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  1. I'd be curious to see which of his prints sell for 10k or are those just asking prices? I went to heritage (www.ha.com) where you can search their past auction results. 116 auction results for "Bob Peak" including paintings, prints etc and the most any one of these items ever sold for was $7,767.50. You will have to create an account to see the ending prices but it is free to do so.
  2. Does anyone know the history of this item? The system is factory sealed but then the number sticker is placed under shrink wrap on top of the box. Did it leave the factory this way or did Toys R us do this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-JAGUAR-SYSTEM-CYBERMORPH-NEW-SEALED-RARE-MORE-/131153634159?pt=Video_Games&hash=item1e895da36f
  3. Unless new Atari is confident that they have an open and shut case, it is game of chicken at that point. Often the guy with the most money hangs in there the longest, but not always. If Atari is challenged on these rights and looses in court, it could hurt in more ways than this.
  4. For sure. He is stealing work from somebody. Is it the old Atari,new Atari or the illustrator Cliff Spohn? New Atari might say they own the rights but even if they can prove the transition from old Atari to new Atari it doesn't clear the issue. Old Atari might never have owned these these rights or perhaps they did but only for a limited time or specific product line. If new Atari lacks the original illustrator contracts to back up this claim do the rights remain with the illustrator?
  5. The issue is going to be who owns the rights and without the original contracts we can not be so sure. Frank Frazetta would offer the same image over and over to different publishers of different fantasy books.
  6. I'm sure the new Atari would like everyone to think so but I do wonder if they really do and if they could prove it in court. Do any of the contracts for the supposed work for hire still exist. Several newer laws (esp in California) now in place that were not there in the days of the old Atari do favor the illustrator. Of course this guy isn't doing this with the consent of the illustrator either. In the end he is stealing the design from someone , claiming the work as his own and making a buck off of it.
  7. Who knows but both are from Canada.
  8. I don't think I've played anything as bad as River Patrol. It is unplayable.
  9. Cost about 30-40 if you grade multiple games at a time. The less you send in and the quicker you need it the more it will cost..
  10. He has no interest in Atari other than flipping it for a quick buck. Thick skin or not do you think it is in the best interest of a community to nurture and educate someone which such a viewpoint. Here buddy, this is where you get the best deals. So now go ahead and buy them out, monopolize the product and sell it to the same community that educated you for 10,20 or 50 times what we were used to paying before you bought them out.
  11. Another question. If your actions are seen as forwarding movements in the marketplace unwelcome within a community resistant to it then how long will you be welcome in that community?
  12. The market will exceed the demand once people who have no idea what they are buying have one.
  13. Not sure. I don't speak Atari Jaguar. Mostly 2600 dialect.
  14. If you want a real sleeper find sealed copies of Donkey Kong for the Colecovision. It was a pack-in so sealed copies don't come around so often.
  15. The Atari market has been fairly resistant to the recent changes in the Videogame market. Don't take the comment personal but many here resent these changes.
  16. There is stock out there in 85+ condition. Atari guys just haven't taken to the grading services. It is also far more common than the NES version. If you are looking to flip you would be better off going directly to NES collectors. 300 gets you a lot in terms of Atari items and Atari collectors aren't really looking to spend 10-100x for a sealed copy of anything.
  17. Skyfox never had a box but Donkey kong comp did have a box.
  18. Most Atari collectors won't pay 300 for this. Your better off trying the Nintendo crowd.
  19. It has now surpassed F2 in terms of value. Not only rare but fun to play. Look out for counterfeits.
  20. I don't know much about the rarity of posters as I only deal in the hand drawn artwork but if that pacman poster really is a one of kind poster then you should put it up to auction. You might be better off to just give her the chips poster than to sell her the 2 posters cheaply. There is a small group of loyal pacman collectors who each have to have one of everything. Most pacman items are very common so you don't see it in everyday eBay auctions but a one of kind pacman poster like this would sell for hundreds with an ending price based only on how much cash the second bidder had at the time to spend. The nude Centipede poster while rare comes up for auction every now and then. It relates to the arcade game and was reproduced last year by collectors. I'm not sure what they would sell for these days.
  21. Star fox never had a box. Did come with a little card the same size as the cart.
  22. I understand that you mean well but I think that for everyone involved the seller would be better to sell it to someone within the classic video game community. Someone here will enjoy it far more and I also think that the seller would get a better price from someone here who knows what this is and what it means. If you sell to an established collector like Ianoid etc it stays within the community and we get the chance that maybe we will see it at CGE etc. Comic book collectors just have no connection to this item and for them this could be a cover of TV guide for all they care.
  23. A comic book art appraiser can tell you what a typical non-comic related Perez piece would fall at pricewise but only within the comicbook market. He won't know what it is worth to a video game collector and why would he?
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