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  1. Is that going to be added? Any word on the gamester81 game?
  2. Cant wait I dont have a system but I might get a Phoenix because Ive heard orginial colecovision system can have issues. I do have a few controllers though.
  3. Did you tell people another game to see if it would leak?
  4. I was jue5choping for the sale of a rom, I dont have a intellivision system.
  5. Do you know if it came from Canada? It probably wont show up in usps informed delivery.
  6. Has anyone in the US received it yet? Im in florida so hopefully it doesnt take too long if its coming from canada.
  7. Works good on MiSTer, maybe some day I'll be able to play full rom. https://youtu.be/kcetuRH_Aoc
  8. Are you guys ever going to upload the right shrines of peril? I onow your busy but it only takes 2 seconds.
  9. Does anyone have the v3.2 firmware?
  10. It came out alrightbut the painters tape tried to pull up the paint around the circle
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