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  1. No this is a Jaguar Cartridge that you put into the cartridge slot of your Jaguar. The cartridge you have to buy, and it will be shipped to you.
  2. The cartridges I have sold to Songbird are the same cartridges as I produce.
  3. @Sargon, @Neogeoman orders are open again at: http://tjocktv.se/product/wormhole-2000-atari-jaguar/
  4. The game will be available for purchase in the future, I can promise you that. I will let you know as soon as that happens.
  5. I sell the game as a loose cartridge, @Gaztee intends to sell a kit containing: box, manual, and label for the game. So when you order from me you get the game cartridge (which is what you need to play the game). The cartridge you get has a very simple sticker on it, just for identification.
  6. I have now received parts to make a couple of more cartridges, so back-orders are accepted for a while at: http://tjocktv.se/product/wormhole-2000-atari-jaguar/
  7. No worries, the game will be available for purchase in the future. Currently I am busy with delivering the games already ordered, so I had to put the orders on hold for a while. Meanwhile I post the link to the Video of the released version of the game: (the most notable difference is the transition sequence played between the stages)
  8. The game is now released (with joypad support only) http://tjocktv.se/product/wormhole-2000-atari-jaguar/
  9. There are 2 types of power-up 1. Dual fire 2. Shield +3
  10. Yes controls is probably one of the most important aspects of a game. I also added another control method (which I prefer in some situations). Identical to the controls in the oscilloscope vector game "Gyrocks". This mode is called "rectangular" controls (you can actually switch between the control modes during game-play by pressing keypad "2", or "3") The nice thing with this control method is that you control the ship in a classical 2D fashion (so the ship actually goes in the direction you are pulling to on the D-pad) So you can get to any coordinate on the screen, and not only along the outer edge of a circle. Also the closer you get to the screen center, the further away the ship goes. The angle of the ship is automatically aligned toward the screen center. I prefer to switch between these 2 control modes depending on the situation in the game.
  11. Some people seems to be willing to help me looking into the rotary support. I wouldn't mind having it as a nice feature for those who has the opportunity to play with such controller. However, I am not ready to break anything else the game because of that. I guess most people do not have a rotary controller. (It could be possible to move in the Z-direction using the A, and C buttons, you could also navigate in the menus using these buttons A-up, C-down) So let's see what happens in the coming days, if we are able to work out a solution together, but I wouldn't like to hold back the game for to long, as all of the other stuff is already complete...
  12. I actually made a transition a little bit like you describe, please see the attached videowomhole2k_transitions.mkv
  13. There are a couple of more waves, and BOSS:es from what you see in the video. There is also a shield power-up that help you on the later, more intense waves. The power-up creates a bubble around your ship. Picking up one such power-up adds 3 hit-points to your ship, so if you pick up 2 you get 6 extra hit-points etc. Note that if you collide with an enemy that has 2 hit-points, this collision will take 2 hit-points from your shield. If you crash into the brown, non-destructive asteroid, your ship will be destroyed regardless of how many hit-points you have collected. The relative to the character (that might be familiar to some of you) from another space shooter also talks to you during the fight. So beware...live...
  14. Yes that was my fear also, because I understand the rotary has 16 steps for a full circle. The circle's angle is 256 steps, so the smallest unit you could move your ship with the rotary would be 16 steps in one go. So the game might be very hard with such precision.
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