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  1. I wish i had the cartridge. Game looks fun and cool
  2. Anyone have a copy for sale? I've already asked the source and it has been discontinued. Thanks for any help
  3. Lol... i feel like an idiot! I didn't know it had a pause option. I wonder how many games have pause on colecovision
  4. I was trying out a Super action controller with Frenzy, during a game I started hitting the keypad randomly to get a reset. The screen went dark and this music started playing. Is this a known Frenzy tune? What happened??? 20191221_223753.mp4
  5. A guy on offer up has at least three for sale. It never hurts to offer a lower price. Also, if the production is really over forever. Juice Box still pops up on ebay for $99
  6. Boop! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Colecovision-Super-Rare-Alcazar/174127949674?hash=item288ad5a76a:g:FnYAAOSwWqtd1zHh
  7. I had to make the hard choice out of all the games. I got this and Atarivox. I have to admit that the great art on the box influenced my decision.
  8. This is a great looking game. I like the music drone. Well done!
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