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  1. Unfortunately I don't think this will happen anytime soon, due to the above statement.
  2. There is also an FPGA implementation of the Tom&Jerry chipset. Which is based on the actual netlists of the Atari Jaguar chips. https://github.com/Torlus/JagNetlists Someone tried to get it working on the MiSTer FPGA platform, but there were issues in achiving the required bus bandwith on a generic purpose FPGA. So this may need very careful routing, and setup of pre-defined timing constraints to work properly.
  3. Found some info about it here: http://jagcube.atari.org/jaguartwo.html
  4. Yes, and there is also one prototype of the successor to the Jaguar with larger RAM, more powerful 680x0 CPU. The next generation TOM chip even had a heatsink for cooling. It is also supposed to be backward compatible with exising Jaguar games.
  5. Although it would be very interesting to see if the LLVM/clang combination can be used for Jaguar development? If someone could add support for the Atari Jaguar RISC CPUs (inside Tom & Jerry) to the LLVM backend arm-none-eabi armv7a-none-eabi arm-linux-gnueabihf arm-none-linux-gnueabi i386-pc-linux-gnu x86_64-apple-darwin10 i686-w64-windows-gnu # same as i686-w64-mingw32 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu # from ubuntu 64 bit x86_64-unknown-windows-cygnus # cygwin 64-bit x86_64-w64-windows-gnu # same as x86_64-w64-mingw32 i686-pc-windows-gnu # MSVC x86_64-pc-windows-gnu # MSVC 64-BIT tomnjerry-risc-cpu # Atari Jaguar 64-BIT
  6. I fully agree, it would make more sense to attract additional, competent software developers into the scene. Although there are already some very competent developers present, for example you @CyranoJ, and @DrTypo, I still think the homebrew scene can go even further. @WAVE 1 GAMES has also been in the scene for a while, with some very nice looking games. Recently I have seen indications that other competent game developers, like @LordKraken is picking up an interest to develop a game for the Atari Jaguar. Good artists, like @agradeneu has already displayed his skill, both for Gravitic Mines, and with his contributions to King of Edom. I also want to praise Krauser for his excellent art, and music contributions to Asteroite, and @SlidellMan for his stylish and clever ideas to that game as well. These are the people I have been in contact with, but please tell me if you think that I have forgotten someone? (because I am fairly new to the Jaguar scene myself) If we are talking about 3D engines, I tried Fight for Life, and was very impressed with the graphics engine, and how smooth it runs. I haven't seen something like this developed by the homebrew scene yet, so I think that there is still some way to go there. Unfortunately, the gameplay itself leaves very much to be desired, so really, this game would have benefited to have a more professional gameplay programmer involved. (like the ones I mention above)
  7. Obviously this would make most, if not all existing Jaguar games incompatible with that new version of the Jaguar, as I would assume that every Jaguar program at least has one initial instruction to be executed by the 68k. I also think that this is a lazy response to not having proper load balancing, because in Asteroite it works perfectly fine to have one high color sprite layer (some sprites cover the whole screen), 2 indexed color background layers in addition to playing mod music, using both RISC processors, and using the 68k. This is because the DPS internal memory is used to buffer sound data, thus reducing the bus bandwidth significantly. That's probably the reason they added local memory to the RISC processors, so you don't have to shuffle every byte around on the bus, all the time. So I would say that many of the original Jaguar's problems is that you have to manage a lot of the tricky stuff in software, which of course is an obstacle for making great games. However, I don't think the solution is to throw out one of the components, because throwing out for example the blitter would also reduce the bus load of a program that doesn't perform proper load balancing. The later statement by Atari that the 68k was just there to read the controllers is contradictory, as the controllers are actually read using the DSP. The developer documentation says that "Jaguar is a custom chip set primarily intended to be the heart of a very high performance games / leisure computer. It may also be used as a graphics accelerator in more complex systems, and applied to work station and business uses." Thus every such system would rely of having a main CPU, e.g. you don't execute the programs primarily from the graphics card on your PC. The main CPU can be any CPU of your choice in such system, but obviously Atari chose the 68k, and now in order to ensure backward compatibility such main CPU must also be present (or at least emulated) in any new system. Just like even modern PCs has to be able to execute 8-bit, 8086 code (be it in hardware, or using emulation).
  8. Yes, Gravitar (Arcade also) was probably the game that set the standard for this type of game. As Lunar Lander was only about landing, and Thrust came later.
  9. This is a gravity game, it takes a while to master the controls in these kind of games. I managed the finnish the first level, but never the second in this game, nor in Thrust for the Vectrex. Lunar Lander (the first gravity game) is even more difficult. I do appreciate the efforts to bring such a difficult genere to the Jaguar, but I will surely need some more practise (e.g. I wil now hit the trainining levels)...
  10. Any news regarding this project beyond the concept picture?
  11. Yes, by Songbird: https://songbird-productions.com/product/spidex/
  12. You can also play SpideX using dual joysticks. One for moving the spider, and the other one for shooting in different directions.
  13. Does Spacewar use textured polygons, or is it actually scaled sprites? I got the impression it is sprites when I played the demo, but I might be wrong?
  14. phoboz

    Jaguar speks

    This is the only part I understand, the other words seem to be something you don't learn in ordinary language courses. PS. I guess we are that insane if we are so passionate about a console, supposedly a failed one so many years after it's was announced dead.
  15. @Songbird has done the work on the game manual, the result is looking great. A few more steps remaining on box, and label layout. Then we are hopfully ready for release of the first 2D, top-down RPG, and rougelike for the Atari Jaguar. Many years of waiting is over for the ones that were hoping for this to happen... 🎮
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