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  1. Great day today. Became a subscriber this morning. Picked up an Asteroids Arcade 1UP at my local Wally World this afternoon on closeout ($75). I did purchase the extended warranty.

    1. Wally1


      what's a '1up'?  Congratulations.


    2. Albert


      Thank you for subscribing, that is a big help!

    3. original_gamer


      You're welcome Albert.



  2. This was in the box when I purchased my new (90’s) 7800. I can’t believe the average end user was supposed to install this. I tossed it back in the box and never had a problem with my 7800 so it was never opened. My Supercharger works fine as well as every 2600 and 7800 cart that I have tried. Some of the Imagic carts are VERY tight but will go. Any information will be appreciated. This little mystery has bugged me for quite some time. Thanks Ron
  3. On this date in 1971 I watched the last episode of Dark Shadows.

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    2. thanatos


      Not born. Also don't feel old for once! :)

    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      Received a Drumkit for Christmas (not just a drum, the whole setup of a real kit), learned to play, founded High Voltage (band) in late 75

    4. retrorussell


      On this day in 1971 I was in my mom's uterus.

  4. I found this controller on eBay retrogameboyz recently while searching for a controller to play asteroids type games on my 2600. It has a fire button and a second button for “joystick up” (thrust on asteroids). I tried it on my FB9 and discovered pressing “up” and “down” simultaneously gets me back to menu. Pressing “left” and “right” simultaneously gets rewind. This is a great controller for asteroids, galaxian, atlantis, frogger type games. Not so great for pac-man. I have been using my suncom slikstick for pac-man. Press joystick down and select on fb9 console to get back to menu. This works most of the time. When this doesn’t work you have to Atari Like Its 1979 and turn the console off and on to choose another game. Both of my wico command control sticks work fine on the fb9 also. Retrogameboyz also make a controller for the 7800 with both fire buttons I may try next.
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