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    Hello everyone!

    I collect everything from Atari, you can see my collection at https://www.atarimuseum.nl

    In the nineties I was one of the guys behind Stichting Pokey (The Pokey Foundation) and ANG Software. We published 60 magazines in Dutch, 3 in English and sold overstock from Atari as wel as numerous Polish games. If you want to know about the Dutch scene in the 80's and 90's, just ask me!

    I sell my spare items and old stock in my webshop https://www.rewindgames.com

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  1. I think you should visit the excellent site of Marceau: https://www.atarinside.com/blog/ He has a lot of French software in his collection and he also offers these as downloads including manuals and box scans.
  2. I buy my replacement RAM at utsource.net, never had any problems with them. I also sell some some components in my webshop, but shipping costs from Europe to North America are terrible....
  3. In Altirra 2.60 and 3.2 (on windows) it does not crash, but it does not do anything either than showing a blue screen with the yellow text "Lektion Eins". I guess this can be a result of the missing an audio track. Like the other Invitation to programming translations I think this one should be run from tape only. My experience with not loading cas-files (and the original wav-files) in older versions of Altirra and the other way around is only with tape files (cas/wav). They all stopped loading without any error message. These titles did not start at all. According to phaeron this has to do with the fact that from Altirra 3 (and higher) he increased the precision of the datastream. As a result small glitches in the audio stream were not picked up in older versions of Altirra (below 3) but are picked up in the newer versions. So I guess (I am not an expert on this) that you should try to get the dumped cassette tape files, not this ATR on which the basic files were csaved.
  4. I also have some cas-files that work perfectly in the older versions of Altirra (versions starting with 2.) and do not work on the newer version (3 and up).....
  5. I think I had the same problem as you did. Three lines of text, a few seconds of music and it crashes. I had this when I loaded this cas-file in an older version of Altirra (in my case 2.90). When I load it with Altirra 3.10 it runs fine. And when you load it with a later version of Altirra (and without acceleration / or with real HW and the SDrive Max), don't forget to hit a key after the 1st stage is loaded, the seconds stage will load after a key is pressed.
  6. Hey Roland, The files Timothy are offering are from the latest torrent from a8preservation.com. As you know we make and verify dumps from official sources only. Just to make sure we only offer the software in its original form. Sadly we don't have access (yet!) to the original cartridges and disks of the titles you are stating. As you are already a (respected) member of our little forum, let's continue there to see which files we can use from your sources
  7. I think yours is quite decent, this is what I got....
  8. There is a market for nice homebrew packages, but to make sure you will not get the wrong impression of the poll results: - Most people who are visiting this topic are people who do buy physical releases, so the poll results are not that accurate - Expect to sell (at the right price) dozens, not hundreds of copies
  9. APX titles came in a full size generic box with a large manual. The manual is also used to display the title of the software. There are several variants of the boxes, here is just one example.
  10. This is the video I made of my collection. I made this video today. The last video was made in 2016 and since then a lot of stuff is added to my collection 🙂 The Atari 8-bit part starts at 2:12
  11. I have been in such a situation too, that's why I tried to help him. I will not publicly post his emails, private forum messages and I am not going to discuss this any further publicly. This is my last reply in this topic. If José wants to contact me, he has all my contact details. My post here was just a warning to Well said @popmilo 👍
  12. I am very sorry to have to do this..... I (Rewind Games) gave José a good sum of money as a gift (75 euros at the beginning of October, the start of this thread). A few weeks later he asked me if I could send him 189.91 euros by bank, because Paypal was not releasing his money for 3 weeks (it was a new Paypal account). I sent him that amount as a loan and he promised to pay me back in a month (because Paypal would release his money). Paypal released his money but he did not pay me back. He asked me for another 50 euros a few weeks ago and I said no. So, I will let other people help him this time. I really think he is not a bad person and is struggling at the moment.
  13. Sorry, I was not thinking about a 320kbps MP3 Those will be fine too. Most of the audio files you can find on the internet for A8 are wav-files In this topic the SDrive-Max is mentioned by a seller. The Sdrive-Max is a good choice. But do know that this is an open source project, so you can build one yourself for a lot less (instructions can be found here: http://en.devzine.pl/2019/05/08/how-to-build-sdrive-max/). If you don't want to built one, you can buy one from various sources like ebay for about 41 euros: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/SDrive-Max-Atari-8bit-800xl-600xl-65xe-130xe-Atari-XEGS-disk-and-tape-emulator/254384953015 Another (and cheap) option is the good old sio2sd. This SD-card interface is very stable, works great with other SIO devices, but it does not have the bigger touch screen like the SDrive-Max. You can buy one at Lotharek for about 21 euros: https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=58
  14. Using a casette adapter in an Atari data recorder will work, but I don't think that MP3 files will load. The quality of these files is not good enough. Using flac or wav-files will work.
  15. Great to know that my tapes are working 😁 These cassettes are on my list to dump for the a8preservation project including cas- and wav-files.
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