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  1. You are looking way too deeply into this. Early films vs early video gaming is a good comparison because the analogy works in theory and in practice. New generations ARE skipping over early video games just as they do with early films. This isn't a theory about what will happen so much as why what is happening right before our eyes is happening. Few people accept 2600 and not pong. They are for most practice purposes in the same group. The original Star Wars is not being skipped over. It falls into the cool accepted retro movie era just as well as Nintendo does with video games.
  2. If someone asked me I couldn't name a single silent film. While I may have seen small bits that were used in modern films etc I've never watched one start to finish.
  3. This is another shot of #1 underneath the overlay
  4. Cleaning out the attic. Not sure if I've posted these before.
  5. I don't think Atari 2600 will die with us but most of its fan base will. Compare it with the first silent films. There are small pockets of collectors and historians out there but many people if polled couldn't name a single film. It has nothing to do with what I want or what you want. It is just the way things will be and we have seen early signs as stated in the thread already. Atari 2600 games will slowly start to disappear from the 100 best games of all time lists and will only only be found on lists such as the 100 most significant games of all time.
  6. Atari is something that is appreciated best by those who were there when it happened. To look at most Atari games without the childhood nostalgia that most Atari fans have just won't produce the same results. Someone said that Atari was an acquired taste and I'm not sure I agree. It may be possible for younger generations to learn to appreciate just how much was done with so little but for many you just had to be there.
  7. I've never seen a new console with shrinkwrap like this. Everyone I have seen is a bag. Anyone here confirm that new consoles were shinkwrapped like this? Looks like a refurb to me.
  8. I thought it was a different employee and I'll send you a pm of who I thought it was. Perhaps we can find where this started. Were did the first rumor surface? DP message boards?
  9. Wouldn't this be a decent deal if it has both hex disc controllers in good shape?
  10. Just because something was supposed to be returned doesn't mean it was. Cliff Spohn told me himself that several of his paintings which were supposed to be returned to him never were. Indy 500 was supposed to be a gift for his father. After the original was copied he raced in to get it before anything happened to it but it simply vanished and no one claimed to know a thing. I didn't read this interview but your answers to the question are vague. Did he actually return them himself or does he just assume it was done because that was what was supposed to happen? I'm not saying he lying or even wrong. If there was ever an object that was supposed to be returned but was lost in the shuffle this would be it. I have no reason to doubt what he says is true but I have no reason to doubt ex-Atari employee who claim to have these these objects in recent times either.
  11. I'm unsure how the DC comics deal was broken down. DC comics did have a mutually beneficial reason for putting their comics into the hands of this demographic of America. However, no matter of the agreement we do know for a fact that the Swordquest Atari Age cover painting done by DC comics George Perez was kept by Atari. What exactly did Manny Gerald provide as proof that these items were returned?
  12. Were they? You can't squash an old rumor with a new one.
  13. A rare event but possible. There have been reported cases of CD games produced with the wrong data so it isn't out of the question.
  14. Much of the Eli's Ladder paperwork is single sided 1 sheet and black and white. There are a few other games with one sheets but of those few have any real value.
  15. I would say that someone who has never seen the paperwork creating his own versions is very unlikely. The papers might not be scanned for the public but that doesn't mean that no one has seen them. Fake papers with no basis on the originals would be shot down quick. If you are in the market for a complete copy and that is your concern I'd say this. Get pictures and show them to someone who has or has had the paperwork.
  16. Just got mine this week. Now I need a PEB !
  17. Not what I expected to see from AVGN. He has been far more critical of far better games in the past. He actually held back and was kind in his review of this stinker. I'm sure the movie had a lot to do with it.
  18. The top collectors know who the other top collectors are. Simply put it is their business to know what others may not. Pictures or not, if you seek the top remaining Atari collectors all you have to do is ask the existing members of the HOF for a selection of 5 or so and they will provide it. Then you can have the vote take place from this existing group. Not all collectors are active members on Atariage and thus wouldn't fair well in a public vote but the opinions of existing members should be voiced prior to the vote every year and should carry a greater weight.
  19. The baseball HOF consists mostly of players but managers, pioneers and executives are also members but it is noted. If a non-collector is added to the collector HOF then it should be noted. This doesn't take away from the distinction. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_members_of_the_Baseball_Hall_of_Fame Still some framework or criteria should be added here. Without any guidelines then Nolan Bushnell should be the 1st one voted in. Or what if people vote for Pifall Harry (the character not the member) as a joke then does he become a member as well?
  20. So then in theory someone who doesn't own a single game cart could be selected to the Collectors HOF for say his popularity or his writing skills alone? Well then no wonder people are upset. Perhaps a group of candidates should be pre-selected based on merit and/or a separate category for those people who are worthy of praise but not based the size of their physical collections would be more appropriate?
  21. I didn't take it that way. I thought they were upset mostly about the collector being picked having more of a digital stockpile than a physical collection. This is after all a collector HOF not a contributor or valued member HOF.
  22. No I didn't enlarge or laminate it. This is how it came from a former Atari employee. I've seen no information or other pictures online about it that aren't mine.
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