) is placed in front of my top 10 favorite games they will appear on screen 1. (In alphabetical order) (2_ for screen 2 etc.) If there are several hundred games in the folder I number COPIES of the roms. This way if anything falls out of heavy rotation it can just be deleted and the original rom is still there. Hope this helps someone! Ron
  10. Forgot to come back and thank everyone for indulging my curiosity. I guess I was feeling a bit like Emily Latella (never mind). I just want to promise everyone this will NOT be my last silly question. Thanks, Ron
  11. Great day today. Became a subscriber this morning. Picked up an Asteroids Arcade 1UP at my local Wally World this afternoon on closeout ($75). I did purchase the extended warranty.

    1. Wally1


      what's a '1up'?  Congratulations.


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      Thank you for subscribing, that is a big help!

    3. original_gamer


      You're welcome Albert.



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