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  1. He did Fester's Quest as well but obviously not for the Lynx. I've never met him but several years ago he was kind enough to respond to my email to tell me he had no art for sale.
  2. So Vindicators wasn't released. I thought it was. There is a pin for it. Was this the Vindicators Lynx pin the only one created for an unreleased game?
  3. Basketbrawl - I need to check my notes on this one. This one is big and on thick stock. It looks more like an unfinished painting than a prelim.
  4. Ms Pac-Man close up The left eyelash is a bit smeared. This is how I got it.
  5. These original paintings once lined the halls of Atari.
  6. Your theory is certainly possible given the voting record on the relist.
  7. Just be glad you weren't the winner of the $100 BIN
  8. Looks like the Sears Math sold for $100 via BIN and then was relisted. You have to wonder if cross dresser in a school dress had any sway in that. Looks like he/she was the runner up in the auction bidding. Why would anyone bid so many times? Unless someone wanted to jack up the bid it doesn't make any sense... Member Id: g***s( 1390) US $305.00 Aug-14-16 18:21:12 PDT Member Id: s***_( 881) US $300.00 Aug-12-16 22:06:27 PDT Member Id: r***e( 2747) US $295.00 Aug-12-16 22:01:09 PDT
  9. Get out your check books. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Signed-1982-ATARI-COMBAT-TWO-Oil-Painting-by-Michel-Allaire-/291858303906?hash=item43f41c4ba2:g:W8wAAOSw2GlXGCqM
  10. Sega CD had some clunkers for sure. One thing I will say about Black Hole Assault is that no matter bad how that game is the cover image kicks ass. Cover painting was done by Roger Loveless.
  11. Man.... Pacman Fever ...you got me there. For such a great game to have such a horrible song and 2600 game is a crime of nature. Now that is a poll. Which is worse? Pacman fever the song or Pacman Atari 2600?
  12. It might not be fair to compare later released silver box games to the earlier color boxed games. That being said Vanguard does have some kick ass box art.
  13. Even if you had some disapointment I still fail to believe that a single person on earth could have felt the level of disapointment that some Pacman fans felt with 2600 Pac-man. My Coleco handheld was a better port.
  14. I'm not sure what this means. Are you saying that Asteroids has gotten better with time? It didn't meet expections then but it does now? For ET and Pacman - I agree there were people and still are people who expressed major disappointment the first time they played the game. These are the titles that some even blame for the videogame crash. They may not have caused the crash but it shows you the extreme level of disappointment that some fans experienced. They stopped buying games after this.
  15. You are the first person that I've have ever heard say it didn't meet their expectations back in the bay. Even today I'd say that most people feel it meets expectations. Both Space Invaders and Asteroids are in the top 10 of best Atari 2600 games as voted on from users here on this forum. Original Carts: 1. Pitfall II (425 points, 57 votes, 16 first place votes) 2. Pitfall! (402 points, 62 votes, 8 first place votes) 3. Adventure (393 points, 57 votes, 16 first place votes) 4. Kaboom! (334 points, 51 votes, 12 first place votes) 5. River Raid (297 points, 49 votes, 6 first place votes) 6. H.E.R.O. (291 points, 48 votes, 6 first place votes) 7. Warlords (255 points, 38 votes, 8 first place votes) 8. Space Invaders (250 points, 44 votes, 6 first place votes) 9. Yar's Revenge (234 points, 40 votes, 3 first place votes) 10. Asteroids (216 points, 39 votes, 5 first place votes)
  16. I strongly disagree with this. Asteroids and Space Invaders were great ports and met if not exceeded expectations of the day. If anything these 2 games help set the high expectations gamers had for arcade ports that Pacman failed to live up to. Both are still very playable to this day. In my experience as a game store owner, people who don't like 2600 Asteroids don't like Asteroids and those who don't like 2600 Space Invaders just don't like Space Invaders.
  17. Pacman and ET were both hated for the same reason. They didn't meet the high expectation placed on them by gamers at the time they were released. The quickest way to fix both games would have been to release them with different names and then no one would have complained. There were other Pacman clones out for just about every system. Most of these clones played better than the official 2600 version. Some clones even looked more like Pacman than 2600 Pacman did! The screen flicker was hard to sit through. If this was some game no one had heard of then the backlash wouldn't be there. This was Pacman and it was for the Atari. Fans were expecting an A+ product and nothing less.
  18. :lolblue: Well if the cover art was based on my experience playing the game it would look more like this.
  19. Not sure why the Checkered Flag image didn't take. try again...
  20. Now that I'm awake I think you better check with Tim first. He took lots of pictures even some non Atari pieces like Sonic etc but I think the book is mostly related to the 2600.
  21. These are too big to scan. Tim Laptino made two separate visits to take photographs of my collection for his book. I'm sure you will see some better quality images in his upcoming Art of Atari book. Checkered Flag http://m.imgur.com/NVot97g?r
  22. Sorry no. Closest I had was this one but it was lost in a UPS train wreck almost 10 years ago. This partial Jaguar CD cover was also lost in the same train wreck.
  23. Sorry I don't think I have a Rayman piece.
  24. Well I was too old for the Jaguar when it came out. The 2600 was the system I grew up with. I've played quite a bit of the 2600. Atari 800 too. I played even more Atari 800 games. These days I don't have a lot of time to play games like I used to. I sold many of the games I never played and used that to purchase the artwork. Which can get really darn expensive. It was a decision I don't regret. I've had this name tag for a long time and sometimes your priorities will change. I've been collecting since the mid 1990s but I've slowed down A LOT. If I had to name myself today I think it would say something about video game art. I've been able to track down and purchase hundreds of paintings covering many game systems from PC to TI99 to Atari and even newer systems like the Xbox etc. Lately I've been taking a second look at the Jaguar in part because up till now I've mostly ignored it. it just wasn't a system with childhood memories attached to it. Yeah owning some of the artwork has been another reason for that I think. Is that a bad thing? Anyway. Here is one just for you.
  25. It is a great image. The one thing that always bothered me about it , however, is that dragon arm holding the ball. Where exactly does it connect with the dragon? It looks like it is growing out of his lower jaw. It also looks like it is a left arm drawn on the right side. Everything else looks great so I can't help but wonder if they had the illustrator add that detail of the dragon holding the ball after the piece was mostly finished.
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