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  1. Just to say gents, absolutely blown away by the amount of work the pair of you have put in on these for me. It will be great to actually play these after having more or less just been ornaments for the last 3 or.so years of owning them (possibly longer). Thanks really does not cut it. I'm hugely impressed and have enjoyed being included as you have discovered more and more about these not-so-common machines. Cheers.
  2. Hiya all. I am a bit late to the party, so excuse me hoping in at this point. I have just got hold of an ActioMax, here in PAL land (UK). The guy I bought it from packed it with Sonic Fury on DVD, which works great. I just wondered if anyone knew where I could get DVD transfers of the other titles. All help much appreciated. Cheers. Geoff.
  3. I just wanted to chip in... and for note here on the forumn. Thank you so much for all the hard work yourself and Cleddy have put in on my console (and indeed the 2600 and 5200 you are working on). I can't wait to see the results in person. I really can not say enough about the whole process and how the pair of you have kept me in the pitcure (even when it's been stuff that has gone right over my head, I have still found it utterly fascinating knowing the process behnd getting the machine to where it is). Can not recommend you guys enough to anyone else considering having work done on their own machines. Cheers!
  4. Many thanks all for the replies - it always warms me how ready people are to help and chip in with advice.... Where I am at presently is I have a mix of a couple of SONY PVM and BVM's and run all my other consoles either over SCART RGB or Composite. I think the thing I was trying to achieve, was basicly getting the best picture (count that as fullest picture, no borders) version of both the 2600 and 7800. Presently I have a PAL 6 switch 2600 which I was going to get RGB modded and run on the PVM or BVM - but didn't want to comit to a mod, if really what is wanted / needed was an NTSC and get it modded for the best picture (including screen size). Same with the 7800. Presently I have a composite modded 7800, but was considering an NTSC with UAV mod - for the fullest screen (no borders) on my PVM or BVM. I am kind of looking at the same with my Intellivision and ColecoVisions...... if although I have modded PAL machines, actualy NTSC is the way to go for the "fullest" screen estate on my BVM or PVM...... I think this site confused me further: http://www.ataricompendium.com/faq/vcs_scanlines.html At the moment, I am thinking it looks like I get my PAL 2600 RGB modded and run it on my monitors, and then follow the PAL60 thread and get a Harmony cart to get full screen games. Re. the 7800, I am now thinking, I get an NTSC with UAV mod (and keep my PAL machine also). As the Intellivision and Colecovision.... sigh..... thats another question LOL!
  5. Sorry if I missed it, but I am a little in the same boat with the original question. I live in the UK, and am considering buying both an NTSC 7800 and 2600 (yes I know the 7800 will play 2600 games, but I am a completist ha ha). The reason being, is to have the 2600 RGB modded, and the 7800 SVideo modded. My thinking being that they would play the 20% faster and have larger screen real estate (something that us in the UK have missed out on). So I guess my question remains, if I do so, will I (as with other NTSC consoles on a CRT) have a faster machine, with more screen to view (not a letter box screen as is usual with PAL machines)? Cheers all.
  6. Please can I be added to the pre-order list for "the works": 1 x Red Dragonfly + Pokey Max + YM2151 module and both cables. Many thanks.
  7. I have purchased the Acetronic adaptor, and the Emerson adaptor, along with the cart. Have to say, fantastic service, fantstic product. Super fast shipped (even in these troubled times) to me here in the UK. If you hesitate to make that purchase. DON'T hesitate. Fantastic - says it all!
  8. Any idea yet when we might be able to pre-order this gem ?
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