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  1. No missunderstand: you don't pay extra for beta-tester. It's a benefit due to the membershipment you pay for. All members will be part of the exclusive beta testers group and have access to games months before they are finished and be able to offer game ideas and input through our private Discord server.
  2. Thanks for the hint. I've done this already without success. But the problem is solved meanwhile: there is a switch at the SD-card slot, which detects if the card is inserted or not. And the soldering point on the PCB was bad. Just resoldered -> It works! The main menu of the Phoenix and the Atari core doesn't need this switch, but the Colecovision core does!
  3. It is the same connector! Only the position and diameter of the female pins is different.
  4. I wrote to Kellog, that the connector doesn't fit to the Colecovision. So he asked me, to send some pics of the original PSU and If I have practice in soldering. I answered him (with some pictures) and then there was silence. No feedback! And yesterday I received my new Keelog PSU with the redesigned connector!! No extra costs, no soldering necessary. It fits proper into the Colecovision and it works fine. Now I could switch on and off with the power button of the PSU but I'm not sure, if it's secure for the ICs of the console. The feeling of the (3D-printed?) connector is a bit bad. The edges are very sharp and the material is not soft.
  5. I received my Keelog CV PSU yesterday. The plug is totally crap. The female pins are to tight and when I tried to stretch them, a little piece of plastic broke. The plastic ist very hard and fragile, not like the original, which is very soft. And there is 1mm space on each side at least.
  6. Yes, my mistake. I meant the encycopedicliy cards, but the word was to complicated for me.
  7. How many different trading cards (10x15cm) existing already?
  8. Bomberman93


    Hm, anyone else waiting for the invoice? There is no response by Opcode. Seems to be busy!
  9. Bomberman93


    I hope, it's not finished yet! I'm also still waiting
  10. How many different stickers are existing? So I can add the money to receive all of them.
  11. Yes! Otherwise I wouldn't had a chance to play an atari rom. But thanks for the hint.
  12. My new Phoenix has an issue with the Coleco-core: the SD-card won't be detectetd! It just says "Insert SD or turn system off before inserting cartridge". The SD-slot itself works proper. When I use the atari-core, I 'm able to switch to different folders and load/play a game. I reloaded the service core (2nd run) and the coleco core (rev08) but without success. Is this a known problem? Any ideas?
  13. Hi Doubledown, any news about the price for these controllers?
  14. I’m curious if Intellivision games count, like Maria and Fantasy Puzzle I think, a CV Club presuppose CV games.
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