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  1. Thanks for the free book Tim ! Many of the images are new to me but I think I've seen some of these images before.......
  2. Adventure isn't a rare game but I wouldn't call it common either. You don't see it that often and as has been started it is in demand.
  3. Ran across a sealed Telegames game with a line across the back. Usually this indicates that the box has been opened and that the item is a reseal. However given the nature of the company I wonder if it might have been a commonplace occurrence. Does anyone have any experience with UK Telegames games?
  4. Where is the best place to find a Jaguar AV connection? Do any of the online Atari dealers still carry these?
  5. It is not John Alvin but I like where you are going with this. Alvin did a number of movie posters including the famous ET poster. If you have some spare change in your pockets his famous ET poster is currently up for auction on Heritage. https://fineart.ha.com/itm/illustration-art/john-alvin-american-1948-2008-et-the-extra-terrestrial-original-promotional-movie-illustration-1982-acrylic-on/a/5269-71001.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 The answer to your question on who illustrated these Gremlins pieces is Greg Winters. Greg also did a number of other Gremlins pieces including the movie posters.
  6. Here are some concept sketches I purchased directly from Greg Winters a few years back. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/249079-asteroids-concept-pieces/ Here are some of the Gremlins pieces I purchased from Greg as well. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246570-5200-gremlins-early-packaging-designs/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/251200-2600-gremlins-early-packaging-designs/
  7. For those who wondered the artist has been named. Greg Winters. He illustrated 2600/5200 Gremlins along with 7800 Asteroids.
  8. Ok so when it comes to just the vintage 2600 game cover artwork original hand drawn pieces what do we know of so far? I think I have 10-12 of them in total. Tim, you were here to visit me twice to photograph them so you might have a better idea than I do. lol Bronty has one and the Strong museum has one. In addition to these I've seen pictures of what looks like the original painting for 2600 Raiders of the Lost Ark. While I have not seen it in person so it could be another print they used to decorate the wall with I do assume it is the original painting and that one is currently in a private collection. Star Wars arcade and Star Wars Empire Strikes back paintings are both owned by Star Wars collectors. The original painting for 2600 Defender exists in another private collection. This one is confirmed. The unreleased Combat II cover art painting is currently on eBay for $42,000 BIN or best offer. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Signed-1982-ATARI-COMBAT-TWO-Oil-Painting-by-Michel-Allaire-/291858303906?hash=item43f41c4ba2:g:W8wAAOSw2GlXGCqM Is that all that we know of? A total of less than 20 paintings out of several hundred?
  9. As far as I know Double Dragon wasn't ever hanging on the walls of Atari. Only the pieces in the first picture were there. The rest are pieces from my collection.
  10. Hi Dan. Long time no see. It is clear that you have far better photography skills than I do. WOW! Your Ikari Warriors piece looks beautiful ! If you ever decide to part with this one please let me know.
  11. You mean Atari 800 Football right? The image of a football busting out of the box.
  12. Tim Lapetino - You can't play either ! There is a game going on over at Nintendoage. I'm not going to play because I know the answer but if you are a member there and are interested then you guys should join in. http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=166903
  13. You are correct. Most the collection consisted of mechanical copies but it did include some original artwork including the Atari 2600 Surround painting by Cliff Spohn. http://www.museumofplay.org/press/releases/2015/12/2449-strong-acquires-atari-design-materials
  14. As many of you know for the past few years I've switched gears and tried to track down the original paintings used to illustrate video game boxes. In that time I've only encountered a tiny percentage of the work that was done for Atari 2600 game boxes. Often what someone thinks is the original artwork turns out to be a print. The Warlords in the CGE museum is an example of this. Most of the original artwork is assumed to have been destroyed but others must lurk out there. Please add any images or information that you have for any original artwork that you may be aware of. These are some that I have been able to track down. While I do have some more they are not all photographed and I'll add more later as I am able. 2600 Berzerk by Hiro Kimura - private sale from fellow Atariage member 2600 Galaxian by Hiro Kimura - private sale from fellow Atariage member 2600 3D Tic Tac Toe by Susan Jaekel - private sale from fellow Atariage member Activision Kung Fu master - private sale from former Atari employee Not a 2600 game box but my personal favorite of the bunch. Atari high score pad illustration by Cliff Spohn - private sale directly from the artist
  15. Atari artwork is very rare as Atari didn't feel the same way that you do. An Atari employee who took the first picture told me that most of the framed paintings that you see in the first picture were thrown into a dumpster. Only a few of them survived. I have Cyberball and another collector here has Vindicators. Rampart and one other sport game were also known to have been saved at that time but I'm uncertain where they are today. Most of the others if not all of them were thought to have been destroyed. The other pictures (Ms Pac-Man, Basketbrawl, Double Dragon and Kung Food) are personal pictures taken by me. I'm open to doing an exhibit with them if the interest exists. Pieces not pictured here are unknown. It is feared that most did not survive but we just don't know. Trust me when I say that I have tried my best to track down all that I could. So if you have one or know of one that does still exist I too would like to see them.
  16. Forgot this was also a Lynx title. Double Dragon was done by the same illustrator who did Ms Pac-man
  17. Ok let's see. Basketbrawl was done by Roger Motzkus. He also painted the covers of Doom for PS1 and Powerslave for Sega Saturn / PS1 I contacted Roger several years and purchased all 3 of these directly from him. You can see his Basketbrawl in the bottom row of the sports illustrations here. http://www.motzkusart.com/sports.html Here you can see the Doom and Powerslave artwork. Another game collector purchased the Streets of Rage pieces. http://www.motzkusart.com/fantasy.html
  18. It is automated checkout. Just like Home Depot or the grocery store where you scan your own items. The seller set the price and the description and offered it up for sale to the world. Hardly throwing money at someone.
  19. A paypal payment is a payment with a receipt for a specific item at the sellers specific asking price. If a seller of Wii games refuses your $20 over confusion on what is being offered that isn't the same thing. They haven't accepted your money and given you a receipt for your purchase for that exact item. In the end, you are entitled to your opinion. My point is this. You should know that some (perhaps many would be a better word) of the people here do consider a deal done once they have completed their end of the bargain AND it has been accepted by the other party. While you may not agree but perhaps you can see where they are coming from. It isn't that unreasonable to think that some people would think this way is it? No matter where you personally draw the line I think you are being too harsh on those who expect others to follow through on what they said they were going to do.
  20. Well I'm sure you draw a line somewhere, right? When is a deal a deal for you? Many people consider a deal a deal when money has been paid and that money has been accepted. So if you hit the BIN AND pay for the item that is different than a potential craigslist deal when no money has yet changed hands. If you handed someone $20 for an item at a garage sale and the money went into the money box would you be ok with someone standing behind you offering $100 and the seller giving you your $20 back or would you be upset? Perhaps you are ok with that. I dunno where you stand but that is closer to what actually happens when a BIN is canceled.
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