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  1. Looking over old emails I found one from illustrator Denis Nolan. In part it reads. >> Yes, Worm Whomper, Frostbite Bailey, Pressure Cooker and Private Eye are mine.
  2. Well you could do an unveiling of the the original paintings one at a time during one of the game conventions and stream it live.
  3. Thanks Tim. 2600 Galaxian was the one I was unsure of. Kelly signed the lower right hand corner of the 5200 Galaxian cover and you can't blame him for it. It is a stunning image and a fresh take to the by then redundant theme of "space invaders"
  4. Galaxian isn't signed either. What name do you have down for Galaxian?
  5. Was it ever determined what she sold this unit for? She says she had an offer 300.00 but 300.00 what? There is no dollar sign. 300 packs of garbage pail kids cards? 300 used slupee cups from 7-11 ? 300 extra Richard Simmons deal a meal cards (think of it an an expansion set) ?
  6. I'd have to check my notes but off the top of my head. Marshall Rogers did Title Match Pro Wrestling Frank Cirocco did Kung Fu Master Frank Cirocco did Commando
  7. Don't feel bad. It's not easy to track down that info. The cover painting isn't signed or marked anywhere and the artist was never credited in print.
  8. The Swordquest items would be top items in any Atari collection. There isn't much I place above them. The final game may not exist but at least we have this.
  9. If Polo was released when it was programmed would it have had a picture label? I'd also say that the artwork you have looks closer to what I'd expect from a Sears release than 1st party Atari.
  10. One of the best 2600 titles that I've ever played That shouldn't come as a shock as it is an Activision title. Is the game "worth" $25? In terms of play value I would say yes. Can you find one cheaper? If you are patient I would think so.
  11. A lot has changed since the mid 90s when I started out. Most of the big guns from the early 90's have retired or slowed way down. Next someone will ask about O'sheas !
  12. My how times change. After reading your list of questions I suddenly felt very old.
  13. Hey if they can make Garbage Pail Kids of Trump and Clinton why not Atari games? I'm stIll waiting for the Clinton / Monica version of Beat em and Eat em. BTW
  14. I don't think I have anything for Track & Field. Perhaps the change of plans had something to do with Konami ?
  15. I think Steve sold a case of these on DP one at a time. They are out there.
  16. I chucked a bit when I saw this but laughed out loud when you asked to see the dump.
  17. A bit ago I started a thread in the 5200 with some designs that were more Atari 5200 in nature. Trying to get organized I found 3 that might also be interesting to the 2600 crowd as well. 5200 thread for more pictures. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246570-5200-gremlins-early-packaging-designs/
  18. If he knows exactly what it is then why does he list this as GLIB by QDI and not GLIB by HOZER?
  19. Ohh the irony. Be careful what you ask for.... Today 2600 E.T. is forever linked with 2600 Pac-Man as two of the worst games of all time. We all know it isn't the worst game but game of all time but the game which created the most disappointment with the most number of people just doesn't have the same ring to it. Hindsight is 20/20 but it is hard to disagree with Speilberg. An arcade style game or even a simple bike racing game where you play as Elliot instead of as ET would have been a much more commercially viable product than an Adventure style puzzle game.
  20. No just the standard controller as far as I know. Take a look at this overlay if you are having problems with the controls.
  21. This was one of my favorites on the TI 99. Never played it on the 2600.
  22. By the nature of an error is always rare but always possible. Did you play the game yet? If not you may be able to tell by looking at the contacts. If there are scratches on the gold contacts then you have a used game and a reseal for sure.
  23. I truly enjoy this one. It just pops out at you in person. For me the final product doesn't carry the same life. The action and expression on Donald and the fish just seems washed out on the box. There seem to have been a few changes on the prototype box. Here is a picture from a Brazilian catalog.
  24. I bought it at auction years ago. The artist is a well known Donald Duck illustrator.
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