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  1. Does anybody know of where to find a copy of this?
  2. So Battlezone was done? Did you or anybody ask them if the code still exists somewhere?
  3. Very interesting to see these converted to the Jaguar. How was it working with Rebellion?
  4. True, but the TI version shows them having flapping wings! I don't know of any other home versions that showed that. Even the arcade game doesn't show that.
  5. It tells you on the screen to avoid the spikes right before you zoom down a tube, and you didn't, and you think there's a bug in the game? lol
  6. Nope that's even worse. All the dumper code is gone and those files are even more empty. Better off to taking the chips out and reading them directly.
  7. There's no data there. The code looks like its from the device used to dump them, and also the code is far too big. Killer bees and NNN are 8k and 4k carts and these files are 32k.
  8. Nice find and great story to go with it!
  9. Piracy of old software still around I fear this will continue as prices of old games and equipment keeps rising.
  10. I not long ago posted about some ICD catbox thing that the XM guy had complained about paying for that he never got. Its somewhat ironic that history repeated itself for those who paid for the XM and never got it. I don't see any difference between the two situations beyond I think a lot more people paid for the XM then the catbox.
  11. The key to higher scores is you want to stay on day 1 as long as you can. Here is a high score video where gamer got over 100k and stayed on the first two days: The manual says you move to the next day when all the morgs and morg generators are destroyed: http://www.ti99db.org/images/Tombstone_City.pdf
  12. Didn't The Stacks generate a QR code? Weren't you involved with that game?
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