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  1. You may say I'm a gamer, but I'm not the only one.

  2. The Flashback X is back in stock on the AT Games site. https://www.atgames.us/collections/consoles-portable/products/atari-flashback-x
  3. I wrote about a dozen super simple games for the 64 during the mid eighties. This is one of them. It can also be played on the c64 mini. Madhouse.t64
  4. Pac-Attack I'd like to share my Pac-Man 40th anniversary theme along with my current FB9 setup. Thanks Brad and Draxxon for all your work! Happy Holidays! Pac-Attack.zip
  5. Another Aardvark Adventure, DEATHSHIP 64. I couldn't locate the instructions for this one. There is a map and solution available online. Deathship 64.t64
  6. NASA announced this week a plan to send a woman to the moon.  They gave no credit to or even mentioned Ralph Kramden the man with the original idea.

    1. sramirez2008


      Ha! That's priceless.

    2. pacman000


      One of these days...One of these days! Bang! Zoom!

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      HAH good one, grew up on Honeymooners reruns! FYI stealing your comment for FACEBOOK, hope you don't mind..........

  7. I located the backups for the manual and other materials and re-scanned everything! It is now a pdf with MUCH clearer scans. Also, please accept the protection of my two most powerful characters (located in the pdf) while you build your own characters experience. This great game is best enjoyed with 4 REAL players (and players choice of adult beverage). Dungeons of Death.7z Dungeons of Death.pdf
  8. I had absolutely no success making a wav file and running it through audiotap, even though I have a small home recording studio. I finally used wav-prg 4.2.1 with these settings: I used a simple stereo to stereo cable , with one end plugged into the line-in on a Win7 pc and the other end in the headphone out jack on a jvc tdw309 cassette deck. The line=out on the jvc didn't have enough signal. (I also tried two other tape decks before the jvc worked) I adjusted the line-in on the pc to max under control panel sound / record. hope this helps!
  9. Enjoy! After several attempts (with 3 different tape decks) I can play Dungeons of Death on the C64mini ! The player codes for all my old characters loaded with no problems. Ron DOD.7z
  10. I believe the loading instructions and the Aardvark Adventures page are both generic.
  11. Here are scans of all the printed material I received, there was no box. I'll convert to wav and see what happens. Thanks for the info! DOD_scans.7z
  12. Ahoy!! (couldn't resist!) I found a box of 64 stuff I had forgotten about in a closet, despite letting my c64 collection go back in the 90's. The only info on the web says this game doesn't exist. I remember ordering DOD from a magazine ad and that it arrived with no box. So, my question, is this as rare as it appears? And, can I play this on my C64mini? (the vic20 version is on preorder) TIA Ron
  13. Here are some of my favorite shoot 'em ups. Wizard of Wor Gorf Scramble Gauntlet Defender Platoon Berzerk_Redux Chopper Command
  14. Thanks for making this available. I received mine over the weekend. I've tried it with a supercharger, uno and harmony carts as well as several activision games. Flawless!!
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