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  1. Thanks. Not everyone likes them but I'm glad that you do. This is what I really enjoy. Now this one is just a port but it is a classic image and I like it a lot. Done by Julie Bell wife to Boris.
  2. Yes there are more. How many depends on what you count as a Jaguar painting I guess. This painting was used for a Jaguar cd game cover.
  3. These are not posters. They are the hand painted original paintings. It is what I collect these days. Years ago I chanced across a seller selling 2 paintings on ebay for NES games. I bought them and then I got hooked. Now I collect paintings for all video game systems even some arcade and PC games.
  4. Thanks for the help here. If there is a cart option then I'll most likely skip the Jag Cd seeing as they are selling for 800 bucks. Looks like I have to pick up a few games now. Is there a recommended site for AV cords? Looks like I need one of those.
  5. Dragon's Fury is a piece I painstakingly tracked down. Dragon's Fury and Dragon's Crush are my favorite console pinball games. Of the two games I prefer the art on this one. It was a private sale that took a year or two to pull off. Lucky for me it came already framed so on the wall it went. Here is a better picture.
  6. Just took a look at Jag CD add on prices.... HOLY CRAP they haven't always been so expensive have they?
  7. Now that is all anyone has to say ! Destroying an entire city sounds right up my alley. Last game I did that with was with the Destroy All Humans series. While many dislike the series I really enjoyed them perhaps for this very reason. I don't have a CD unit right now. Not sure that I ever had one now that I think about it. Still I have a feeling that I will pick one up to play Iron Soldier II assuming everything goes as planned. As for Iron Soldier 3 ehh not as much interest but if I do play it then it will be on the PS1. I'm not buying a Nuon.
  8. Another world? They released another world for Jaguar? The same game from Sega Genesis or something else?
  9. I was told the poster was meant to mimic movie posters. Best Electronics sold them in the past along with the AvP poster for only 20 or 30 bucks. Not sure if they still have them.
  10. It is a serious question. I'm not one to shy away from a brag thread if I have an exceptional item like this. The game is cheap and these days that usually means it isn't very good. If you are mostly a gamer then it can seem like a silly question. If you a gamer and there is a game out there then you play it but it isn't always that way with me and I guess I should explain a bit. Years and years ago (I'm talking rec classic gaming times) I purchased an Adventurevision. I'd wanted one for a long time and having played other Entex handhelds I'd built it up into a great machine in my mind. Entex Tron for example was one of the best handhelds I'd ever played. Crazy Climber is great too. Yet this Entex handheld was the one that everyone wanted. It had to be just as great if not better! After I finally picked up an Adventurevision which was a LOT of money for me at that time. I was shocked at how horrible it was. It was so bad as to be unplayable. A friend of mine also collected video games and I let him work it off mostly to be rid of it. Playing that system ruined the mystique or joy of ownership for me. Still knowing most people consider it in the top 10 of Jag games is a good sign. Of all the Atari systems I have the least experience with the Jag. I've played 3 games ever if that on the system.Not because I've avoided it so much but it isn't common and often all I get is a red screen on the systems I did find. Somewhere I have a boxed system so hopefully it works fine. The game is cheap so I'm going to buy one and try this. In truth I would be ok with an ok game I just didn't want it to be unplayable put a bad taste in my mouth Adventurevision bad. But if I'm only here to brag then here is another one I really enjoy. Ruiner Pinball
  11. I didn't expect that it would look like the cover. What I meant was that the cover image has to be one of the best for the system or say a 9/10 if ranked on its own. How does the game rank with Jag fans? If the game is say a 4/10 then I don't want to play it because then I would enjoy the artwork less. So far looks like some don't care for it and others do.
  12. hehe well not unless the had a box of headless Barbie dolls. Now that would be creepy!
  13. This one came from a former Atari employee who worked on the project.
  14. Totally agree. You have to love the vintage Atari posters. It looks like Best Electronics still sells this one for a great price too. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/addendum.htm Atari 2600 Stargate Mylar Poster CB101329-SG $20.00
  15. I've owned this original painting for around 10 years now and it is one of my favorite Atari items. Honestly, I've never played the game but the cover image for this one is just so awesome it can not be ignored. I'm afraid to play it at this point for fear it won't live up to the awesomeness of the cover image. So speak up Jag fans. Do I have anything to fear? I haven't even looked at Youtube video footage for fear it will ruin things for me. Here is the original painting.
  16. I don't think it was Susan Jaekel. After I purchased the 3D tic tac toe painting (which is another cover that you can add to her list) I spoke with her on the phone. At the time I was really only interested in video game box illustrations but I don't remember her saying that she had any hand in those catalog illustrations. There is a really good chance that the illustrator you seek will be revealed when Tim's long awaited Atari art book is released.
  17. I've been collecting for a long time. Multiple purchases over many years from all over the world. These 3 pieces were each separate purchases. If you are interested to read more. Here is a link to someone talking about the Wolfenstein painting when it was up on eBay for auction. http://www.apl2bits.net/2011/02/14/castle-wolfenstein-artwork-auction/
  18. Large paintings are hard to work with sometimes. Not Atari related but my largest videogame painting (11th hour) is 9 by 5 FEET and it hangs portrait. You would need a large wall space and a high ceiling for it. This one is large but I should be able to make it work somewhere. It is just a matter of having it framed. Right now I just have two paintings hanging up here at the office but neither one is for an Atari 2600 game.
  19. Several years ago I had the opportunity to purchase an original Atari painting from Cliff Spohn and I jumped on it. Of the 20-30 original Atari paintings in my collection this one has to be my favorite. Not only is it great image but this painting is huge. See the dollar bill for size comparison. This image was used for a scorepad and in one of the early game catalogs. http://atariage.com/magazines/magazine_page.html?MagazineID=5&CurrentPage=14 Cliff is selling prints and shower curtains of this image on his website if you are interested. http://fineartamerica.com/featured/ahta-dee-or-atari-a-self-portrait-cliff-spohn.html Here is the original.
  20. I've had 4-5 different ones over the years. As Wiz says they were all blank.
  21. I think there is more to this. This is an early concept sketch by the same artist Frank Cirocco. It isn't nearly as close in design to the arcade as the final piece. Was Kung-Fu Master the first arcade port for Activision? Perhaps they went with the Colecovision mindset of bringing the arcade home.
  22. Why not do a reverse image on the screenshots portion? Carts would still look great but if you looked for it then you could tell it was not an original.
  23. This is a piece I acquired years ago from an industry source. Today I was moving things and happened across it by chance. Next thing I know an hour has gone by.
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