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  1. Woohoo! April is going to be a high point in my Colecovision year! Also eyeing Suite Macabre with great anticipation! Thanks for all the work you guys put into our hobby. It really adds joy in my life.
  2. So amazing! The graphic art is very cool. The addition of magic will add so much depth. Ever consider adding any top down dungeon like levels?
  3. Thank you. I will try that out tomorrow and let you know.
  4. Thank you. I will try that out tomorrow and let you know.
  5. Cool. Something seems to be going on between the two devices. I tried it out on two different 7800 consoles. Thanks for you attention. Still love the game, just wondered what was going on.
  6. Also should add, it only resets with savekey if i press fire and then just let it jump without moving. After the second jump it resets.
  7. Ok... now something even more strange is going on. Atarivox worked fine. Put the savekey in and now when the game tries to display the high score, the game just resets. Put the Atarivox back in and it displays and plays perfectly.
  8. Weird... i tried it with my Atarivox and it did save my score. Let me try the savekey again
  9. I'm a bit lost I guess. I can't find where the high score is displayed.
  10. Other games always say "savekey found" but this one does not. Also, i do not see a highscore area. I'm playing on a 7800.
  11. I recently got Amoeba Jump but I'm not seeing the game actually has a high score save for the Savekey. Is there something I'm missing?
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