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  1. I have this beautiful Sears H6 67006S
  2. Let me try to dump my Coco Nuts. Will get back to you shortly... Ok, all my Coco Nuts Cars are NTSC only. Sorry
  3. Cool, thank you very much for your response! If we move away from lists and use a full indexed database with autocomplete, then it would not matter anymore, right? Is it only required for static lists?
  4. Hi, Generally this issue occurs if you have undervoltage on the board. The powersupply can fail to produce the required power. Start the system and check if the cartridge has the full 5V at these points: let it run for a while and check the voltage again. Do you have any option to use an other powersupply? That would be the easiest way to test that. Good luck, Andre
  5. Hi, while people have different kind of approaches to sort their games, sometimes it is the best choice to sort the games by name. At latest when you start to write down all titles you own, you will run into difficulties. Let's take Spectravideo's NEXAR as (perfect) example: NEXAR is like the short name, if you look closely it has the title: The Challenge of NEXAR But wait there is more! There are some dots behind the "of" The Challenge of.... NEXAR Now, let's strip the article away and add it as suffix: Challenge of.... NEXAR, The My point is, do you really care when you are sorting your games? Personally, I would sort the games including the articles at the correct place as in my opinion the article is part of the game name (You also dont remove articles that are in the middle of the name and put them at the end) Maybe it's a german thing, but taking the wonderful movie "Das Boot" nobody would ever chop it down in "Boot, Das". It's like the title. With everything even if it's only an article. I could go on for ages: Decathlon The Activision Decathlon Activision Decathlon (The) How do you think about it? Is it OK to keep the article in the name? How would you keep your records? (Shortname and extra the full name?) Every answer counts and will be taken into account for my tool i'm currently developing. Thanks, Andre
  6. The label says it's 3/18 release, but the binary dump differs a lot from the final version. The melody is different (one more note in the beginning) and the game logic part is also different. similarity between released and proto dump 0.934, levenshtein distance: 538 (so 538 single changes to the Proto file would be needed to be identifcal to the release version). Andre
  7. Let me add my Quadrun Prototype Dump, which is very different to the Original Dump. Quadrun_Proto.bin
  8. Hi, these are the two known cartridges used by U.S. Games Corporation to release games mainly for the U.S. market. For other markets than US and Canada (mainly EU), Carrere and Tigervision did a joint venture to release the U.S. Games Corporation Titles with Tigervision Cartridges. During the "Name this game" contest, U.S. GC went out of business and Carrere released the title as "Octupus". So actually there are three known licensed cartridges. There graphics are from my Game Collection tool that I'm currently working on just if wanted to ask All the best, Andre
  9. hi Spriggy, Thank you for your response. If you look closely it's pangasian's cartridge I've bought. Anyways, looks like I'm the first one providing a dump. Thanks, Andre
  10. I'm odd too.. and I even smell funny. Happy to be your friend, Andre
  11. Hello AtariAge, my Name is Andre and I'm an addict. I'm already providing atarimania with my screenshots and details and wanted to share this info exclusively with atariage My game collection of 2600 games is growing on a daily basis. (+300 games OVP) BTW, currently, I'm working on a (free) 2600 game collection tool which is handling all kind of 2600 game data. It should even be able to help you identifying cartridges. My tool is currently covering all PAL and NTSC games (South America only partly supported for now) and even shows you rarity rarting, last successful ebay prices and possible value of the item you have. But I will give you more details on 26gc.org as soon as a beta is available. Just send me a PM if you are interested. For now, let me provide some valuable game info you might like. I bought a prototype of the rare game Quadrun (that you might be very well aware). I have scanned the cartridge, made a picture of the PCB and even dumped the two ROMs using some adapter (2532 to 2732) I have soldered. And now comes the surprise, the ROM is heavily different from the released Quadrun Rom. The Introduction melody is quite longer, and even the game code is different. I have attached everything I have for now for all of you as welcome gift. if you like, please add it as new entry on the existing databases. Thank you & I will keep you posted, Andre PS: If you need to identify an cartridge just send me a pic of the cartridge (even without label) and a screenshot of the first picture you see. Quadrun_Proto.bin
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