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    That is why I bought a atari 2600 jr. Can't believe those things still work after almost 40 years. To top it all off got me an old crt tv and some slim jims. The complete retro look.
  2. Dumb mistake cost me games. Hope someone does not do the same. I threw away around 30 carts not knowing you have to press the reset button to start them since some started with the press of the controller button I thought the carts had gone bad since some are 40 years old. Noone told me about this until I decided to return some carts. By then I was sure I was done with carts but the seller told me to restart the games and they started right up. Hope someone doesn't make the same ediotic mistake. I peobably lost $40 or more in the process too.
  3. If the tv doesn't include a coaxial I simply won't buy it. They lost a customer. Unless there is somewhere a converter where you can convert the signal to hdmi or av. Simply put free tv is very popular.
  4. Its a tv rf adapter also called f adapter that attaches where you normally connect an antenna COAXIAL CABLE. Search for it on ebay. Used to be found at radio shacks.
  5. You could easily connect it using a f connector. Most modern tvs still have a coaxial connector for antennas. I would try as it will sell very well if it still works. Think of it as a collector's item.
  6. If its on the atari 2600 it had to be raiders of the lost ark. Thats what introduced me to love adventure games. It looks ancient now but in those days it was the best for what was.
  7. The only reason coax connections survived on modern tv's is antennas. Its one of those old age marvels. I use it for free tv access. That said its not the cleanest connection. I rather use hdmi for everything else.
  8. I finally decided to order the av mod kit for my atari 2600 jr. I see most av mods have the rca plugs connected on the right side. I saw one person selling a jr that had the rca's put where the power connector is at but I see too intruding. Is there a way to put the those 3 connectors where the rf connector is at right now? Of course I have to take the rf out but is it possible.
  9. You really have two options the unocart or harmony. Two different price points. I was thinking of the uno myself. Unlike other systems like the nes which have multiple of options.
  10. I didn't have brasso at hand but decided to use a thin sand paper on the contact points after opening the cartridge. To my amazement they came to life on the screen but yet the controls did not work. For some reason some had the video lined up to the right or even broken up. One thing is sure, dirt and grime accumulated over the years on the contacts and also affected the chip itself. Weird that controllers don't work. I gave up. The ones that worked might had been people who had them in storage were humidity and exposure did not ruin them.
  11. Can't forget the year 1981 JCPenny. That box stacked up. It looked attracted. It would provide years of entertainment. I wished Atari was among the big players today. Probably they made another mistake with the Jaguar. In any case blade runner came at a great time. I love the 80's.
  12. I have two of them. I think the problems have been sorted by now I bought them 4 weeks ago no problems so far. One thing I have to say is these look amazingly cool and feel like the original or better. I just like them. Thats one thing I would stay with the extra controller even if I sold my retron77.
  13. I wouldn't mind. Just pay the shipping. I am in Florida. Or a ebay free just pay shipping.
  14. I have like 20 cartridges that refuse to work even after cleaning them with 90% isopropyl alcohol and swabs. At first I thought it was my retron 77 but when I got a atari 2600 jr the same result. Some nothing show up on screen and when something shows up on screen the controls do not work. I bought these untested something I am bound not to repeat. Now I am stuck with them.Is there any hope of a fix? Or is it a toss out?
  15. I saw a youtube video of someone replacing the voltage regulator. There is a way to test it using a multimeter. Here is one. There are others. My woody died in 86. I went to flip the switch on and nothing happen. Might had been the same thing but I didn't have any knowledge or the internet for that matter.
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