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    Hello everyone!

    I collect everything from Atari, you can see my collection at https://www.atarimuseum.nl

    In the nineties I was one of the guys behind Stichting Pokey (The Pokey Foundation) and ANG Software. We published 60 magazines in Dutch, 3 in English and sold overstock from Atari as wel as numerous Polish games. If you want to know about the Dutch scene in the 80's and 90's, just ask me!

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  1. Well, maybe I am the only one who thinks it is too soon. Many people have lost loved ones. But let's see what others think.
  2. My opinion is that it is too soon. In Europe the situation is a bit better now, but in many countries the virus is at its peak now. Over half a million deaths. Maybe you should avoid using the Corona Virus name. Give it another name and release it???
  3. I remember that I bought some Atari equipment (a.o. 810, 1025 and 825) at a small Atari Meeting in Germany in the early nineties. The equipment came from the US military base in Karlsruhe Germany and I still have it in my collection 😀
  4. @_The Doctor__ The dates on these stickers are in European format (dd/mm/yyyy) and the production line was in the US...... Maybe an European warehouse/distributor? Like I stated in my first post?
  5. The box states an US address, I don't think these were made in Europe. I would guess that normally a sample check would be done at the production line in the US?
  6. I recently bought the cartridge version of Astro Chade by Parker Brothers. On the back are two green stickers with signatures of people responsible for a.o. Design, Safety, Quality and Marketing. I noticed that the dates on the stickers are in the European format. Has anyone seen these kind of stickers before? Are these stickers of the company who distributed these games in the UK? Any ideas are welcome
  7. Some new dumps. First is Ghost Encounters by JV Software. This tape is already out there, but I saw on Atarimania that the original tape is missing and it is also not available at a8preservation. Ghost_encounters.cas Boot with OPTION (Basic disabled). The original wav-file can be downloaded from Wetransfer and is available for 1 week: https://we.tl/t-h5k4ks7Pod Next up is Home Financial Management (thanks @F#READY!). I always thought that this one was only released in the US but an European (Pal) version does exist! The inlay does not state "NTSC only" and the serial number ends with a "P" in stead of a "N". The cas-file must be loaded with OS-B and the Basic cartridge must be present. Boot with Basic. hfmp_a.cas Side A is the Data File Setup program hfmp_b.cas Side B is the Main Program and includes Sample Data. The original wav-files can be downloaded from Wetransfer and are available for 1 week: https://we.tl/t-5psbCgim4g And last but not least: Smart Art by PF Software. This was a British mail order company, so this software is VERY rare. Smart_Art_complete_side.cas This is the complete side A with 2 Basic programs: Main Program and Display Program (with demo picture) Smart_Art_program.cas This is the Main program only Smart_Art_Display_Prog.cas This is the Display Program (with demo picture) only. All cass-files need to be loaded with CLOAD. The original wav-file can be downloaded from Wetransfer and is available for 1 week: https://we.tl/t-4XnRcoZuQr Enjoy everybody!
  8. I think this is an Atari 8-bit board. There are more suitable boards to talk about Covid 19, even here at AtariAge (the Off-topic boards). So thank you for cleaning up this thread 👍
  9. Nice Atari picture. I will skip the rest
  10. Me too 😆 But it is still weird that this device connected to an apple generates crackling sounds and makes parts of the dump muffled. The same tapes dumped on a PC generates a nice clear sound without any distortion. And ehm @Allan Apple stuff is made in China too
  11. Great plan! I have left the Preservation Project, but the people there can create good clean cas-files, much better than mine. I still contribute, but to all preservation projects out there. I am happy that I was able to help you 🙂 The Text1 dump is great too! The volume does not look higher, but it is loud enough. No worries Battling Bugs is a bit louder and is also a great dump! Text1: Boot in Altirra without basic. Battling Bugs: Boot in Altirra with basic AText_allan.cas Battling_Bugs_allan.cas
  12. Success!!! @Allan! This dump works 🙂 The volume is a bit lower than your previous dumps, but no crackling/popping sounds! Weird that there is a difference when you use a Imac... I am using the Ion on a PC too (laptop), so I have no experience with a Mac. Here is the cas-file of your dump (Boot in Altirra with Basic) Concentration_edufun_allan.cas
  13. True, but not in this specific case.... the crackling/popping sounds are generated by the device itself sadly....
  14. The tracks are swapped perfectly, the sound is not muffled, but.... the crackling/popping sounds are still there and prevents a8cas to convert the data. Please try to clean the head anyway. When the crackling/popping sounds stay present, I would suggest to return it..... 😞
  15. Hey @Allan, Welcome to the world of tape dumping The files are reasonable, but sadly not good enough.... 1- The data track is on the left track, it must be on the right track. This is weird, because the Ion tape express is USB.... But you can swap the tracks in Audacity, so that is not a big problem. 2- Both dumps seem to have some static noise (popping/crackling sounds). Did you buy the Ion Tape express new, or did you buy a second hand one? When it is second hand, I think you should clean the tape head. You can do that by using alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the head. When it is brand new, you can also try to clean the head, you cannot damage it by cleaning the head. 3- On both recordings the sound is muffled in various parts. This can also be a result of a dirty play head. You can also try to align the head. You can do that by plugging in headphones, put a (preferred music) tape in the Ion and don't close it. Press play and use a small philips screwdriver to adjust the small screw on the left of the play head. Adjust the screw until you hear the best and clear sound you can get. Problems 2 and 3 can also be caused by bad tapes, so it is also possible that those 2 are (sadly) too bad to dump. I hope these steps are clear If you need more help, please let me know.
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