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  1. Ok, now I hold the game in my hands!
  2. Anyone reveived his copy already? In my case USPS says "Label created, not yet in system"
  3. I love the people who ignore the rules: "If you buy one of the box sets, you must agree to not post publicly any video or picture showing the xxx box, and refrain from discussing about it in public forums or social media.."
  4. The case seems to be very similar to the Edladdin controller. If I'm not mistaken, the dimension (and the design) are almost the same.
  5. Thank you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Team Pixelboy (and all other Colecovisionaries)
  6. Jepp, received my one yesterday and can't stop marveling! Positiv!
  7. The bird has landed in Bavaria! Awesome! But still waiting for game.
  8. Has anyone in EU already received the game? Or the Phoenix? Can't wait for it, close to get a heart attack!
  9. I'm not in hurry with the rom vault. Waiting for 44 years for it, so one year more or less...
  10. Is the limited Adam edition molded in grey or is it just a black standard console painted in grey? Sven
  11. Just to know: Is the CIB game shipment included? Worldwide? And: Is it a SGM game? Hopefully it is :-) Cheers Sven (Thanks for the "correct" number!)
  12. Still need a number. Please bring me in.
  13. Payment sent! Number doesn't matter. Greetings from Germany/Polling
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