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  1. We need to see a picture of what you do have. If Perez did illustrate that image then it may very well be a high quality print of the final image. These can fool many people. The CGE show museum showcases a Warlords print that most everyone assumes is a real painting. Except it is a print and there more than one of them.
  2. George Perez illustrated the Swordquest series like a comic book.He did the inks or the line art. Another colorist then made photocopies of those originals and colored them in. The photocopies that have been colored in are kinda sloppy. There are notes on the sides to indicate which colors to use. In general these colored sheets are not that sought after compared with the line art. You have neither of these. What you say you have is a painting which would have been done by an Atari staff artist. If George Perez did the Atariage cover the original art would look like this.
  3. Good point. Often on larger deals you have to take multiple payments if using paypal. But 100k would take forever.
  4. This piece if an original painting might sell at 500-1000 on the market today. While I don't own any Atari Age covers I've bought a few (perhaps 10-20) videogame magazine cover paintings. Some as low as 300 most closer to 500 yet all of them less than 1000 and certainly not 10000. As a seller I'd avoid Heritage. The fees are too high and the people who see it in a comic focused auction won't care about video games. In fact I believe the cheapest one I ever bought was on Heritage. A DOOM Electronic Games #64 painting for less than 300. http://comics.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=829&lotNo=42402
  5. Steroids work or people wouldn't use them but if the average Joe takes them and doesn't work out then he will just get fat. From what I understand steroids work to reduce the time required for muscle recovery.
  6. When people refer to original artwork most mean the artwork which was hand rendered by the original artist from which all future mechanical copies (prints,cels,gameboxes,posters and ads etc) have derived. It can a skectch or a painting or any other type of media. These days most images are created on computer and no "original" exists other than arguably a digital file.
  7. The Warlords print that you might have seen at the CGE museum is one of a few vintage copies of this Warlords image. I think there are at least 2 others that I have seen which have also been on the marketplace in the past 10 years. They do look great but they are all prints. In recent times Hendricks also sold modern prints of anything he did in any size you wanted.
  8. Nice item! Haven't seen this one before. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Only fake I've ever seen was a Dolphin fake that funny enough looked better than the original. Someone here posted it I believe years ago.
  10. I was looking at the Atari Smash Bros thead and wanted to add the hero from Berzerk but didn't know his name. Was he named in Berzerk or in Frenzy? I know the enemy is Evil Otto.
  11. Thanks man. Missed you at CCAG this year.
  12. Ahh there it is. The ROM is identical with Sears Baseball ?
  13. I was thinking that Atari had released Baseball as they did Football but don't see it. Sears baseball isn't the same as Realsports Baseball?
  14. Hmmm http://collections.museumca.org/?q=collection-item/a8334
  15. Because the movie was a such fan favorite blockbuster hit. Because the game was hyped to be great. It had a great Christmas themed commercial that had people waiting on day one to pick this up. The expectations were so very high and this game failed to meet the expectations of the public like no other game before it. Without the hype and movie tie-in no one mentions this as the worst game ever on any list. Put it this way. A pair of socks and some underwear isn't the worst gift you could ever receive but imagine it is your 13th birthday and your parents have hyped it up every day for the past 2 weeks. THEN it is the worst gift ever.
  16. As you said it isn't a good game but the game is not the worst ever. It is however, one of the biggest hyped video game failures of all time.
  17. WoW I wonder if it comes complete with a sign on the back that says "Kick me". Can you imagine your mom making this for you to wear in the 6th-8th grade?
  18. or 6 years old. Not many 14 year old boys wanted to be ET for Halloween.
  19. I enjoyed Raiders so much more as a child. You played as Indiana Jones and this was cool. You had a whip and a gun. I hated ET at first play. You played as ET and no one thought this was cool. You had a flower and a phone parts. As starstruck children we all wanted to roleplay as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Indiana Jones. NO ONE wanted to be ET.
  20. Suggestions in this order. 1. Play as Elliot not as ET. 2. Side scrolling gathering racing game on a bike (Food fight,dolphin etc) 3. No large pits. We are not on the moon. This would give you a quick and easy to program game that would meet a short deadline and be enjoyable by the general public without reading the instructions.
  21. This is like a game of name that tune. How about this one?
  22. If you google 2600 Sinistar you will see this image on modern homebrew style release boxes. Perhaps advertising of some type was released with the same image.
  23. the other is Atari 7800 Sky & Stars (Galaga)
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