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    Hello everyone!

    I collect everything from Atari, you can see my collection at https://www.atarimuseum.nl

    In the nineties I was one of the guys behind Stichting Pokey (The Pokey Foundation) and ANG Software. We published 60 magazines in Dutch, 3 in English and sold overstock from Atari as wel as numerous Polish games. If you want to know about the Dutch scene in the 80's and 90's, just ask me!

    I sell my spare items and old stock in my webshop https://www.rewindgames.com

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  1. And what about a 600XL? The 1064 is not made for the 800XL.
  2. I don't know. I took a look at the software version on the website and that one is 3.1RC2. (http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/SoftwareAVR_en) Looking at Lothareks site, he states "Fimware uploaded is the latest one - version 3.1 RC2 / www.lotharek.pl customized." So it sounds like there is some customization indeed 😞
  3. I have the cassette version in my collection. This one also uses gr. 7 Crossfire (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[!].cas
  4. This one is probably similar to the one Pirx posted here in 2014. Sadly that links does not work anymore, so I cannot compare. These shells are more generic. Suitable for C64 and XL/XE (I have heard they don't fit in an 1200XL). Not the best option, but certainly cheap! https://www.tme.eu/en/details/z-7/enclosures-with-panel/kradex/z7/
  5. Looking at the link you just posted..... Just a bunch of different archives. No structure at all..... Sorry but I think that is not "easy" at all 😃 There are several ways to obtain the software. I would not be suprised when a previous torrent has been uploaded there already
  6. I will lubricate the tapes and try to dump them in a few weeks Those tapes are "useless" as they are now, so I will try to dump them before they go useless again
  7. Those tapes are terrible 😞 That's why I stopped dumping them. I have one option left to get them to work: lubricating the tape itself: I have done this before. It does work, but it takes several weeks before the tape is playable and after a few months the tape will probably not be playable at all.
  8. Are you sure it was a8preservation.com, because the site does not offer any downloads. A new download torrent of the software was released a day ago, but that contains all software we have preserved.
  9. Hi Russ, The goal of the project is to preserve the software for the Atari 8-bits in the most accurate way possible. We do this by dumping original disks, tapes and cartridges and so create digital files (PC) of the software. The most accurate way for disks is including the disk protection of the disk. To create such a dump needs special hardware. With a "Kryoflux" (PC) drive (https://www.kryoflux.com/?page=kf_features) the disk can be dumped with the protection. The result is an "ÄTX"-file and for example Altirra and the Sdrive Max can load these files. With an Atari 8-bit drive you can only dump the disks to an "ATR"-file (I might be mistaken here.... I don't know all possibilities... but you will need special hardware/software) The resulting ATR file can ofcourse be loaded too, but an ATR is not able to contain the disk protection. So that file is not the most accurate way possible. Maybe the USB starter kit you ordered from Atarimax can do the job of creating an ATX-file? I don't know what kind of kit it is, but other people here will probably know more about this kit. A Kryoflux is quite expensive. I don't have one, that's why I send all my disks to @Farb . I am dumping tapes at the moment, because you only need a tape player which can be connected to a PC or laptop. The speedy is a great device and back in the day it was used very often to copy protected disks (including the protection) to new disks .Dumping disks to a digital file is a completely different game I hope you are not dissapointed, because the speedy is a great enhancement to your Atari 8-bit setup. Sorry I never said that a speedy (all speedies, mini 1, mini 2, super, mega and so on) is able to make ATX files. As far as I know a speedy is not compatible with software which was created for the Happy. But there are people here who know a lot more about the differences between the Happy and Speedy
  10. Nope 😁 this project is atari 8-bit only 😉
  11. Hey Russ, Thanks for the offer for Ghostbusters and Ninja. Can you please check which versions you gave on a8preservation.com ? Because almost all versions known to us are already preserved. The speedy is a great modification. I am using a speedy for my xf551 drive and back in the day i used a super speedy which was able to copy protected disks without a computer 🙂 Please do know that as far as i know a speedy is not able to create an atx file.
  12. Hey Paul, I don't need financial support as i buy stuff for my own collection. And i dump my collection for the preservation initiative, that costs me only time. But I will ask @Farb. He is paying for a.o. webhosting and onedrive space.
  13. For the A8 Preservation project @Atarigrub and I have taken a look. It is exactly what CharlieChaplin described. Incomplete version on Four Great games and also on Zeppelins rerelease. The only tape I could find that has the full version is Tynesofts original tape release. You can see the difference right away, because the Tynesoft tape has the game on the A-side and the levels on the B-side. So the message after loading the main part is different: Four Great Games & Zeppelin rerelease: Original Tynesoft release: The good news is that I dumped the original Tynesoft version for the a8 preservation project. So the original version will be available through the torrent soon 🙂
  14. Oh wow..... So when I express my opinion that I think that VCC is too expensive, than this is an "attack on the open-market prices charged by those who contribute a great deal of time, personal effort and skills to make products available to those who don’t have the time/skill to do so themselves." I really did not know that giving my opinion is an attack. What a great way to make sure that no one can express another opinion than you have...
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