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  1. I've been waiting 10 years and I want my AIRWORLD !
  2. It is mine. As I said I couldn't find anything on the net about it.
  3. Laminated and oversized. Has anyone seen one of these before? I couldn't find any other examples or information online.
  4. Not Atari but from a Nolan Bushnell company. This piece is big. 30X40. I would love to keep it but I need to raise some cash. This is a one of a kind item you won't see again. PM me with an offer if you are interested. Here is a website with some Techforce info. http://www.theoldrobots.com/Techforce.html
  5. I found it. It was called the Hall of Fame Scoreboard. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219787-atari-hall-of-fame-scoreboard-priceinterest-check/
  6. This is the art from the Atari hi score whiteboard.
  7. If you have two glue sealed copies of the same title and one is shrink wrapped but the other not is it safe to say that the copy without shrink wrap had the shrink wrap removed?
  8. I'm curious how these games were sealed. When it comes to factory sealed 5200 games did all games come glued sealed AND shrink wrapped? If you find one that is only glue sealed can you assume that the shrinkwrap has been removed?
  9. These three guys mostly illustrated for Atari arcade and pinball games. George Opperman was truly a master but died in the mid 1980s. A few years back I was able to pick up a Superman painting Opperman did from another Atari employee who saved it. This painting was for an ad in Replay magazine for the Superman pinball machine.
  10. Man these Vectrex homebrews sell for a fortune !
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251569468043
  12. There were many sets of these with the paperwork sold for cheap. No one will buy this.
  13. It is not the worst game ever made. It is the worst 2600 game that everyone owned. Pacman is a close second.
  14. I paid $2 for some shells a few years back direct from Sean but it has been some time. Not sure what he charges these days.
  15. Well here is a test. Would you say that Star Wars collectors consider this game. (The cartridge itself) to be a more desirable Star Wars item than most other Star Wars merchandise? Do most Star Wars collectors go out of their way to be sure they have one in their collection? If so then you may be right but as a casual observer of Star Wars collectors I never got that impression.
  16. Not sure why you say that. Star Wars licensed hundreds of products. This illustration is not directly for a movie or the action figure line up. To most Star Wars collectors this is no more important than the original painting to a Star Wars themed coloring book or a happy meal. It is however, directly related to what Atari collectors collect which is Atari cartridges. Consider this. He posted on the Star Wars forums first and those die hard Star Wars collectors sent him over here.
  17. With Pacman I guess I was used to it. There were some really bad ports and clones already so while I was disappointed it was less of a shock. There were official pacman watch games which were almost unplayable and some (but not all handhelds) sucked pretty bad. The Coleco tabletop was pretty good and it even had a head to head game but I remember one by Tomy that was bad. On the Tomy version you could only eat in one direction. In some situations you had to back up over a pellet and then go forward to eat it.
  18. Unless the game wasn't plugged in One cover would make sense but two wouldn't be unthinkable. Just want to be sure what is needed to make it complete.
  19. When the game was new did each box have 1 or 2 covers?
  20. Pacman was very disappointing but ET with the commercials was a more hyped product. I remember when ET was released and I don't really remember when Pacman was released. One day Pacman was there on the shelf and we bought it. For ET we waited in line. Some of the suggestions here for worst game are spot on. Horrible games but they are ones not everyone outside of our collecting circle has ever heard of. If there was a Family Feud question "Name an Atari 2600 game" none of titles listed here as worst game would even make the board. ET and Pacman would both be there. Both were very common games that most were disappointed with. ET and Pacman may get a bad rap as worst Atari 2600 games. Instead they are two worst games that everyone owned or the 2 most disappointing games for the system.
  21. ET isn't just bad..........it's the PITS! Horrible game. So sick of people making excuses for this awful game which ruined many the day for so many at Christmas. Don't tell me how you can avoid the pits or how you can get out of them. Instead tell me what are they doing there in the first place. Perhaps it should be renamed ET's Lunar Adventure? ET was a major movie of that generation but ET himself wasn't much of an action hero. Elliot perhaps on his bicycle would have been a better character to focus on. As a young child who would you want to be for Halloween, ET or Luke Skywalker? Back in the 80's when parents and teachers ignored bullies this is the kid who got his ass kicked. To understand why so many consider this game to be the worst of all time you have to understand the setting. This was a highly anticipated game to a very popular movie on the most loved game system we had ever known. Instead of a game anyone could play right out of the box we received a somewhat complicated game that didn't and still doesn't make much sense. Was it the worst game ever made for the 2600? Probably not. Was it the most disappointing game for any system ever made. Yes, I'd have to say it was.
  22. The. Perez website lists and pictures this Atari Age cover as his work but the section needs to be looked at and perhaps corrected. He also lists the unpublished Swordquest #4 comic as his work but he uses the unpublished gamebox cover as the picture. Does that mean that he also did the unpublished Airworld gamebox or is the picture just there as a placeholder because the comic is lost? He does have a separate entry for the Waterworld game box cover but not Airworld nor Earthworld or Fireworld. http://perez.comicbookseries.info/checklist-20/dc-comics/swordquest
  23. Congrats on the new baby girl. Worth more than a million Star Wars paintings !
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