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  1. Did you succeed to play the CD version of the game (with sound)? It looks much more entertaining to play with sound, as the version I tried is completely silent.
  2. The manual text has been drafted, thanks @Songbird I have played trough the game on a physical cartridge, retreived all crowns, and seen the final ending. So everything seems to be in order now. (note that the image will cover the whole screen on a NTSC display)
  3. I think this actually looks quite promising for a 3D homebrew, no textures, but the framerate is smooth (which I prefer over choppy framerate with low res textures). I wish that the author @VladR has the endurance to make a full game out of this, and for it to be released (or downloadable). Not like a Stun Runner, Wipeout, Road Rash, F-Zero etc. clone, but as an unique game for what it is. I am sure that it will be appreciated by many Jaguar fans.
  4. I guess someone would only be interested to sue you if they think that they are loosing out on making more money on the product than it would cost to initiate such legal process.
  5. I would be intetested in a larger quanitity of the 6MB cartridge PCB.
  6. No, I tried to rename it both to .bin, and to .cof. Neither of this makes it work.
  7. I am guessing it's a BJL file, but I really not sure. (as it was hard to find any info about the structure of a BJL file) This version doesn't seem to have any sound, and you have infinite lives. Also if you already fired a shot, and fire again, the already fired shot will disappear. Please let me know if you get something working on the Jag GD. I could only make this work on the Skunkboard. The patched file that I flashed to the Skunkboard won't start using the Jag GD.
  8. @Albert, I see that for example Xenon 2 is marked as pre-order in the AA-store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1087 Does it mean that all printed units has already been shipped, and that there will be another run, or are there still copies in stock for immediate dispatch? The same question would also be valid for all games in this set, that are marked as pre-orders in the AA store?
  9. I managed to play this game on the Jaguar using the Skunkboard by uploading it with the JiFFI tool. I have no idea how/why it worked, because I had to select a flag "Upload homebrew as ROM", but the file itself does not look like a ROM? Does the JiFFI tool convert the file to a ROM before it uploads it? Still the question remains, what type of file the game initially was?
  10. I have a file for Gorf 2000, but I don't know what type of file it is? (the file seems to be widely available at many ROM sites on the internet) The extension is .jag, but it's clearly not a ROM file, e.g. it does not have the ROM header (e.g. starting with F6:42) When I open the file in the JiFFI tool, it identifies the file format as: "None detected - either BJL, ROM, or junk!" I can also convert the file to ROM in the JiFFI tool, and it can be played in the project tempest emulator (for a few seconds), but it won't start at all on the Jaguar using the GameDrive. I know that there are some other files types for the Jaguar, for example "Jaguar Server" etc. Is there some common place were I can find information about the headers for all the different file types for the Jaguar? Or does someone else on this forum recognize what type of file this might be? This is what the start of the file looks like in a hex editor: How it looks in the JiFFI tool: and crash in project tempest emulator.
  11. This might be tricky to locate the graphical data in an Amiga binary, and convert it to another format. I remember that I used a tool to covert an image file to some code, and binary data used directly by the Amiga blitter. This file I just linked with the assember code, and gave the instruction to the Amiga to do that magical thing created by the tool. So it's not like taking a .png file and covert it to the Jaguar using the Jaguar image converter tool. Even if it's possible to locate the graphical data you would need to reverse the operation of the tool above to covert it back to a standard image format. Note that many Amiga games were hacks, targeting the hardware directly. Not using the Amiga's API in ROM. Becuase people could do more cool things talking directly to the hardware. But the code would not be very portable in the end.
  12. It would probably be more like a full featured emulator, like on the PC (except 68000 emulation) I guess Jaguar titles like Cannon Fodder, Syndicate, Zool 2, and Pinball Fantasies were made by those who had the original source code. They could have had some abstaction layer towards that hardware (for the Amiga), and changed that layer to use another hardware abstraction layer towards the Jaguar hardware. However, the different hardware abstraction layers might not have had a one-to-one mapping between the APIs, so some adaptions might have been needed in that area as well. All still doable if you have the source code, and game assets, very difficult only working with a binary (without access to the source code, and the original game assets)
  13. From what I understand, the Atari ST has some kind of framebuffer, and most of the graphics operations are done by code on the 68000 CPU towards the framebuffer (the same CPU as in the Jaguar). The Amiga, on the other side has a custom chipset for graphics, and sound. So I guess much more things would need changes in an Amiga port, or some software that emulates the Amiga custom chipset would be needed. Althogh the Atari STE had a blitter just like the Amiga (which is a custom chip) I don't know if Chaos Engine took advantage of that? Please take my statements on the Atari ST with a grain of salt, but for the Amiga I know what I am talking about.
  14. Did anyone get Gorf 2000 to work? I get the 2 options in the picture, but if I select either there is just a black screen.
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