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  1. Is there anything the uno can do that the encore cant do? I heard about the uno after I bought the encore.
  2. I bought one may 27 and a shipping label was created june 2 so shouldnt have to worry.
  3. Im playing it on a fpga 2600 and you instantly die trying to leave the first room. What do you think would cause that?
  4. Is there a way to take a folder of games and separate them all by there bank type without going through them 1 by 1?
  5. Does anyone have cart board pictures of those games? I was just curious what they used.
  6. Im mostly asking for an fpga colecovision but figure if they work on the atarimax cart they should be able to run.
  7. Do these games require other chips to work on the atarimax flashcart? Boot Hill Boxxle Comic Bakery Dungeons & Trolls Fireworks Factory Gradius Risky Rick
  8. Im using an fpga board that doesnt use cartridges
  9. That sucks I wanted to see if I could do it
  10. Did this ever get released as a rom or just cart only?
  11. Is this a different version than the one released by team pixelboy? I can get this one to work but the team pixelboy one wont work for me.
  12. I was just looking at some lists. Are these the games not included? Intellivision Astro Invader B.C.'s Quest for Tires Flapee Bird Mad Bomber Moonsweeper Princess Quest Space Raid Super Mine-Field Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril Colecovision Bomb Jack Chess Challenger Comic Bakery Earth Defend 2083 Ghost'n Zombies: A Quest For a Rose HeliFire Hole In One Junkwall Lord of the Dungeon Smurf Challenge Winky Trap
  13. I just tested them and they appear to be all colecovision. Is there another download for intellivision?
  14. Is there a list of what game is for what system?
  15. I got the email today but I was just wondering if there was any info on the rom vault. The email said pretty much what we already know.
  16. I know the full justice beaver game wont be included but could we possibly get a demo version in vault and maybe demos of other games that wont be included.
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