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    Hello everyone!

    I collect everything from Atari, you can see my collection at https://www.atarimuseum.nl

    In the nineties I was one of the guys behind Stichting Pokey (The Pokey Foundation) and ANG Software. We published 60 magazines in Dutch, 3 in English and sold overstock from Atari as wel as numerous Polish games. If you want to know about the Dutch scene in the 80's and 90's, just ask me!

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  1. Just to be clear. I think the valuation people give this game on Ebay is ridiculous too. The people who know me, know that I would never spend that kind of money on Atari items. I try to dump/scan everything I have collected and give the files to the preservation projects out there.
  2. I agree with you for a big part, but this game was published in 1989 in the US only. I suspect that not many copies were sold.
  3. Ofcourse it is rare 🙂 I was lucky that I was able to bought it when it came out.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. I call it atarimuseum.nl because atarimuseum.com (excellent site!) is the site most associated with "Atari Museum".
  5. it is a nice carpet, you have walked all over it 🤣
  6. You have probably not seen this page: https://atarimuseum.nl/atari-cover-database/ A scan of the front and the back of the booklet is there You can have it without watermark This was not a rare find back in the day As a kid I saw the advert in Page 6. I put some dollars in an envelope and it was delivered in The Netherlands 😆
  7. Look at this topic for pictures and more. The box is plain black, it is some kind of black fabric. LOL, that is my site. Not "the Atari Museum" but atarimuseum.nl
  8. @DjayBee I dumped several different disks of Mega Magazine 2, but most of them did not work at all. Probably bad quality disks and most of them I got from the private stack of John of ANG Software who kept this for years in a moisty shed. One dump does work in Altirra (3.10) so hopefully you can use it. Sadly only side A, because I don't have the courage to do the flippy mod 😕 In the attachment my atx-file and the raw-files. mega2.zip
  9. I received the magazine on December 31st. Maybe it is possible to combine Mathy's recommendation with normal postal services. In my (Dutch) experience with the largest Dutch postal service (PostNL) is, that sending tracked enveloped post overseas is quite reliable but the tracking information is not. In my "webshop"-days 9 out of 10 envelopes were delivered overseas but the tracking information did not show delivery. Sending parcels overseas was more reliable for me. So my suggestion is, send a parcel (tracked/insured) with all magazines for American subscribers to one American contact. That American contact can send all magazines to the American subscribers with domestic mail.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! 12433627_521836094651957_551204973_n.mp4
  11. I was not responsible for the copy protection, so I don't have any knowledge about it. I will ask the creator of the magazine if he remembers and I have multiple original copies, so I can make a dump of another copy if that helps?
  12. Hey @abbotkinneydude I got my first Atari 8-bit computer (800XL) in October 1985. The first games I bought were Ms. Pac-Man and Jungle Hunt and I bought these from the biggest Dutch mail-order company in The Netherlands, a company called Wehkamp. Wehkamp was mainly selling clothes, furniture, electronics and toys. Both cartridges were the large silver box with (c) Atari Inc. I still have them in my collection So these large boxes were still available in The Netherlands in 1985. And when you know that Atari was established in The Netherlands in 1982 and they did not sell the 400/800 officially over here, it is kind of weird that these larger boxes were still available over here. Atari started selling their first 8-bit computers (the 600XL and 800XL) in The Netherlands in 1983. My Pengo is the 1983 version by the way The taller Eastern Front was quite common in The Netherlands, but that was in the nineties. As you can read in the Dutch timeline (https://atarimuseum.nl/history-of-atari-benelux) in the beginning of the nineties Atari in The Netherlands became the European distribution center, so stock from all European warehouses (including France) was moved to The Netherlands. A few years later everything was sold to various Dutch and German retailers. So for example in Dutch toy stores (Intertoys) you could buy a 65XE or 800XE with 10 cartridges and a light gun for 59 guilders (about 25 euros). The set of 10 cartridges was different for every set and included boxes from every country and from every era of Atari. Many years ago I found a lot of 15 sealed taller Eastern Front cartridges in a Dutch thrift store, they were probably donated by an Intertoys store. You can check every box I have in my "Collection Cover Database": https://atarimuseum.nl/atari-cover-database/ Here you can find scans of all software in my collection.
  13. Not entirely true I have rereleases of Eastern Front and Star Raiders (black box) which are the same size as the blue boxes, I call them "medium" boxes 😁 Also the red box disk releases are the same size as the blue boxes.
  14. Hi abbotkinneydude, You are right about the small black boxes. Some of those were available too in The Netherlands. Exactly the same titles you mentioned. And I know the FNAC They are in Belgium too. In The Netherlands during the Warner period, all silver boxes were the large ones which were available here. I bought some of them myself when I was a kid. There are a small number of exceptions, but those are all unfamiliar boxes like Track and Field and the Donkey Kong Gamekit. I have never seen the small silver boxes during those days. But I just checked my collection of small boxes and see that my "European" Pengo small box (which I did not buy as a kid, I had bought the large silver box in the 80's) has a copyright date of 1982 and includes the Warner logo... I have not noticed that before. Maybe Atari Benelux had more than enough stock of the larger silver boxes? We will never know but I think the latter as the rereleases were a mixed bag of old and new cartridges. My European rerelease of Pac Man (c 87) has 6 languages on the back of the box and 5 languages in the manual. Dutch is missing....
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