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    Imagic Posters

    I have the Trick Shot Imagic poster. Other companies had posters as well. . http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/168112-which-2600-games-had-store-movie-sized-posters-produced/page__pid__2085007?do=findComment&comment=2085007
  2. Waterworld is gone. Sorry I don't recall what I sold it for. $500 or so? Dam! this game is so rare. The only 2 that I can found on ebay (yesterday) had shitty seller who don't accept international shipement. The are in US and me in Canada so... so much frustration with those two. I already got ErthWorld factory sealed and an other complete and FireWorld also complete (I do not have a sealed one yet) WaterWorld I the last one I need. I got the money but no body would sell it. I both a empty box of it couple day's ago in case I found all the paper and the game in loos but nothing. Do any body know were I could get lucky? It is not that rare. Just keep watching out for it and with some patience you will find one. It may not be cheap but you will find one. Don't just search ebay. Atari2600.com has the cart for $80. https://www.atari2600.com/item--Swordquest-WaterWorld--PROD6919.html
  3. Nope I bought at the end of a Philly Classic show from a guy who had a table at the show (where it was on display the entire show) he was not on the internet at the time. It was near complete (all you see plus cart) and I later sold off the cartridge when I was buying some rental property. I figured it would be much easier to find a loose cart than a copy with paperwork so I kept the paperwork. Now I am looking to raise funds again for another venture and I seriously question if I will ever be in the market for a cart again. haha I remember that guy!! he had a bunch of really nice boxed games too and I remember him saying that wasn't for sale. and yeah later that day he said he sold it and what he got for it!!! what's funny Buyatari is that next year he showed up again but not as a vender and he pulled out another from his front pocket!!!!! it was cart only and he said he paid $10.00 at a place in Lancaster!! That was him. Some guys have all the luck.
  4. Waterworld is gone. Sorry I don't recall what I sold it for. $500 or so?
  5. I've got some other things like this. I'll see what I can dig up.
  6. The handwritting on both sheets appears to be handwritten not copied. The top sheet looks like it was all done by hand both the color sections and the handwritting notes and has some white out applied in sections. The bottom section looks like it may be a print or mechaniclly created somehow but the notes look to be done by hand. This was what Topps called the final art or the art used to create the card. They kept all the final art in case they ever had to recreate a design and they discarded most of the early stage material. It is possible some of early design material survived somewhere but it is safe to say this is one of a kind as there is only one final art for each card. Item is on hold pending payment.
  7. I'm intersted in this and tried sending a PM. Inbox full? Hmm let me look into at that. Try my sending an email using my username @aol.com
  8. edit. Ok I see it is 25k not 300k not sure why he didn't try this yet.
  9. A few years back I purchased this directly from Topps trading card company. This is the original design of the card and consists of 2 pages and the COA from Topps. Asking $100 on this one.
  10. The starcon controller has sold. Last day for Atari employee bags.
  11. Well, gee, that's disappointing. There must be somewhere where I can view a pile of EPROMs and masked ROMs for hours on end. I think there are weekend tours at the CPUwiz house.
  12. The Smithsonian wouldn't buy them and I would guess that the interest they would have would be minimal. Him -> I have these super rare Atari chips with unknown games and history. Do you want them? Smithsonian -> Sure if you drop them off we will take a look at them. We can't pay you anything for them but we are open to donations. him to everyone else -> The Smithsonian WANTS them !! $100,000 !!!!!!!
  13. Atari 5200 Starcon controller eBay Auction -- Item Number: 250943163846 Also listed some Atari bags and employee t-shirts. Defunct USFL Intellivision mini football eBay Auction -- Item Number: 250943498177 St Patrick's Day Atari run 1983 t-shirt new unused eBay Auction -- Item Number: 250943113090
  14. yeah but as far as material cost what could it cost to make a disc games these days vs a cartridge back then.
  15. How long do you give the lunar lander module in that picture? Houston we have a problem......
  16. Yeah it is so strange that they used 2600 Jungle Hunt as the top portion within a 5200 frame. Still it was exciting to see. You know, I can't remember the last time I was excited to see a polaroid photo but I'm thinking high school.....
  17. I found this old polaroid photo with misc papers. It suggests a different image for the Pole Position box was once planned.
  18. Why didn't Atari release another Combat game?
  19. Upgraded to pro. Pictures should work now.
  20. Well that explains it. There must be an overall bandwith limit to photobucket. Most of the megaman pictures are down. http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=157488
  21. I've NEVER had that happen before. Even the Megaman concept pieces I just posted were fine. Did Photobucket lower the bandwith or did someone post links to this somewhere else? Very confused.
  22. What is this? I assumed this was an early name for one of the D&D games.
  23. I wonder if you search T38 photos if it will turn up. It is always fun to see the original photo image used for box cover reference.
  24. This sheet was mixed in with my manuals and paperwork.
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