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  1. Does nobody do this mod because its like a mystery?
  2. Is there any list of which pal games will run on a ntsc system with pal bios chip?
  3. Can dumping be added to firmware?
  4. I guess I assumed pack in meant it was built into the controller like the new neo geo arcade stick but it doesnt matter now if there all sold out.
  5. Are those games cib or just built into the controller? Looks like I missed them all. I was wanting all the games and controller. I just saw the post on facebook but didnt realize Im 2 months late.
  6. I ordered a adam Phoenix, I hope it wont take too long. I wish we knew how many they needed to sell.
  7. Im assuming they didnt sell enough since its still available and if they are still selling it I guess that means no vault access.
  8. Do you know how many White Phoenix consoles you need to sell before they get made? I was thinking about getting one but is it going to be a long wait.
  9. Is there an intellvision game 2020? Maybe an addon to the collectorvision club for an intellvision game.
  10. Is that going to be added? Any word on the gamester81 game?
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