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  1. Are there any news of the controller? Maybe an expected release date?
  2. Bomberman93


    How to complete the pre-order? Did you sent an e-mail for the order details? In that case I'm out 😢
  3. Bomberman93


    And how do I come to know If I'm in or not? Ordered Bosconian and Xyzolog and made direct a down paymant via paypal. But just on the 6th. Does it mean, that I have wait for the next run of cartridges?
  4. Same issue here with my Phoenix. I tried several TVs with different CV cores. All I can say for the moment, is that I found some TVs running with CV core 6 but no TV running with CV core 7. I also bought some adapters (HDMI edid feeder, scart converter,...) without succes. But I like the phoenix and will support it as good as I can.
  5. Does anyone knows the value of the variable resistor? I have to replace this faulty piece cause of some colour issues.
  6. I played the game today the first time and figuerd out, when I use the controller of port 1, the player 2 is moving. And vice versa. Played with a french CV, didn't checked with the Phoenix yet. Can anyone confirm this "bug"?
  7. These are German guys. I don't know Marc Oberhauser, I had an other contact. Their addresses are retro-modding.de or 0711spiele.de, but only via Facebook. Very ambitious, they found out how to mod my french CV to use 1st run SGM. They also made the cheap conversion of the NES Advantage controller for the CV with keypad.
  8. I'm not sure, if every club member is a forum member too. So it's hard to get a 100% result.
  9. I received an e-mail yesterday at night. And today, at 8:30 am, I had a chance to order a copy. At that time there were just 2 copies left. Germany.
  10. Cheers! Looking forward to my next Grolsch. The beer, no Bavarian is able to pronounce proper.
  11. Yes, now the bavarians are also happy! I expected everything, but not this awesome game. Thank you Collectorvision!
  12. Seems to be, that Bavaria will be the last. Like always 😭
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