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  1. Currently the GD seems to be available only for a select few. Sine we don't have access to that, it will be very hard to make something for it...
  2. Yes, as described in post 133 PS. Trying to answer some previously unanswered questions earlier in this thread.
  3. Yes I have also seen some games that have a combination of both, for example, when you have a town with houses etc. you most likely want them to end up in the same place every time. This is a good reason for having pre-defined maps. Also you can draw much more nice looking environments using pre-defined maps (however, some games can actually draw quite nice random maps as well), but it will never be at the same level as if you have a completely pre-defined map. Asteroite (which is a completely different game) have pre-defined maps, but it takes very much more time to make a complete game using pre-defined maps. So this approach will be exercised for the next project, which will take much longer before there will be a release.
  4. There are actually a few messages that use all 5 rows of text, so these would become unreadable with a smaller console. Also, in some menus, all 5 rows are needed (e.g. if you are under the influence of hunger, poison, burn, freeze, bleed, and curse at the same time, in addition to an indication that a crown is near), so yes, this game does provide some text that is intended to aid you on your journey. You can see it as 80% graphical adventure, and 20% text adventure. Just a side note to the other viewers (you already know about this @agradeneusince you are the guilty one) I remember that someone asked if the monsters can cast spells also, and now there is such an evil magician in the game. He is also not easily wounded by magic himself, but more receptive to melee strikes. However, his staff might curse you if you stay to close to him.
  5. Kings of Edom is approaching release, so I thought I might give you an update showing a little bit what the final game will be like:
  6. I am quite happy with the way music sounds now, I will post a new update soon a very cool tune for the ice levels. A person called Sergio Enrique Nuñez Stolles is helping me with music, sound fx and graphics, also @SlidellMan has supported with some graphics.
  7. In this video you will be able to see a little bit more of the gameplay in Asteroite. (@SlidellMan, please note your title logo, and the save-tube in this video)
  8. My favorite was a person who claimed to sell his whole game collection on a Swedish auction site. "I am now practically giving all of this stuff away, because I want to invest in life instead" (each item had an individual auction, so he must have spent some of time on putting up the auctions at least?) - I really don't understand that you cannot invest in life, and have games? Even if you don't play them today, you might play them tomorrow. (or some child, or anybody else who might be interested?)
  9. I think a sd drive is something that misissing for the Jaguar, but in the end such device is of little use unless there are many great games to try with it (sadly the GameDrive itself does add any new games to the system) Perhaps most people who were quick to get in the queue for a GameDrive were the same people who were also quick to get the hottest games? So we just have to wait until this becomes accessible to everyone (both players, and developers), in order to see any new games released for it. So until then it seems that people will be playing the same games as before (and perhaps reduce the wear a little bit on the cartridge port)
  10. I would not call Hyper Force amazing, but it's decent in the same category as Zool 2. Bubsy looks quite nice, but unfortunately totally unplayable (I am very sorry for this, as it looks better than the SNES version of Bubsy, but the SNES game is much more playable) I feel a little bit sorry that many Jaguar games were more like technology demos intended to display to true 64-bit power of the system, rather than being great games. So an exclusive, playable platformer is definitely a goal. Graphics will be what we, as home-brewers are able to come up with. The limitation is mainly the people who are willing to contribute, and not the system's capabilities. What I truly long for are playable platform games, and not more (very nice looking) Bubsy games...
  11. phoboz


    Very cool @DrTypo, there hasn't been many 3D homebrews. I have been fantasizing about making a game similar to the 1979 Tailgunner (Cinematronics) Vector arcade game with flat shaded polygons. (would look a little bit nicer than the original wireframe graphics) The polygon count would not need to be high, but I haven't been able to find a library that I can use with C for this (most open libraries for the Jaguar focus on 2D graphics)
  12. I don't know. I am not so familiar with the Jaguar CD, but why is this interesting? The game fits on a cartridge, so I don't see the point of having a CD release. Also I don't have access to a Jaguar CD rom drive, so it would be quite difficult from a practical point of view. However, the game is to large to fit all of it in the Jaguar RAM at the same time, so it must have the cartridge. This is manly due to the music.
  13. I think the whole xxx-number-of-bits discussion is meaningless, let's focus at the games the Atari Jaguar instead has to offer instead. Hopefully this will be one of these games some day?
  14. I think that it is only the generation who grew up during the bit-wars that are so sensitive about how many bits the graphics looks like being. Today (even for the Jaguar), the number of colors is not really a limitation, and still we see graphics on games for the Nintendo Switch that even look 4-bit. No one seems to complain about that (e.g. they are still being sold for the console), maybe some people even like this simplicity. So graphics (on platforms without severe technical limitations) becomes what is drawn to be, graphics does not automatically look a certain way just because it is displayed on a platform with a certain word length, e.g. 16, 32, or 64-bit. For example, 2D Metroid never had 64-bit looking graphics, even if there were games with computer pre-rendered graphics on the same platform (e.g. on the SNES, Super Metroid vs. Donkey Kong Country) Would you have liked a dark space action adventure with colorful pre-rendered computer graphics, I know I wouldn't?
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